It's very strange looking at this

Hamilton characters taking photos

Alex: literally can’t not make a weird face. like when someone pulls out a camera its becoming involuntary to look as strange as possible Alex what are you doing

Burr: dead stare straight ahead, doesn’t show any expression bc he’s self conscious about his smile (even tho he shouldn’t be the precious bean)

Eliza: angelic being, cannot look bad from any angle no matter what, we must protect this gift to humanity at all costs

Angelica: actual model, but doesn’t care what she looks like in photos, never posts pictures of herself

Peggy: peace signs

John: giant, goofy grin, always very touchy-feely with whoever else is in the photo

Lafayette: open-mouthed smile, always looks like he’s laughing as the picture’s being taken, giant giggly mom friend who takes photos at every opportunity, sometimes just of other people (usually his friends) bc he thinks they’re all so photogenic

Herc: close-lipped smile (if he smiles at all), a lot of times looks like he’s very unamused but he never actually is he’s just not very good at taking photos poor bean

Dad™Washington: usually the one taking the pictures, but when he’s actually in them he looks like an adorable ray of sunshine, can do no wrong

Jefferson: always sure to be in the center if it’s a picture with multiple people, will not go unnoticed, serial photobomber

Madison: doesn’t like being in photos, but when he has to be usually stands off to the side hoping no one will look at him

King™George: takes an unreasonable amount of selfies

Maria: Instagram beauty icon, posts a lot of photos of herself, has like a million followers

Phillip: likes getting in weird poses for pictures, a lot of times ends up sitting on top of someone or hiding somewhere in the background bc he thinks it’s really funny

the izuocha fandom is more starved then I thought, I got 2 followers from that little post saying I was writing something for it.

I don’t think any of you even looked through my blog for a clue on whether or not it would be good, that’s how desperate people are for content.

Its one of those “Kinda fun and Kinda sad” things you don’t know how to respond to. I never thought I would be an origin of such a reaction, but the internet, and tumblr especially, are very strange places.

I know your pain my friends I shall try to be swift in my work!


i went to fremont street for a lil bit tonight..! if you haven’t been to vegas before, it is this big stretch of ‘road’ where the ceiling is a video screen and it plays stuff n music every so often…also pictured: the legend..the myth…fancy dennys!!! it is part of this strange lil cranny of fremont called neonopolis….when you walk thru this section (past the dennys theres a big open space) its kind of spooky because no one is ever back there..ever… and it looks very outdated and vintage vegas, almost abandoned or flipping through time feeling?!…i like it though! also, slotzilla!!!! it is a bit of a recent addition, you can’t really see but you can zipline from it

the young woman assisting our hip hop choreographer is very beautiful. she has a very strange punk name that i wont say because it would be too easy to find her but its an old fashioned military term. she is very fashionable and has shoulder length sleek thin blond hair. she looks like a younger paler blue eyed gillian anderson. shes something

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I hope this doesn't sound too strange but.. you have a very trustworthy face... you look like a life long friend

i get this a lot actually! my face is deceiving tho im a bit untrustworthy and not great at keeping up friendships .. its a farce ! thank u tho anon ur sweet 

Tomonaga Mio G+ Translation 13 August 2016


Miotasu ♪

Thankyou for the Handshake Event.
My throat still in pain and coughing, Im sorry mw voice became strange (;;)

Everyone looked very worried,
Please do not overdo.
I didnt speak,even on louder voice.
Thanks for worrying me

Since my voice is gone,
Receive treatment from Hospital ,,,
I will do my best in care,so my voice will come out Tomorrow

Today’s plainclothes is Snidel

☪ of shell pattern setup
white shirt and Silver sandals

Its SUMMER theme  ⛱

In fact,
My phone case have the same paterns woth my clothes  ❤️


Just watched the new Tick Pilot

and while It’s nothing like any other Tick show, It would be Amazing to see a show  take potshot after potshot at the Concept of the ‘dark and edgy’ Super hero genre.  I’m willing to see what they do with it.

