It is a first go

Headcanon that Carter doesn’t have any biological kids as an adult, but all the kids at Brooklyn House view him as an honorary father figure, so he really has a couple dozen

Honorary dad Carter being there for teenagers struggling with relationships and family issues and school and identity crises. Offering advice when needed or just listening and being a safe person to vent to.

Honorary dad Carter taking younger kids out for ice cream and trips to the park and reminding them that they’re just kids, they should be having fun doing normal kid stuff too.

Honorary dad Carter loving and accepting all of his kids. He totally researches lgbtqia stuff and gender identities. He asks every new kid what name they would like to use and what pronouns they prefer. He uses gender neutral language and corrects people when they use the wrong pronouns to refer to someone.

Honorary dad Carter showing up at soccer games and basketball games and baseball games and swim meets and dance recitals and school plays and being so proud of his kids always.

Honorary dad Carter going to parent teacher conferences. The teachers are surprised and impressed with his dedication when they figure out he’s got like more than a dozen kids.

Honorary dad Carter getting up when kids have nightmares and getting a midnight snack with them and tucking them back into bed later. He totally checks for monsters under the bed and in the closet and takes it very seriously, wand and sword at the ready.

Honorary dad Carter being the one kids go to for comfort or advice because Carter is the one who treats even the slightest skinned knee as a battle wound and treats even the most trivial of problems as life or death matters in terms of importance.

Honorary dad Carter helping kids go to college if they want to. He’s got friends in dozens of nomes so the kids can keep practicing magic while they’re in school and they’ll always have a place to stay. Carter checks up on them and makes sure they’re eating actual food and aren’t overstressing themselves. Most of them try to go back to Brooklyn for the holidays because Brooklyn House is the first real family many of them have ever had.

Honorary dad Carter getting called “dad” by a kid on accident and he just responds like normal because he doesn’t notice until later. Carter going wait what.

Honorary dad Carter carrying around pictures of all the kids in his wallet (or more likely the Duat, because that’s a lot of pictures to keep in your wallet) and showing them off to anyone who is the tiniest bit interested. Proud honorary dad Carter.

Honorary dad Carter insisting for years that he doesn’t have any kids, he’s like an older brother or an uncle to the Brooklyn House kids. Finally realizing he does have kids, he has a lot of kids, when did this happen, how did this happen, what if he messes up he can’t be responsible for children. Zia or Sadie calm him down and tell him that he’s been doing fine, he just needs to keep doing what he’s been doing.

Honorary dad Carter getting dozens of Father’s day cards throughout his life. The first one is from a little seven year old who ran up to him and presented him with a homemade glittery monstrosity and a gigantic smile. He frames it and it hangs in his office.

Just. Honorary dad Carter.

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Who do you think is worse? Poseidon or Zeus? Lexi please

Okay, so let’s analyse the two’s behaviours by myths that I know. With the phrasing of this question, I’m going to analyse basically the ‘negative’ things they did - none of the positives - and possible justifications if I can think of any

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Are you gonna write a whole evil!Kara AU fic or just kill us with bits and pieces?

At the moment I’m probably just going to keep torturing you guys slowly with bits and pieces. 

But give it time, I might cave eventually because I love this AU

Day One: Magnus Bane + magic

Magic. Five letters that made up his existence. Made up a part of him that was as essential to him as every breath he took. Magic. It was in the way he woke up in the morning and didn’t have to rise from his bed. He just thought and with a wave of his fingers, the curtains parted, the sun poured in and his face was bathed in its rays.

Magic. It was in the way after he’d shrugged into his robes and spent ten seconds looking for his favorite slippers, all he had to do was snap his fingers and it appeared, his toes wiggling and sinking into the comfort of those shoes.

Magic. It was in the way all he had to do was splay his hands over the table and Alexander’s face would light up at the sight of his favorite scones, still piping hot, straight from the bakery down the street.

Magic. It was in the way he crooked a finger and could lift a man three times his size straight up in the air and send him crashing into a wall because he’d dared to dream of harming a warlock child.

Magic. It was in the way his hands slashed through the air decimating a demon who had thought he could renege on a payment and attack him. Him?  Magnus Bane. How ridiculous.

Magic. It was in the way his hands gentled into a soft touch, searching and sending healing pulses into Alexander’s shoulders to heal the deep gash he’d received when he’d been jumped by a werewolf. It was the same magic Magnus had used to snap the wolf’s neck without a second thought, that he was at the moment pouring into Alexander so those hazel eyes would stop being clouded over in pain.

Magic. It was in the way his hands danced in the air, throwing out ward after ward as he fortified the institute because it was the place Alexander spent his days and nothing was going to touch the man he loved as long as his magic thrummed through him.

Magic. It was in the way a wiggle of his fingers would have Alexander as naked as the day he was born, with the dark jeans and shirt that had made him spend the entire time they’d been in the meeting with the clave, imagining Alexander out of them, pooled together at Alexander’s feet. Alexander would give that soft chuckle and he would wiggle his fingers again, sending the clothes to be neatly folded and tucked in the drawers because Alexander liked his clothes neatly folded and unrumpled.

Magic. It was in the way he twirled his fingers in the air and the lights would dim, the room would cool and he could slide into those cool sheets with his arms wrapped around his Alexander as they fell asleep together.

Magic. Those five letters that made up his existence. He was it and it was him.

