It's my muses - waiting for me to get back

I’m a keeper

Please send in interaction memes/asks only if you intend to keep up interactions in some way.
I get overly excited and happy when I see someone in my ask box that I didn’t interact (a lot) with yet. Imagine me like some happy puppy wagging with the tail while it waits for its owner to come back home - but nobody ever comes then.

Not all asks or reactions to posts need to turn into something serious. I don’t mind writing short prompts/reactions for my partners and memes can be awesome ice breakers! But please don’t let a sequence of memes/icons/random sentences and my muse’s reaction be all that there is. It excites me and then I wait, become depressed over it and in the end lose muse and my joy in writing in general.

tachiisms ha risposto al tuo post “Ok so, FIRST of all I apologize for my unannounced Hiatus but I’ve…”

(I am very sorry for your loss. ♡ and please know that if you don’t have muse for our thread any more you can totally drop it, no worries. You do what you need to to best take care of yourself and get your muse back. *hugs you tightly* my thoughts are with you and your family)

Thank you so much sweetheart <3 you have no idea of much this means for me.