It's me


Hello! I’m Samanthuel, I’m a 22 year old transgender girl (she/her pronouns) and I’m a video game developer and artist!

I am still in the early stages of transition, I have only been out for just over a year and I am not currently on HRT, I am hoping to start that soon, though I still feel quite good about how I look!

You might have seen “Mickey’s Dick Smasher”, my most popular most on here, and I’m also quite well known for making the Megaman parody RPG game “Megaman Sprite Game”!

Samanthuel’s Lovely Home is a short and very personal game I made about myself, it’s very pretty!

Much love to everyone participating in the Trans Day of Visibility, I hope that this is a beautiful day for all!

HAPPY TDOV!!!! From a person who’s very unsure of their gender identity but totally isn’t cis? non binary girl, genderfluid, demi-girl? something like that!!

i go by she/her or they/them!<3


So, I’m not trans but I don’t consider myself ‘female’. It’s hard to explain, but I don’t feel like I’m a ‘girl’. I have always felt like a boy since I was a kid, but I thought I was just a tomboy. Maybe I’ll figure it out some day. Until then, I’m just androgynous. Happy #transdayofvisibility! You are all beautiful and I love you. <3


i’m literally so scared of posting this, but i’m actually going to talk about how i feel about my gender, since almost no one knows about how i feel. i’m really scared to actually open up about this, so if we’re friends and you didn’t know about this, feel free to send a message or something, if you want to.

for pretty much as long as i can remember i’ve always hated myself. my body, my appearance, how i present myself, how other people see me, and so on. i wanted to play with the boys a lot when i was younger and i basically felt more comfortable around them when i was younger (even though the same boys are now really bad). when i hit puberty i really started hating myself. puberty brought me almost nothing but misery and tbh i’m still feeling really miserable when i think of my body and appearance, dealing with body dysphoria and so on. i’m still afraid of changing my appearance and presenting myself the way i want to. i really want to feel better about this sometime soon, and i really hope i can. [they/them]