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Have to type this up super quick as I’m dashing to another appointment but guys- please, calm down.

Natsu is not good when it comes to this sort of stuff. He gets weirded out because it probably brings up a whole bunch of emotions he doesn’t know how to process - tie that in with lucy crying and you’ve got him squirming. 

We know Natsu has something to say too. He literally starts to say it, but catches himself because- hell, he’s natsu and she’s lucy and instead of all this mushy stuff they should be going off an another adventure. To him its simple- he’s got her and she’s got him and that’s the way it’ll always be. 

Nalu is a couple that doesn’t need a confession, it doesn’t even need kisses or some sort of epic ‘were in love!!’ moment because I think it’s pretty clear at this point they very much love eachother- no matter how you take that.  I know it’s a little early and the full pages aren’t out yet but please stop screaming ‘friendzone’ like a) that even exists and b) it’s whats happened. 

in my opinion, as someone who’s been reading the manga since 2009, i love this sort of open ending. it doesn’t feel forced or rushed and it feels undoubtedly in characters- also the parallel of natsu and lucy’s friendship from the first chapters to the last is beautiful. it doesn’t close any possibility off for them. 

Also, I’m 110% this is not the last of the FT crew we’ve seen, so keep that in mind !!


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a list of klance things that happened that i forget actually happened and aren’t fanon:

  • “i’ll stick yOU IN A WORMHOLE”
  • that forehead touch thing after ‘shut ur quiznak’
  • that entire scene where they’re blindfolded and in their lions and keith & lance are racing each other
    • “you still goin keith”
      “you know it”
  • the iconique ~bonding moment~
    • keith, kneeling down and grabbing lance’s hand, and HOLDING IT as they fuckign gaze longingly at each other 
    • “we did it,,,, we are a good team”
  • “haha. hey lance, i got ur lion back”
    • “thank u keith, now can u come and unchain me”
      “whats that i, uhh,, ur cutting out i cant,, i cant hear u”
      “oh CMON i thought we BONDED,, keith,,,, buddy,,,,, my MAN
  • that entire scene where they work together from “cool your jets, keith” to “na na na boo boo”,,,, good shit
    • their like generic old married couple banter when theyre trying to cut open the ceiling
    • lance trying to communicate to keith non verbally and keith not getting it but still figuring out the plan and them still kicking ass together,,,, thanks sm
  • when the castle was going ~apples & bananas~ and keith managed to show up at the perfect time to save lance’s ass
  • heh,,,,,,, like that? ;)
  • two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay
    • that elevator scene feels like a fever dream but people genuinely took the time to animate it and i, for one, am thankful
    • keith, still shirtless: i got u covered,,,, i uh- i dont got u
  • keith: we need to focus
  • lance: wE nEeD tO fOcUs

shaming people for “cringy” interests is so gross oooh my god so someone likes this one piece of media more than anything how about you just…. let them? it brings someone joy what the fuck is your problem. eat some grass.

Shipping Nico with girls is homophobic. There’s nothing more to it. It’s homophobic. The end.

Characters can make mistakes. Characters ALWAYS make mistakes. It’s what builds them as a character, they either learn from it or repeat. What does that remind you of? Oh yeah, people. Because characters are people. There is no such thing as a wholly ‘good’ character, nor a wholly ‘bad’. The world isn’t black and white, and some people need to realise that heroes make mistakes.

If you’re ever looking for a pure and flawless character then you’re going to be looking for a long time.