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Out of all the legend of Zelda games... who are your top three "waifus"? I'm rollin with Midna, Mipha, and Lana.

Awwww maaaaan! I hate choosing!

Well obviously Midna and Mipha are superior waifus, there is no questioning that. They are most certainly in my top 3, but odds are its that way from most Zelda fans.

so to keep this interesting I’m gonna name 3 of the more obscure ladies I think are cuties.

I remember playing Skyward Sword for the first time and seeing this character thinking she would be kinda like Malon from OOT on account of her appearance and lover for the loft wings. and for the most part she kinda was, but really didn’t have much going on for her other than the side quest she’s in. 

I still like her tho, she’s neat for what she is. :)

(I would have put Malon here but she is already pretty popular among the Zelda fans)

So breath of the wild has its fair share of NPC, quite a bit actually. However I noticed that most of them tend to share hairstyles, eyes, noses and even body shapes. But when I visited Hateno village for the first time and was waved over by Ivee I was immediately charmed. Something about hers simple design and pleasant demeanor just really jells well with me. I mean she doesn’t do much other than sweep and sleep, and she doesn’t have a lot to say and is really only there to let you know were the goods store is. But you could tell whoever designed this character really enjoyed crafting her.

but really she’s just a cutie. :3 

Oh god Twilight princess, you never cease to amaze me!

So say what you want about Twilight Princess, it will always be my favorite Zelda for reasons like Hena.

Hena, as most fans know, is the owner of the fishing lodge and runs the place by herself. But this seemingly simple NPC is deceivingly full of personality. Other than the direct things you can say to her she has always something to say about almost everything in her lodge. from taking jabs at Link for not taking his hat off when he goes indoors, or noticing how you keep looking at pictures of her. 

Heck, she even gives you the chance to say if you think she’s cuter than her older sister. You don’t get anything from saying she is the cuter one other than her saying thanks, but I still love that that’s in the game. Besides, apparently she has a boyfriend so continued attempts to flirt will be in vain. but a guy can still dream amirite?

I absolutely adore this character. I really wish she had a lager fan base, but when your up against the like of Midna and Mipha you really don’t have much of a foothold.

Hena is a great character, and I hope Nintendo keeps making interesting NPCs like her! :D

All n All that my list of obscure Zelda Waifus that I think are neat. :)


So bedroom neon signs are quite expensive to buy, but I found a cool video showing you how to make your own, check it out its actually pretty simple!


Red Rain- Richard John “Dick” Grayson-Wayne

     His backstory is based on the Red Rain Elseworlds storyline and Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain. If you’ve read that, you would know how it ended. Also, I wrote a little something about the AU HERE. (Just go ctrl+F to Red Rain and skip over the others unless you want to read them all LOL.)

     I took a little spin to that story and like what I said, he became Bruce’s lover, they were married for centuries, and he still takes missions from Bruce which is slaying supernatural creatures that threatens their beloved Gotham city. He’s actually part of Bruce’s crusade to protect the city though he is a creature of the night himself.

     His fighting style isn’t so different from canon!Dick. He’s extremely flexible, loves to move about, and very agile. Though he is trained in numerous weapons, his weapons of choice are eskrima sticks which is kept on holsters on his thighs so he can easily grab them. They can form into a pole and it charges electricity that is enough to take down 5 men at once. He carries around throwing daggers made out of purely silver and he has a specially made wire that’s difficult to snap in his pouch that can slice through flesh and is best used in close combat. Also, never forget the wooden stakes.
     Along with his weapon mastery is his mastery of numerous martial arts. When you have centuries on you, it’s best to learn every single fighting style you can get your hands on. His most preferred martial arts would be Kali/ Arnis/ Eskrima, Aikido, and Kalaripayattu.

     His outfit’s material is made with a special material that wouldn’t constrict his movement. From afar it looks like leather but it’s actually a special kind of (magical) fabric which is a hybird of matte milliskin, leather and kevlar, because protection is highly valued. Though Dick may be close to invulnerable and though he heals very fast, you can never be too careful. Alfred also said that if they always rely on their ability to heal quickly, they’ll be really reckless and Bruce dislikes that.

     Moving on to other parts of his outfit… His choker is actually a communicator and a tracking device, too. Well, it’s used a lot back when Jason and Tim weren’t vampires yet and it’s for Bruce to see wherever Dick is.
Anyway… His boots are the most amusing part of the costume for me. That silvery string wrapped around his ankles and near his calves aren’t just “shoelaces.” It’s the special kind of wire that can cut through flesh easily. Also, he has hidden daggers on his boots which are able to pop out from the heel or from the front part. If his arms are constrained, the attacker better watch out for a kick because Dick can pretty much slice through anything with his “boot-daggers.” (I didn’t draw it here oh noes. But I hope you guys can picture it. XD)

     All in all, Dick’s overall gear is meant for him to effortlessly move around, give him enough protection, and it’s also meant to catch a lot of enemies offguard due to its deceivingly simple design. Out of all the batboys, his is the “simplest” actually. XD

Random facts:

     Dick is awfully “charming” and he seems to have a way with getting everyone to follow what he wants and he’s also very manipulative if he wants to. He’s also EXTREMELY scary when he’s mad. Extremely scary AND UGLY, actually. XD He always wants missions to be done well and perfectly and he can be quite strict especially when thorough planning was done. Lastly, he’s the only one who can make Bruce change his mind. It’s also a mystery as how he can do that.

