It feels SO GOOD to have Photoshop again

patrick’s URL graphics

i have not been feeling very creative or inspired by the 20 unfinished edits i have saved on my computer, so I have decided to do some url graphics get me creating again.

here are my basic rules
- must follow me
- reblog this post right here
- can be from any fandom, but i’d prefer to do music-centric things!
- explain what your url means in the tags if it isn’t obvious
- i’ll choose the urls that inspire me the most!

i promise the edit is going to be good lol i’ve gotten way better during my hiatus from photoshop and i’m so excited to get back on it now that i’ve improved!

this is a remade blog so i do not have many examples of edits on this one, but click here for about 1% of the things i’ve made.

Hey Guys

Just figured I’d give you an update. I’m feeling a bit better, hopefully on an upswing. Trying to take care of myself

My computer died but hopefully I’ll be getting one by next weekend. I’ve inked three more pages but don’t have access to photoshop all the time yet. Just waiting for that and then I can start this up again, and hopefully not feel too bad about doing so

…and it looks like they were able to recover everything on my hard drive. So that is good news too ^^

i have a laptop i’m borrowing from my dad so i can finally write again !!! i don’t have photoshop so icons will be a little difficult ( i have a flashdrive with some old icons on it, but it hasn’t been updated in a LOOOONG time ). but i think returning to a creative outlet will be really good for me. 

Light Skin Privilege

I have light olive skin, which means that whether or not I’m considered “light skin” depends on what part of the world I’m in and what group of people I’m being compared to.

For example, I can very easily turn on the TV and find girls who look just like me. I’ve had racist white people who wouldn’t give any other WOC the time of the day hit on me. Many times I’ve been asked if I’m from the Mediterranean. I know all of this had to do with the color of my skin and the fact that I have some facial features that fit the Eurocentric standards of beauty.

On the other hand, I’ve had people (usually other WOC who had lighter skin than me) make fun of my skin because it was darker than their’s. The biggest example I can think of is my fair skinned Chinese ex-roommate, who had a habit of comparing skin tones with me every day so she could tell me how much more prettier she was than me.

It was not a good feeling at all. In fact, it made me feel like shit. It’s things like this that make me feel so bad because I’ve realized I benefit a lot from the color of my skin…a privilege my darker sisters do not have. There is no denying it. I’ve been witnessing it ever since I was born.

Again, even on TV all WOCs are light. Those who aren’t have their skin lightened by makeup and photoshop. What a sad world we live in.

We cannot fight white supremacy if we refuse to acknowledge it exists in our own communities. I wish people would stop trying to silence dark girls who are trying to share their experiences with us. It’s the least we can do to help.

As a light skinned girl, I know I benefit from the color of my skin. Why deny it?

anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw your 19 days comic and I just want to say it is illegal to be that amazing at art I thought there was a new chapter ((also got any tips because I hate most things I draw and I'm kinda losing motivation I guess?))

Thank you so much! I’m not amazing at art at all so I guess I’m far from being illegal! :9 I don’t know if I’m in the right position to give any advice in drawing since I’m also an artist-in-training myself. But here are few advice I have during my ongoing quest to become a true artist! The answers here would be based on my personal experiences if you don’t mind. Here goes!

1. Keep practicing.

There is a saying ‘practice makes perfect improvements’ after all. Do iterative drawing everyday for at least an hour. Iterative drawing is a process where you draw the same thing over and over again but you have to tweak each one of them to look better than the last one. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. This is also how I’ve found the eyes that I desire to draw. Practice helps you find out more about what you wanna draw. It also improves your muscle memories~ both hands and brain! It’s the best way to improve.

2. Be mindful of details.

I tend to be very critical of details. My OCD at work. I’ve got this habit of staring intently at artworks. I don’t know if that’s bad or not but being attentive about details is good I think. If you’re doing fanart, the best way to make them look like the characters you wanna draw (regardless of your art style) is to take a closer look at their features. If their eyes are pointy then try to make your drawing pointy. If they have thick brows, then try your best to thicken their brows. If the brows have an arc then don’t forget that too!

I remember reading somewhere that Rei (from Free!) has a long face. Ever since then it stuck to my mind that he has a long face. KyoAni didn’t say that for any other characters either so it just stuck to me. Since then, I have to remember that Rei has to have that long face whenever I draw lol I guess it’s because of my mindfulness of details, my drawings look almost (if not exactly) like canon. The same goes for the official comment I’ve read about Rin having a nice eyebrow shape and Makoto having a big mouth (literally).

