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DON’T FREAK OUT. This is only a temporary change until twd is off hiatus. I’m still a twd blog and I’m still going to be posting twd as I always do! 

the more i look at my own art style the more underwhelmed i am

The longer it is since xma, the more you think about it, the more pointless and dry it seems. There’s really nothing novel about it, plot or visual effect or characterization. Even civil war beats it to the no-homo

So my main problem with any time romance fixates entirely on physical attraction is how it absolutely takes away from emotional development, which takes away depth and complexity, which means the romance is just. Shallow. Mustering up the energy to get invested is tedious. It’s pretty annoying when it comes off as a cheap grab at some misguided interpretation of “”“mature”“” writing, but what’s worse is when it’s used to dodge any reasonable establishment of attraction.

Like, sure, physical attraction is a part of romance for many people, apparently, that’s a thing that I’ve been told, but in terms of writing romance that’s probably the least important aspect you could possibly focus on. “w/e it’s fine they’re both hot they want to smooch they always have” is a lot less compelling than “this is a scene that highlights how much they care about each other and why they would work well in a relationship”.

A writer’s goal should be to convince the audience that their story is real. Not necessarily content-wise, but context-wise. In this given scenario, with what’s been established, the developments of this story makes complete sense in a way that highlights individual characteristics of individual characters. And that’s another thing! Romances will always have some degree of similarity, but making it too generic and general means there’s no connection to the characters, just the scenario. Once you reduce it to physical attraction, what’s the point. You can basically switch out the characters for whoever, there’s nothing unique about physical attraction. It’s not like there’s one single hot person that exists, why doesn’t anyone involved in this go panting after someone else. What makes this romance a romance worthwhile. Can you take out every reference of physical attraction and still have a convincing romance? Come on, you gotta have something that makes it a sustainable relationship. Free range. Grass fed. Locally sourced romance

it’s nice when life is going okay and you look up at the same stars that have been there the whole time, even when you thought you weren’t gonna make it, and the whole being a tiny grain of sand isn’t such a big deal for a little bit. don’t worry, guys. i’ve got this. but you probably knew that the whole time, didn’t you??? you were just watching from up there until i figured it out.

It’s so amusing that people keep trying to make adaptations of video games and think the only option is film.

@ producers: I’m gonna let you in on a top secret nifty thing…. TV.

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Okay so I have a question, has the Bismuth episode aired in the U.S already? Or are the gifs I'm seeing from leaked footage?

There have been official CN promos from that episode, but no it has not aired in the US yet. Just make sure to check who posts it! CN official YouTube and tumblr both post previews of upcoming eps. Make sure it doesn’t say anything like ‘Sneak Leak’ in the title, which often gets mistaken for ‘sneak peak’

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i don't have the spoons to expand on this rn but: consider: adam with a secret boyfriend (tm) in middle school. passing notes in class, holding hands & kisses on the cheek when nobody's looking

ok friend u have no idea the face i made when i got this message… i’m In Love with this entire concept… ofc there’s 100 different ways you can go with this & i’d love to hear more from you if you scrounge up the spoons!! but until then, here’s a scenario that made me feel particularly emo (also this got rly long i’m sorry i got carried away bc i Love This!!)

  • adam takes art as an elective in 7th grade because it’s the only class that would work with his schedule
  • he’s sat at a table with this quiet boy… he has a few other classes with Quiet Boy but he doesn’t know anything about him because he’s Quiet u know
  • adam’s not very artistic, but Quiet Boy is – he draws and paints with considerable skill and he always works with a diligent patience that adam really admires
  • sometimes Quiet Boy breaks the rules and paints with his fingers instead of with paintbrushes and adam rly appreciates something about this subtle rebellion because it’s all for the purpose of making something beautiful
  • adam always makes a point of telling Quiet Boy that he likes his work and thinks it’s very pretty, and Quiet Boy always smiles and says thank you 

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