ANYWAY. WOOH. YAY! I’m sorry for the wall of text but I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS!  I did say I’ll “ramble.” XD Heehee~ Please tell me what you think~ I would LOOOOVE to hear it!

Check out the others, too!

Jason || Tim || Damian

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Your clothing pieces are so unique and thought out, where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you! This is a very kind thing to say. T/////T

Inspiration-wise, I think I’ve answered a part of that in this post though vague and glossed over… but I can sort of try to elaborate more on clothing, at least some aspects.

For the most part I tend towards fantasy settings, so I often look to older historical examples as a base (the varying silhouettes back then were much more interesting in my opinion, if less convenient at times). And while my draws are along the lines of ‘fantasy’ clothing, I like to consider the practicality of the outfit and think of the parts in layers, even if the clothes I draw may be improbable to sew together in reality.

Just a quick example of how gorgeous the shapes in historical clothing can be:

(from google, search historical renaissance/tudor clothing & should see them!) 

Look at that impeccable fashion. Ah, such wealth so obviously displayed.

I actually don’t know very much about tailoring nor fashion design, but I wish I did. Knowing the terminology, taking details like seams, button placements and just the overall sewing patterns into account, etc. can add more integrity into a design that may otherwise feel ‘generic’ or ‘plain’. 

(eg. peplums, scalloped edges… modern cuts are easy to find references for.)

So.. building up a visual reference library is a must. And since art is about inspiration, reference, and learning, taking the time to research into a bit of the clothing articles (their history, their make, their reasoning–why and when did the people dress the way they did? What did their clothes communicate? …Why the gigot sleeves? The perforations in brogues?) lends yet another layer to the drawing. It’s a layer that many people may not see, but those who are informed can and will. I remember our favourite layout professor would go on about the verisimilitude in our fictive settings, our fictive creations. 

I digress, because the clothes I draw aren’t so deep-rooted being as fictional fantasy lalaland as they are, but that’s the general idea I have behind mine when I draw. Of course more on a superficial level of ‘what looks cool :D?’ with the plastering of character-specific motifs everywhere, but perhaps that is part of what lends them appeal? That’s by the judgment of the audience, so I can’t say.

And I’ve mentioned this before, by my own preference I also like simple clothing– simple repeated shapes overall with embellishments at areas to hopefully draw interest to the right places. Although detail is beautiful (just think of all the (3D) armour sets in mmorpgs like ffxiv), I find simple appeal is most memorable to me when differentiating key characters’ aspects from another. Silhouette, Focal points, … there is actually so much more I could go on yammering about, but I feel that would need a post all on its own (and there are people who can detail it far better and more concisely than I ever could).

This is why I usually like the Tales of games… their colours and designs are all bold and relatively simple. 

Anyway, recent design example that might elaborate my meaning. 

Pretty obvious where I drew inspiration from seeing the first picture above, no? But hopefully also different enough to stand as its own. I find it incredibly fun to take apart and put together a character’s wardrobe, so that is why I tend to doodle the shirts under or draw jackets separately and so on. I like for it to make sense how they wear the clothes, fanciful design or not.

And below, expanding on my ‘favouring practicality’ featuring pencil/brush wraps as detachable sleeve cuff decor– simple idea, hopefully kind of cute function? The thing with drawing and imaginary creations is that you can bend that reality’s rules, so nevermind impracticality if the setting allows for it

Wow!! I’ve rambled a lot so I’ll stop here, none of which was with assurance but an insight into a part of my thought process nevertheless. I hope it was… somewhat interesting to read or think about; I personally also love seeing others’ processes and the differences from mine when they reason their designs, so thank you so much for asking! 

I’ll leave some tumblr links here, because there is also this much and more on this site alone to inspire… 

So this is essentially the standard north-facing view of the Temple (I think it’s North-facing lol) since the Main Entrance is due West.

I’m working on some doodles for the Room of a Thousand Fountains for my Kenobi Twins AU (basically, semi-important sites to Obi-Wan and Adara) and will likely work on others like the Archives and even their rooms with their respective Masters.

And just so you know, I did some math for the size of the Temple on Coruscant - it’s approximately 640 thousand meters squared. That is almost as big as the size of the Forbidden City in China if any of your are curious. It’s bigger than Vatican City.

The actual standard design of the Temple that we get is actually pretty simple, it doesn’t go below the ground level entrance for the Temple which are basically on the new surface of Coruscant. Coruscant’s natural surface however is a long way down from where most of its buildings and such start at. So I decided to add some stuff heh.

