It is a first go


Leopold Fitz in every episode4x01 ‘The Ghost’
We can’t tell Simmons about this. This is too dangerous to show the new Director. We don’t know what he’d do with it. And she would have to tell him, so… she can’t know. Not until… Until? Until she’s perfect.

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*whispers* imagery au?

The answer is yes (eventually)

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If you're still doing the Kiss Art Challenge, could you please do #3 Keith and Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender? Thank you 💜 ~ @LegendaryLions


*A kiss for good luck*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and that school isn’t too stressful for those who have started. I’ll keep this chat as short and sweet as I can. But after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to update every other week instead of every week. I’ll still publish on Fridays because a lot of you have gotten used to the consistency and look forward to that.

This doesn’t have anything to do with lack of motivation or inspiration. Some very, very sweet and kind and honestly wonderful readers have been reminding me that I shouldn’t stress myself out or worry about needing to update and to take care of myself, put my mental health first. Thank you, because I really needed to hear that. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t felt pressured to update consistently.

This year is very important for my future, so I can’t promise that I will update if I have a big paper due or an exam during the week. It’s just not realistic and I don’t think it’s fair to make claims I may not be able to keep. As always, I will try my best. I’ll also be reblogging stuff about GOT7 and whatever else I like, since this isn’t just a writing blog. So I’m going to put myself first.

If you have any questions, please please please go to my FAQ page first, especially if it’s about series updates. It’s not that I don’t want to answer your questions, but it does tend to be repetitive, especially if I go out of my way to make my blog as accessible to you as possible.

Thank you for understanding. 

Love always, 

guYS i moved into my dorm for uni yesterday im still so nervous omggg

This week:

  • It was induction week, I don’t really know where to begin? It was great, like being hit in the face with a hammer, but in a great way? There’s so much too do. I’m already tired. It’s not properly processed yet.
  • I can already see this whole degree thing is going to come down to excelling at the extreme sport of organisation.
  • If my peers could see the amount of effort that’s gone in to setting up my planner and notebooks this week they would think I was insane. I’ve truly outdone myself.
  • Clothes shopping is truly a horrendous activity. Why is everything everywhere? What happened to sections? Why can I just go to a section with all the jackets? A section with all the jumpers?
  • The Great Re-Read of 2016 has not been completed by the start of term. It was overambitious, and so, it continues.

ɴᴀᴍᴇᴅᴀʏ - Sᴇᴘᴛᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ₂₂

ᵀʰʸ ᴸᶤᶠᵉ ᶤˢ ᵃ ʳᶤᵈᵈˡᵉ˒ ᵗᵒ ᵇᵉᵃʳ ʳᵃᵖᵗᵘʳᵉ ᵃᶰᵈ ˢᵒʳʳᵒʷ
ᵀᵒ ˡᶤˢᵗᵉᶰ˒ ᵗᵒ ˢᵘᶠᶠᵉʳ˒ ᵗᵒ ᵉᶰᵗʳᵘˢᵗ ᵘᶰᵗᵒ ᵗᵒᵐᵒʳʳᵒʷ