It's just an experiment though

Try this for one moment: look at something, and take away what it’s called. Forget that a chair is called a chair. Just look at it and try to see it as it is. Just there. Existing. Don’t describe it in your head. Don’t give it any purpose. Just see it. Dissociate it from anything and everything.


“This is all just… very familiar.”

i know there are a tonne of these but i just need to tell people how much I love, adore and respect Min Yoongi.  He’s pretty much laid his heart out on an international platform for us and honestly like he’s been through so much I am so proud of him for what he’s done, what he’s doing and what he’ll do in the future. 

I’m honoured that he has decided to share himself with us. Please continue to support and love him as well as the rest of bangtan.

Thank you Yoongi, for everything. 

In Valor and Faith

in celebration of Nozomi’s birthday, @banditchika​ n I present…..

THE KNIGHT AU!! in which Nozomi is a prospective knight and Eli is her liege lord and gay tension coexists with fantasy elements. yay!

so! this our prologue, the beginning of a project we hope to flesh out and expand, but a fair warning: updates will probably take a while. :’) but we’re trying our best!! enjoy uwu

Word Count: 3965 (whistles into the abyss and beyond)

The oxen’s slow, rollicking pace leaves Nozomi plenty of time to appreciate the scenery as she gazes out from her perch in the wagon, squinting past the dust and dirt kicked up by wheels and hooves. Her roiling stomach and nerves are forgotten in the midst of her awe; Lady Ayase’s lands are absolutely stunning.

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social experiment: reblog with your opinion of robinxlucina in the tags

it doesn’t matter what gender robin, just make sure to specify


i finally attempted at a clean lineart for the first time ever and i didnt fail too miserably?? GOD IS REAL AND HE IS GOOD

My sister plays crosswords and she’ll look up answers to get clues for other words etc. And I was gonna be sarcastic and joke at her about cheating but then I realised who cares?? That’s how she enjoys playing, it doesn’t affect anyone else, and she couldn’t finish without doing that.

Let people do this in video games. There are infinite ways to implement options for this sort of thing, and some games do but most don’t, even though its literally just improving the experience for a wider audience.