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justice league: the male gaze at work

So, I saw Justice League this afternoon, and I could get into an examination of the issues that have been discussed in numerous critical reviews already – shoddy CGI, thin plot, forgettable villain, not enough time to get to know characters that haven’t been previously introduced before throwing them onto a team – but that would just be a retread. Instead, I want to focus my post-movie thoughts on one aspect in particular: the obvious presence of the male gaze.

The male gaze in superhero film, in film in general, is nothing new; because the majority of movies have been, and are still, directed by men, this is something that has been around since the dawn of cinema. It’s so ubiquitous, in fact, that the average moviegoer thinks nothing of it. Having the camera linger on a woman’s butt or breasts is just accepted, and a woman’s… woman-ness is commonly the primary attribute of her character.

I’m not here to claim that I’ve made some profound observation about the way that women are typically treated in film for the first time. I’m here to talk about how coming on the heels of this year’s Wonder Woman (directed by Patty Jenkins), the contrast is stark.

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Twice a upon a time preview.

A conversation held about once a week in our house
  • My wife: Those dumplings you made were really great, but next time you should put some heat in them.
  • Me: has it occurred to you that not every meal we eat needs to be spicy? that there are other, equally enjoyable flavour profiles?
  • My wife: It's occurred to me you should really try putting chili powder in those brownies you make.
  • Me: I love you. No.

Ya girl is thinking about new haircuts!! 

We have two pixie-ish cuts – one with curly bangs – and an undercut with a long braid. I don’t actually think I want her to dye it, but I did a bunch of color tests anyways. 

What do ya’ll think?

So I was wondering...

Over the past couple of weeks, my blog has absolutely slowed down to a snails pace as far as activity goes and why. I was also wondering how I went from over 100-200 page hits on a daily basis, to maybe fucking 10. Like this shit is incredibly off. Normally when I put out new materials, things pop off in my activity. It hasn’t been doing that lately. 

Come to find out, that would be because Tumblr @staff fucked up the entire way your stuff now gets seen now. Smh.

They’ve implemented what’s called the “Best Stuff First” feature – and it’s killing content creators chances of being seen. So if you can, please be sure to GO TURN THAT SHIT OFF IN YOUR SETTINGS!

Apparently if your posts aren’t popular straight out of the gate, you’re not really going to get seen.

Also, another way to defeat this: be sure to visit your favorite tags on the desktop (not the mobile app) through as it’ll still pull up materials in their proper order in the tags. But you have to be on the desktop site to make it work, as the mobile app is shitty.

First of all, this new “Best Stuff First” implementation defeats the entire purpose of Tumblr. Tumblr is an open blogging platform for everyone and gives everyone – a chance to be seen. Now some actual living and breathing jackass on their team, has completely fucked over everyone else. 

I’ve used this site since 2012 – I use it because it’s open and it’s much easier getting seen / interacting with folks on here, than it is on almost ANY other Social Media site (this includes Facebook and Twitter). Now, they’ve went ahead and sincerely screwed over people from getting seen… Unless they’re already popular on the website. It defeats the purpose. 

Also, you’ve heavily screwed content creators (such as myself and countless others). We spent hours or even days getting our materials ready to share with the world, only to realize “hey it’s not getting seen like it once was because we totes can’t have you little guys out shining our sponsored blogs / blog posts!”

So Tumblr Staff, you’ve screwed up — now you need to fix this utter bullshit. Get rid of this feature. It’s hurting content creators and it hurts our followers as well who are having trouble seeing our stuff unless we’re directly tagging them. You fucked up, time to own it and fix it. 


EXO’s reaction to Ailee (fancam)
@ Asia Artist Awards 2017

cr: ‘ᄉ’ 엑소한정호구

Thank you @nabikitendos for the massive support and making me believing in myself in writing a Ranma fic than I have in mind. I am seriously so pumped for this now!

Aaand I guess I also have to thanks @gillotto for, unknowingly, giving me the interest and the first small spark in trying to make my own, longer fic(Your writing is amazing Jade!).