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Demolition Lovers
  • Demolition Lovers
  • My Chemical Romance
  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Day 49 of 365 - My Chemical Romance, “Demolition Lovers”

with this trunk of ammunition too
i’d end my days with you in a hail of bullets

The power this fandom has is incredible. 

DNCE released their single Body Moves at midnight, 11 hours ago. It’s still at 60 on the US iTunes. This is a band that’s touring, performing all over the place, winning VMA awards. A well known member of a formerly huge “boy band” of sorts I guess. TONS of promo for the album and the song. 60. 

Here’s Niall releases his out of nowhere and within 5 hours it’s #1 in 50 countries. 

I mean…….. do we ever stop to realize just how huge this is? Just how much power we have? As much bullshit that goes on in this fandom, when we pull together we are literally unstoppable and it never fails to amaze me. 

So well done Niall but well done FANDOM. 


Daichi Has Shit Taste in Music, or, How Kuroo and Bokuto Discovered Free Bird: a comic.

so of course Bokuto would want to listen to the song about the free bird, right??? I’m surprised they made it to the good stuff.

(if you guys aren’t familiar with Free Bird, you can check it out. Air guitar time literally does start at the 5 minute mark)


great tv recommendations: some girls 
↳ “Some girls you take one look at them and you think you know all about them, right? Well, look again.” [x]