Travel Notice

I’m flying to South Korea on December 3rd to accompany my grandma for a relative’s wedding. I’m probably going to be there until the 28th. I say “probably” because my other (maternal) grandmother has her 80th birthday in February. Your 80th birthday is a big deal in Korea - from what I’ve seen, you basically get your entire extended family pooling together money to rent out extravagant banquet halls and/or book overseas vacations to celebrate this milestone. There’s an chance that my maternal grandmother might somehow convince my mom to have me stay in Korea until then since at the moment, my mom is the only member of my immediate family who’s going to be there in February. My mom is my maternal grandmother’s eldest child, so it’d be kinda sad if neither of her eldest grandchildren showed up (my brother being unable to go is a foregone conclusion as he’s studying abroad in Europe in the spring semester). I’m not very inclined to stay for an extra month and a half freezing my butt off in Korea, but I do respect my grandmother so it could happen. For now though, I’m pretty set on coming back home before January.

Uh, wow, that was a lot of rambling about my personal life. But tl;dr: my blog is gonna be pretty much on hiatus for nearly all of December. Er, not that I haven’t been on a sort-of hiatus already…I’ve been busy running around packing for Korea and dealing with real-life stuff, so you’re probably noticed that my blog has been very quiet for the past week or so. On top of that, I’ve also had issues with posting stuff on Tumblr until recently, and was pretty tired out after I decided to rush to T1 on the recent YouMaru event (I’ll try to make a post about that at some point ;_;).

Anyways, I’ll try to find some way to check back every once in a while (god bless Korea’s internet speed and mass wifi coverage), but don’t expect any lightning-fast responses or frequent posts from me during this time. I’ll probably try to at least find the time to watch the KYaRon! (coined by @saitou-shuka, from Suwawa/Kanan replacing Anchan/Chika in CYaRon!) niconama, but more likely than not I’ll be busy with family matters. Maybe I’ll find some downtime to answer asks or reblog some fun stuff, but like I said, don’t expect much.

By the way, when I say December 3rd, I mean, like, midnight. So…my flight is gonna be in about 7 hours. Sorry for the late notice. :P

If for whatever reason, you need to reach me, feel free to hit me up through Tumblr messenger! Asks are fine as well, but I’ll respond faster through messages since I don’t check my inbox too often.

h-eidenberg replied to your post “What breaks my heart is that Isak will probably listen to Sonja and…”

I don’t think he will leave him because that’s what his dad did to his mum which is something that isak hates his dad for doing

TBH, I wrote that when it was more fresh then it was now. And now that I have been thinking about it for a while. I now have a feeling Isak will fight for Even and show Even that he is there for him.

apparently there’s an anime that was made perfectly for me (minus the excessively hetero at one point ending song)

it’s named log horizon and it has the same premise as sword art online except it’s actually good (an MMO after a new expansion suddenly becomes real world and everyone who was logged in at the time become trapped in it and can’t log out, time to figure out how to live now)

the main character is basically a budding lord vetinari and he’s the best shy slow fuck to ever get the nickname ‘villain in glasses’ for trying to take care of the entire world at once

when you see female characters with large boobs or see pervert jokes start being made, do not despair
yes, not ENTIRELY everything is in good taste, but… the characters who really do get problems with boundaries and consent… bad problems jfc trigger warning there… are both women. there is no guys grouping girls and small boob jokes to be made here

also the women are great A+ would fall in love all over again

really p much every single character is perfect and my baby and I Will Protect Them

due to the nature of the MMO medium, the players can’t exactly have physical disabilities (and the NPCs haven’t really gotten involved yet up to where I’ve watched) but there’s a boy who was in a wheelchair IRL and was therefore much more enthusiastic about the 'this is reality now’ plot twist than most other people

this anime has a lovely habit of explaining details of things that require planning and strategy either in process or after they are executed, and IMHO at least it’s actually done in an interesting and fun way (example: people sitting at a negotiations table with completely blank poker faces, meanwhile 'ghosty doubles’ appear behind them that actually emote expressively as we hear their inner monologue)

it’s 100% Actual MMO Based, complete with the slang and mechanics, like even if some of those things aren’t a thing in real MMOs yet they could be (except for all the stuff to do with the world being real now obvs)

and it’s NOT people vs environment, this is a thoroughly tamed and mostly familiar MMO environment with combat-free cities and level-divided zones. it’s fully and completely 'some people are shitheads and this world has no laws Now What’

oh!!! an important thing that was a major draw for me: the protag is at level cap and a super famous super capable super competent adventurer. this obviously does not mean he is not challenged, just that the challenges get to be more epic and amazing and exciting

this anime is great and i recommend it completely (at least up to episode 10, i haven’t watched beyond there)

hello yes im new in this fandom
and im already crying on how much i miss these guys h e l p


new (and first) oc - luna! she is 16 years old and a high school student. 5'4, 135 pounds.  extrovert. russian and fluent. she’s not bad at sports, but doesn’t excel in any of them. basically, she can play any sport but is always in a gray-area. a total tomboy (don’t get me wrong, she loves makeup and dressing up, but her overall style screams the tomboy look). acts like she’s tough but in reality is very sensitive and wouldn’t hurt a soul.  loves plainly walking around a nice neighboring for therapy. excellent runner but doesn’t want to be in track because “it’s stupid”.  hardcore obsessed with junk food literally never studies or does homework (somehow still passing all of her classes…or most of them….).


I’m not saying Eternity should have popped up in the Doctor Strange movie,
…but he should have.