It's always sunny in philadelphia

is dennis capable of romantic love? we know he craves it– through his fantasy in “the gang saves the day” and his relationship with jackie denardo within it, and his elopement with maureen. he legitimately thought he had romantic love with maureen, but did he ever actually love maureen, even back when he was a teenager? or was he playing the same charade back then as he does now? is love nothing more than an idea to dennis, a dream, desirable but unattainable? the only person he has truly admitted love to was his sister, and only twice, in times of desperation, in times where he had no control over his fate in the current situation. he also married maureen out of desperation, out of a feeling that he wasn’t where he thought he should be–he got married, in a way, to take control of his life. Does that mean Dennis equates love with doom, that feeling he gets–that he hates–when he isn’t within his own control? He only feels when disaster hits, and he assumes that feeling is love? or maybe it is love. maybe when his fate becomes more real to him than he ever thought it could all the feelings he thinks he doesn’t have overwhelm him and he has to share them. or maybe he’s just a gross, sex-obsessed, manipulative sociopath. lol not like i care iwth all my heart and soul about the inner workings of this terrible,coomplex, sad man