Just fix this 

That Costume is TERRIBLE looking, I'm More than willing to give the new actor a shot, cause he wasn’t bad even if hard to tell if he will be good since his biggest scene (the Pilot  was 99% about Arthur)  had a good a chunk of dialogue taken from the last Live action show and its hard not to Judge him on his own when its very easy to be distracted by that almost word for word scene. I understand this actor is not as Physically Big as Patrick Warburton But the 13-year-old costume looks a hell of a lot better. It works for the actor in a way this new one doesnt,  Just look   

a better blue, no weird texture. looks skin tight  and no strange details for no reason. Weird looking Costumes were for everyone else The Tick was and has always been very simple

SO fix that and I will watch the crap out of Dark edgy (hopefully spoof  of that genre ) The TICK 

@cupido-periculosa / call.

        The scent isn’t human. They know human intimately, are surrounded by it everyday. It’s for that reason that they’ve shifted; they’re better at defending themselves this way, are a lot quicker and more flexible. Their slow navigating into and out of shadows is absolutely silent, save for the occasional huff of air when they lift their muzzle and breathe in.

        Whatever they’re following is nearby. Still very much aware of themselves because they’ve recently eaten, they can only wonder if the unfamiliar being is aware of their presence by scent in turn. They’re either cautious or paranoid enough to assume that yes, they are, and it prompts them to be all the more deliberate in their near slithering through the quiet dark in hopes to see them before being seen first.

The Strange Lighthouse

“I told you, Wulf, there’s a ghost in the Lighthouse.”, said the sailor, so pale like a ghost. The wine spitting on the table from the tankard in his shaking hands. 
“I bet it’s just Jee-Ra trying something. Or Makka’sh.”
“No shit, Wulf. There’s something very strange there. And I saw the ghost! It’s a pale beautiful woman with dark hair and  beautiful eyes….”
“So, you’re want me… us to see that?”, he looked at Rumarin who was again annoying the bard.
“By the gods, I hope that is worth it.”, he stands, take the crossbow that was leaning against the foot of the table and the silver sword. He whistled to Rumarin, making a sign with his fingers warning that he was leaving. This time, alone. He knows exactly who was the ghost…

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This whole thing went wrong. It went just so wrong! Though beaming technology was something new, it should have worked properly - they guaranteed that it would! Feeling a glimmer of panic crawling up her spine, the brunet tried to figure out where exactly she landed. Stay calm, Amelia! Freaking out won’t help you! Not a little bit! Easier said. Bespattered with mud due to her bumpy landing the young woman tried to clean her face. Her uniform was soaked up with dirt, her limbs shivering. A bad dream. Nothing more than that. For sure her alarm would wake her in a sec with its clanking noise, leaving the biologist sleep-deprivated in her quarters. 
Amelia took a quick look around. The planet she stranded at was unfamiliar to her. The big stone features, probably of red sand mixed up with an endless seeming desert, dark and not very appealing made up a strange, but surely dangerous beauty. She tried to find someone else, another crew member who shared her fate- in vain. The brunet was alone. Completely alone. Biting her lip, the lieutenants eyes filled with tears, burning as she pressed them together. Amelias communicator was broken into a thousand pieces, leaving no chance to establish contact with her ship.

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“Hey… Let me see those beautiful eyes up close again.”

Master liked these gatherings, or at least that was the impression that he gave, and to some extent the pet did too. The range of new dresses that she was given choice from, the care that was taken of her, the attention that was lavished upon her while she was there. Some of it wanted, some of it not. This, this definitely fell into the latter category.

She was used to pets and other Lords and Ladies staring at her so when she had caught him looking a couple of times she thought nothing of it. But as a strange arm wrapped about her waist and as it coiled around her the pet froze. The Angels touch by its very nature felt wrong down to her very core, made her instantly want to recoil away from it. She tried keeping it out of her features, and considering the strength of the repulsion she was feeling, made valiant attempt.

“What I’m not good enough for you?” He asks angrily, fingernails digging into deeper the flesh of her waist through the fabric.

“I’m sorry my lord, please excuse my reluctance.” She smiled, covering her fear with a mask of charm that she usually wore. She’d been grabbed at before, why she never usually left her masters side, “…I am bonded with my master. Lord Gavri'el.”

