tbh i find people who constantly point out/talk about their sexuality so boring…… like ok cool ur gay that’s awesome but can u do a cartwheel?? do u like art?? whAts ur favorite color??

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Do you think hes with Lily Collins? I can't couple them in my mind, theyre so .. different i guess?

chris isn’t into answering questions about his personal life & always shutting it down when asked 

so like idk? i don’t really read the types of articles that are posting about it still

Girl In The Garden


It was a beautiful day for gardening, and that’s exactly what Jubilee planned to do. Her herbs had been growing nicely over the last few months, and now some of them were ready to be harvested.

Grabbing her herb basket, the brunette exited her small cottage, and walked around to the side, where her garden was set. 

Getting on her hands and knees, she began to pull weeds from the soil around her plants. It wouldn’t do to have weeds in her garden.