It feels SO GOOD to have Photoshop again

Junglepussy shares pictures of her younger self for Noisey’s Scrapbook Series

“This is a picture I took on my MacBook and I Photoshopped it myself, and I feel like I did a damn good job. I did my hair myself this day and I remember I was so proud of it. I’ve never done this hairstyle ever again to this day. But every time I look at this picture I feel so proud of it, like, I accomplished that style. I nailed it. What more can I ask for from my life? I have my leopard shirt. Everything is really 360. I really loved leopard print. This just makes me feel like I’m floating in the clouds and the river at the same time. This was back in like 2008 or 2009 during my black hair phase. Then the red came late 09 until 11, and now I’m blond for life like Mary J. Blige. My mother, my whole life, she was blond. It’s pretty much hereditary except for it’s not DNA.”

anonymous asked:

so get this, my friend says that she thinks misha collins is ugly and that he only looks good on pics that are srsly photoshopped, and my heart is breaking do you feel my pain?!

OH GOD! I do feel your pain, lol! Then again, we can’t all be attracted to the same people… Imagine like millions of people all going after one single human being, that would be a very big problem. :p

But anyway, jokes aside; especially when it comes to pictures (talking about the ones without photo shop), we all have flattering and not-so flattering angles and facial expressions. Like, sometimes I see a picture of myself and I’m like ‘hey, not bad’, while other times I see a pic of me and I’ll be like ‘holy crap, I will put a paper bag over my head and hide in a cave forever’. 

Talking about Misha though, if you’re gonna look at gifs (purposely taking gifs as an example because outside of the lighting/color they rarely have specific features photo shopped or adjusted, unlike most pictures)

(Taking three different settings at random; An actual photoshoot where he’s supposed to look ‘pretty’, a random gif of him laughing at a con, a gif of him while he’s acting on a show.)

I think the guy is very attractive, obviously, but again, it will always be a matter of taste. On the other hand, even if he’s not your type, I’d have a hard time calling him ‘ugly’ by ‘regular’ beauty standards.