“Oh really?” He smirked, “Then if you belong to someone why aren’t you wearing a collar pet?” A click of his fingers her collar fell off and with a heavy clunk, fell to the floor. “Seems to me, you don’t belong to anybody.” He murmurs into her ear. His hand moving to her neck a finger running down its length before lightly moving on to the exposed skin above the fabric of her dress and delving beneath the touch making her skin prickle, making her want to move away.

She tried, tried not to squirm out of his grasp but it just felt so, so strange and foreign to her that she needed to get away from it. What if Gavri'el saw, assumed that it was she who had encouraged him? She had seen Dean move, but he would need time, to find his owner, he couldn’t rightly approach hers.

“Keep still.” Was hissed in her ear, mentioning her masters name and the bond usually was enough for anyone to leave her alone. All her cards dealt she finally starts to panic at the situation she finds herself in. Who would take on her master? A sensation that felt oily wrapped it’s fingers around her throat and started to raise her dress his hand moving up closer and closer… she should struggle but she’s shaking with fear, at the voice that feels so strange and familiar all at the same time. “Last time I saw you, you had a murderous look in those pretty blues pet you tried to kill me…and now look at you all doe eyed and wrapped up rather deliciously at that. They made you see the error of your ways alright. Loyal to a fault to one of those angels you hated so much. You wouldn’t embarrass my brother so by refusing me, would you pet?”

//so I got thinking and what if fi was a rebel that got caught and turned into a pet? That’s why Gavri'el asked.

Gavri’el had been mingling with the other owners, a pleasantry he indulged in quite often. In fact he had once thought of throwing such an elaborate party, but if there was one thing he knew about his brethren, it was that they didn’t know when to quit. Laughter left his lips, an itch at the back of his neck slowly starting to dampen his mood, as if something was wrong. But there were no disturbances, no scuffles between angels over their pets. And yet he still couldn’t shake the thought that something was wrong, his eyes casting a glance around the room for Fi.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her, of course he did, he knew she’d never stray from him for long. Knew she’d always come back to him in the end, though lately he’d been watching her get closer and closer to one of his brother’s pets. A male human by the name of Dean, stubborn as a mule that one. Though he was loyal to a fault and just like he, his brother had also become one of those frowned upon for their bond. His attention was taken back by the group of owner’s he’d surrounded himself with, glasses of champagne nearly empty when Castiel appeared beside him. There, there it was, that momentary distraction had been what caused him to be off balance. 

Lips pressed to his ear and his gaze flickered between caramel and golden sparks of fire. Yet he remained calm, a hardened glance was tossed down at Dean before Castiel stepped between them, apprehension heavy in his shoulders. He knew the rules, knew that it was forbidden for another pet to approach someone else’s owner but for once he wanted to say screw the rules. With a polite smile he turned back toward the men around him and bid the a farewell, feet carrying him briskly toward where Dean had seen them last.

Gavri’el caught the eyes of his terrified pet, her blue hues trembling like the first crest of the ocean. A hand that was not his own sliding up between her legs and his grace crackled beneath his vessel’s flesh. Had it been anyone else they would have been dead, Gavri’el would not have hesitated to flay their skin in the middle of the party. But as his eyes traveled up the other’s arm, hues darkening as he realized just who it was that was manhandling. He closed the distance between them, a firm hand gripping far too tight to be comfortable around their wrist. Had it been any normal human the fragile bones would have already been broken, as it was he could feel them bending, a slow smirk gracing his lips.

Michael, so good of you to join us this evening. He purred, ripping their hand away from Fi’s thigh as pressed himself between the two of them.  " I see you’ve met my pet, lovely isn’t she ? Though it really perplexes me as to why you saw it fit to remove her collar without me present. Did you find one for me to give to her ? Is that it ? "He hummed, releasing their wrist as he snapped his fingers and the collar was fastened back around Fi’s delicate neck once more.  Sorry, but she’s quite happy with the collar she has, if I do desire another one I shall certainly contact you in the future.And with that he turned back around to glance down at Fi, brow raised curiously in her direction before he slipped his hand around her waist. 

Oh and Michael,he began, back kept toward the archangel and everyone knew, everyone could see the disrespect that action would incur. Stay the hell away from what is mine.