3. Do not overthink.

I did say to be mindful but also do not overthink. This happens a lot when you don’t know what to draw. When you over think, you end up procrastinating. It’s better to just randomly doodle! It’s weird but everytime I doodle randomly, the chances that I’d finish something is much higher lol Just like that fancomic for 19 Days, it all started with a doodle. I didn’t even have a story. I just wanted to see a scene where Guan Shan cries with a bloody mouth lol XD and thus, a comic was born. It was even colored. I’m very bad with colors especially since I’m color blind. I can’t differentiate most colors lol and I can’t do backgrounds to save my life either! And this has led me to another tip.

4. Do not be afraid to experiment!

It was 8am and I haven’t slept coz I was in the mood okay? I was like, to color or not to color? When I decided to color it, I thought, it needs to have a background otherwise it would look like it’s all happening in heaven. So I tried tweaking my Photoshop brushes to create a good texture for the leaves. When it looked pretty good, I was so happy. The fact that I didn’t chicken out on experimenting with the backgrounds felt great! No regrets! I learned new things because of it. And for some reason, I’m looking forward to experimenting with colors and brushes once again!

5. Set your standards.

An example is your desired style. Mine is one that captures the feel of the anime/manga/show I am drawing for. And a free-flowing body dynamics, please!

I have lots of artists I idolize! I’m sure you have your own art goals too! It’s not bad to get inspired and influenced by one or many artists. I know a few people, including myself, who started out by mimicking art styles. I learned how to draw by mimicking. I wasn’t trained. Now that I’ve got pretty much the basics down, I hope to deviate from mimicking official art styles. But of course, the influences they have on my works still show. I don’t think that’s bad in itself. Everyone is influenced by at least one thing or person.

Before, the biggest influence in my style is obviously Free! But recently, I feel like I’m seeing the influence of Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko no Basket, Shingeki no Kyojin (anime), One Piece, Bleach and CLAMP in my work. This is probably why my drawings look very similar to the style of all these anime/manga because the influences are from there! I’ve only drawn Japanese anime since I was young, so the only style I know is Japanese anime (aside from realism, I can’t draw cartoons to save my life!!!). Back in the days, where internet’s barely available, all I had was cable TV. I had to draw my favorite anime characters while watching just so I can keep them on paper lol this is probably why I’ve become quite flexible. If you wanna be flexible, you can do that! XD

Lots of people thought my fancomic was official but look at the difference~ the feel has fooled everyone. Which is what I am striving for. Not fooling the people but making the people feel the feel!

6. Keep your old drawings. Compare.

Don’t crumple them and throw them in the trash bin and burn them!! No matter how shitty or deformed they look, just DON’T! One day, when you’ve become an awesome artist, compare your recent and old drawing. You’d be proud of the progress you’ve made! It would end up becoming a hilarious remembrance instead.

7. Look at references and tutorials.

I still use some myself. I’m very bad at hands and pretty much the rest of the body. I try to rely on how I remember the human body a lot and my memory ain’t that good tbh In my mind, I have a good grasp on how the hands look like but when I draw it on canvas, it looks so weird (if you take a closer look at my drawings, you’ll see a lot of anatomical mistakes lol). So it’s good to use some references. If it’s from an existing photo/art just make sure to credit them. Oh and. I wouldn’t recommend tracing and uploading your traced drawing and claiming it yours lol. Try to avoid that please. I’ve seen people do it… o_o; You can trace for practice and compare it to your freehand drawing. It helps you with accuracy by comparing your traced and freehand drawing. Sometimes you can even memorize the entire thing haha (I do sometimes, coz muscle/brain memory)

If there’s a pose I can’t do, I make my brother pose for me or take a photo of myself and use that as my guide (I break them down into basic shapes). Also, try some live drawing! Like, go to the park and quick draw the people/animals you see! 