This is actually due to @deadcatwithaflamethrower and her Re-Entry behemoth tbh. I figured that there would be sections of the Original Temple below the new entrances built after the Temple got razed and rebuilt, hence why the chamber with the Well Spring in it (which is connected to the giant funnel of mountain rock basically sitting in the middle of the Temple) is located so far down. Also, I figure that accommodations and classrooms would have been relatively close together in this Old Temple which was probably larger than the current Temple, but not as high (basically they went for distance over height which makes sense in a way).

Also, if that Force Nexus is literally rock (which I think it is btw), then it stands to reason that the Temple would be built around it, spiralling out around it, like an organically growing city. Then, with the Old Temple destroyed by the Sith, the new Temple essentially concentrated itself in around the same area but built upwards like the rest of Coruscant was.

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Well, since I keep misconveying my opinions on copyright, to the point where I keep coming off as sounding like I don’t want copyright at all (Which is not actually my opinion), I might as well make a post detailing my opinions on what changes I’d want to copyright in plain and simple form.


  • Copyright duration in the US should go back to its pre-1976 duration of 56 years.
    • For clarification’s sake, that would mean that everything up to 1959 as of now would be Public Domain, which I think is pretty fair.
    • An exemption would be made for characters who are major “Mascots” and “Logos” of their companies, to throw a bone corporate entities to keep them from whining, but it would need to be super carefully designed without allowing for loopholes for corporate abuse to take huge swaths of characters out of the public domain because “They’re logos now!” with a key target of we-do-not-want-to-let this-happen being the hoarders of Conan’s trademark despite all the original Howard stories being Public Domain
  • Our orphan works laws should be changed, but mainly against large corporate entities who either hoard works without re-releasing them or cannot use them due to rights tanglery, not via forcing smaller creators to have to register everything like some bad proposals have said.
    • My idea for a nonprofit to buy up such works & cult classics would be a stopgap in the meantime, but I would stress that it would be from corporate rightsholders, not vulture-ing off smaller creators
    • Also, more protection for authors who archive and circulate works that are under copyright but would almost certainly disappear if not for that such archival, such as wildly out of print books or ROMs of games left to rot (Like, as Superbunnyhop mentioned as an example; old Pong roms), or even fan translations of works never brought over to a certain country, though there needs to be a “transition process” when that work gets re-distributed by their rightsholders, or (again) a way for it to go into the Public Domain if that redistribution will never come.
  • More protections for non-profit fanworks, or even money-making works like Let’s Plays that don’t do much in effect to harm the actual licensing of the original work, to avoid stuff like NIntendo’s persecution of all those fangames.
  • Less “law” and more ‘ideology,” but I do wish creators felt freer to release certain elements of their work into the Public Domain. and by elements I mean more akin to beasts or materials or artifacts or multiversal entities or versatile characters rather than works as a whole
    • Not under obligation to mind you, lord knows a lot of creators have very good reasons for the keeping of their stuff closed (The cases of Candle Cover, Slender Man, and Pepe the Frog being key examples), I just wish more would consider that as a viable way to let people play in their sandbox.
  • My examples for this going well would be the way nerd culture has inadvertently done this with Frank Herber’ts Sandworms and Spice or everything in the Cthulhu Mythos.

So yea, not so much “Down with copyright entirely” as “An expansion of the creative and archival commons, keeping copyright more to protect small creators rather than huge corporate behemoths”

Just clarifying, and god do I hope I didn’t say anything stupid…

Obscure Tokusatsu Costume Ideas for Halloween: Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider has plenty of costume ideas from the void of obscurity that not many fans have thought of yet:

Black 07 (Kamen Rider Black Manga)

Back when I did the Shin file, I mentioned that Ishinomori was toying with the idea of a more urban street look for Kamen Rider. Black 07 is one such experiment that did emerge from this.

He is like the real Kamen Rider Black (or at least the manga version) but he has a blue leather jacket (although fans like drawing the jacket in a basic black), a grey scarf, black biker boots, pants and leather gloves covering his cyborg form.

Kamen Rider 3 (Original 1972 version)

During the planning of a third Kamen Rider, one proposed idea was to make FBI agent and ally Kazuya Taki into a Rider. This plan led to a one shot manga story, which led to a cash-grab knockoff character years later.

A basic Ichigo costume but with a few minor tweaks. First and foremost is the fact that there are 3 stripes on the costume with the middle one being red. Said red stripe seems to go down all the way to the boots and on the gloves like with Stronger. Another is the helmet is black in color, something that would later be used for Kamen Rider 2.


In the 80s, Ishinomori toiled endlessly with the design for ZX, one of which actually looks better than the final costume. This red ZX is very simple in terms of detail, with the only intricate part being the belt design.

Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard is one of the few Stageshow Riders who actually looks pretty cool, as he is an evil copy of the real deal with an amethyst gem motif.

Franken Bat (Kamen Rider X)

Can’t decide whether to go as Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster? Why not do both and be a powerful Kamen Rider villain too!

Kamen Rider Rebirth (SIC)

An upgraded Birth System piloted by Date-san!.

Kamen Rider G5

There is no design for this…only mentioned by its creator Sumiko Ozawa as being in development at the end of Agito.

There has been a lot of fan sculpts of what it might look like so feel free to google search.