It's my muses - waiting for me to get back

An announcement I guess or just a reference for the future. But I’m not gonna draw people’s muses anymore for free unless specific circumstances listed below or if it’s a commission. I think I’ve just given away too much stuff until it’s lost its meaning and I want to have my art not be the worth of a pebble so.. Yeah, no more free stuff of your characters unless
- it’s commissioned
- it’s for an art rp that I actually get drawings back not just me doing art and you doing nothing
- you drew me something first (art trade)

That’s all and, sorry for some ppl that haven’t gotten art before and were secretly hoping or waiting on it but I just to feel better about my own self worth and stuff. And I’ve just given too much without getting too much so it’s just been something that has really started to hurt my mental health.

[OOC] Yo kids, still alive here! sorry for the long absence, I needed time to readjust to some things and regain my Yugo muse! So tommorow after i get some things done over on @digitaliism, where i was residing for the past so long, Im going to work on a about page, Au page, pretty much everything i can do! Its nice to have my muse back in all honesty.. its felt like a part of me has been missing for so long and I can’t wait to play him again, thank you all for your patience and understanding. On this note I am heading to bed, I will see you all in the morning, goodnight 

Ooc: you know that feeling of frustration when you cant do what you planned to do? Thats what im feeling right now. All replies are drafted and wont be posted until Wednesday when i get back from my trip unless they can be answered via mobile (so basically all my asks).

Apologies to @nigellecter and @asinglepencilstrcke because i feel like i make y'all wait a hell of a long time for my replies. Just know that i want to make sure my replies are at its best so i wait for inspiration and a good writing muse to get through long replies.

However i will be open to plotting threads and starters via IM. So leave me a message if you’re down for that?