“I don’t like you guys to see me like this, vulnerable.”
“It’s how I always see you, Brooke. And I think it’s kinda beautiful. You know, I’ve been thinking about all the things you’ve done for Angie, Rachel and me, and all kinds of people… you save people, Brooke Davis, it’s what you do. Thanks for letting me share that. Call me when she’s home safe, okay?”
“Hey Luke, we’ve been through a lot, me and you, but I wouldn’t have made it through today or a couple other days without you, so thanks. This is for you. I love you, Lucas Scott, you know that?”
“I love you too, Brooke Davis.”


SG1 Meme: Locations (2/2) | Stargate Command Base

Seeing Colors: Color Vision

Summary: At some point Bill used the Mindscape to show Ford every color in the world… except the one he had been most familiar with as a child and he can’t help but miss it.

Please don’t ship these two.

“Y’know, your Mindscape is so bland. I can only see one color,” Bill says one dream.

“I’ve only ever seen about a handful of colors in my life, and they’re mostly fairly close to each other,” Stanford informs.

“Laaaame! If you want I can show you all the colors,” Bill says with his eye curving- a smile he’s learned.

“Th-that’s possible?”

Anything’s possible in the Mindscape!” Bill shouts (louder than his normal shouting since the Muse had no inside voice).

Stanford nods eagerly. “Please! Show me.”

“You asked for it!”

With a snap of his fingers the colors change and Stanford stands in awe at seeing colors he’d never seen before. He turns slowly, trying to take in every new color- from the richest earth colored brown to the softest of lavenders. He marvels at everything- so many colors he was unaware of and had only heard described to him.

And then a thought nudges the back of his mind when he realizes a color is missing- not his mother’s cherry color, but his brother’s maroon. The color was completely absent from the rainbow before him.

“Where is it?”

“Where is what?” Bill asks.

“My brother’s color- maroon.”

“You saw it enough, I figured it didn’t matter anymore after what he did. No need for the reminder.”


But some part of him misses the color- the most familiar thing aside from his own mother’s color. He’s always had glimpses of his brother’s color- especially when thinking about their childhood… a comforting color if he’s honest with himself.

Instead of lingering on these thoughts he decides to keep looking at the colors he’s never seen since he knows once he wakes up the world around him will drastically lacking in color.


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from aizawa the gentle noodle

to a very manly man who can pick up light and break him like a little toothpick


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after i’m with you i feel like i’m on cloud nine
i feel like i’m floating and i feel like even if you were here
i wouldn’t be able to stay on the ground