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The fact that Iman had to post on Instagram that Josefine isn't Noora and Cenzig isn't Yousef really says something about how far some people are going with the Noora/Yousef hate

And it’s disgusting. You’re not a real skam fan if you’re treating the actors this way.


“Please forgive us.”

The ones Obi-Wan Kenobi loved most.

He deserved better. *gross sobbing*

blease for the love of my gay ass go play uncharted: the last legacy, even if you haven’t played the previous games it’s alright, it’s cool, don’t worry (tho it’d be nice if you’d check them out someday), it has two amazing, incredible, talented, beautiful, smart, funny, cunning and kind female characters teaming up together in this game and dare i say it saved my life and cleared my skin, and fed my family well, it’s also gay and these women are in love