It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular


Miitopia - the Heroes

My squad(s) over the course of the game.

Squad 1

Best IRL Bud - A wandering chef based on my best friend, who I still miss.

Carmen - Pop idol. Sporty, tomboyish; she’s fun to have in any group if you don’t mind her weird smile. Sings a lot of 80s hits.

I’ve used her in a few games and projects before. She’s very much a good ‘template’ character, originally designed as a genderswap of yours truly.

Tomoko - Paranoid mage who preps for every worst case scenario out there. A nice person, but hardly opens up.

I really like the Spaghetti Saga that is “It’s not my fault I’m not Popular.” Give it a read some time!

Squad 2

Karen - Little imp gal. Heckin’ feisty since she always has to prove herself.

I designed Karen around the same time as I designed Carmen; she’s much more short-tempered and tries too hard to be cool and stoic. Wears a lot of leather even though she’s terrified of motorcycles. Actually pretty jacked.

Inky - An inkling girl from s’ploon, intent on continuing her mischievous quest for freshness.

This might come as a bit of a shock, but I really liked Splatoon. I bought a Wii U not for Sm4sh, but Splatoon. This game exploded with popularity, and I still enjoy it’s sequel. Anyway, I made the inkling mask using a mustache.

Enki - Scientist. Wants to be like her mentor, but is incredibly short-sighted. Quite possible an idiot savant given her unemotional… everything.

I first made Enki as a character in Soul Calibur V. Her name back then was ENCAD - ‘Easily Neglected Chick-a-Dee.’ It was a mean-spirited joke, but I really liked her design, so I went with it. She’s dark-skinned with red hair!

Squad 3

Mel - A cleric. Sleepy-eyed, flamboyant, extraordinarily energetic, and very quick to hit things with his stick.

If you’ve seen my tumblr before, you’ve probably seen Mel before. He’s gay. I’ve got his whole backstory in there somewhere. Suffice it to say, he’s an old OC I’ve hung onto.

Connie - An air-headed princess from somewhere far, far away. Smart as a brick, sweeter than candy.

When I got to world 3, I didn’t really know what to do for Miis. I liked the two groups I had before since I designed them all by hand and was generally invested in them. I wound up with Connie after spotting quite a few bad user-made Miis and decided I could do better. I hate to say it, but she’s actually useful. But hey - as a warrior, I can slap her around all I want!

Patty - A flower! Well, solar panels arranged in a flower-like pattern.

I’ve never played Mighty Switch Force or any of its sequels or whatever. Patty has always had a fun design, and I thought it would be fun to have one of those cool Miis that doesn’t have a nose. That said, I don’t really care much for her. I don’t have any real investment in her character since I know nothing about her, and she’s not an OC I can drum up a story for. She’s cool, just… not to me.