It's always sunny in philadelphia

A Sunny AU where Frank is a notorious supervillain oligarch who is defeated by Philadelphia’s most famous superhero when Dee and Dennis are kids, and because they saw it all go down and grew up in the shadow of their father figure being this famously malevolent villain, they were completely ostracized and tormented by their peers growing up. Obviously they grow up to be supervillains themselves: Golden God and the Aluminum Monster. Basically Dee is an evil version of Iron Man and Dennis doesn’t have any real useful skills at all but is absolutely terrifying. Madness ensues.

(Bonus if Mac and Charlie are just two idiots, old high school friends they haven’t talked to in years, who come up with the brilliant idea to become vigilantes and rid the city of evil, but accidentally end up getting wrapped up in their evil schemes or whatever. I don’t know. You could Chardee Macdennis this up, if you wanna, or you could not, but the point is, I want it.)

love’s not a competition (but i’m winning)

  1. cheap and cheerful [the kills]
  2. add it up [violent femmes]
  3. crystalised [the xx]
  4. you can be so cruel [royal blood]
  5. love’s not a competition (kaiser cheifs cover) [paramore]
  6. can’t stand me now [the libertines]
  7. so nice so smart [kimya dawson]
  8. pull my hair [bright eyes]
  9. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i am thinking it must be love [fall out boy]
  10. the modern leper [frightened rabbit]

I love the cold opens on this show you have no idea