In regards to the tutorials, there are a lot on the web! Like thousands of them for free!! I have this habit of saving tutorials but never using them. That beats the purpose of saving them, doesn’t it? So, when you do end up being in the mood to save art tutorials, keep them in one folder and make sure you try them out like ASAP. I don’t get most of them the first try but when I take a break and do it again after a few days, I end up nailing the thing! :D

8.  Take a break.

Yes just like what I mentioned in #7! Sometimes you gotta take a break. After some heavy duty drawing practice, you need to refresh. I keep forgetting to take a break and I end up getting depressed whenever I see little to no improvement. Stop and do other things for a while, when you do come back, do a bit of sketching/doodling to get your jive back. When I do this, I end up liking what I draw. XD

9. Don’t rush………………………….. period.

There’s no magic spell that would make you draw professionally instantly. So don’t rush. It took me a lot of years to be able to draw how I draw now and it’s not even that good yet. So yeah. Don’t rush. Rushing will make you impatient and frustrated. I’ve been there so believe me. It won’t help.

10. Show your work and have people comment on it.

This is the scariest part I think. Like, who wants to be criticized, right? When I made this Tumblr blog, I didn’t have any intention of posting drawings because I was really depressed about my art. I used to mod ask-blogs until I realized I really sucked at drawing LOL I can see all my mistakes and I don’t want people to point them out because it friggin’ hurts. But there was one time my little cousin asked me to draw a Hetalia DJ for her birthday and I had nowhere to post it. I was embarrassed to post it on FB//// So I posted it here where almost no one followed me. I got some good reviews from people I don’t know and it became a motivation for me to come out of my shell once again and try.

11. Love your work.

Last year, I got really depressed about my art. Then a friend of mine (who’s an amazing artist!!!) talked to me about it. I confessed to her how I never really cared much about my art at all. I didn’t like it to the point I’ve almost hated it. I wanted to stop drawing. The only reason I started drawing was so I’d have a way to tell my stories. I can’t write novels/fanfics at all. I’m honestly bad with expressing in words.

Regardless, I’ve gained lots of followers within the 2 years I’ve been using this blog. I thank everyone who has supported me until this point. I used to not like my work because of all the imperfections. But, there is always beauty in imperfection. (Yeah that’s my blog tagline XD) I’ve learned to love my art along the way. And it’s all thanks to you guys!

I still have people who criticize my art (esp about my style) but I don’t mind it that much anymore. I have a love and hate relationship with drawing but I don’t want to divorce it because I’ve been married to it for so long. Why should I stop just because a couple of people criticizes my art when there are thousands of you who appreciates my art AND stories? 

Despite what everyone in the world says, I know that I have worked hard. I’d choose to skip dinner or sleep just so I could finish a piece of my comic for everyone to enjoy. It’s tiring but worth the effort. I receive lovely comments/messages that strengthens my resolve to draw more and improve more. That said, I’m sure that if we keep practicing, we’ll be able to art the way we like to someday!

For motivation, this varies from people to people. But here’s what I do to motivate myself!

1. Listen to music.

Put your most favorite music on your playlist. The ones where you’ll end up singing along with and loop it all. Since I work during the day/afternoon, night time is my only time to draw. I end up working all through the night til early morning so I end up getting sleepy (coz tired yeah). But when I hear my favorite music, I end up singing along with it and for some reason, I start feeling alive again haha

I like music that has this angsty feels to work so I listen to Hiroyuki Sawano’s music a lot. Songs sung by Aimer, Annabel, Maki Chang, Mika Kobayashi are A+++

2. Draw what you like to draw.

Draw anything you like. As much as possible, draw a scene you wanna see the most with your characters or smth. Not just a person standing without doing anything. For example, A is hugging B from behind. Sketch it. Even the basic form is ok. Don’t worry about it not turning out the way you want them to. This happens a lot to me and it’s frustrating to the MAX!! Like the drawing tip I mentioned before, do iterative drawing! It will come to you when it does!

3. List down things.

Get a cork board or whiteboard or even just a simple paper, write down the stuff you wanna get done ASAP. Write them big. No matter how simple the tasks are write them. And when you’re done with like “washing dishes” cross them out with a red marker/pen! The more things crossed out in your list, the more motivation you have to finish the rest. I think it’s how the mind works. Or at least, that’s how my mind works lol Just don’t write too much stuff tho, you’ll get overwhelmed! XD

4. Write down your ideas.

Similar to #3. Your ideas fuels your motivation! Especially if the idea is fun and original~ you just can’t help but want to work faster so you’d be the first one to post it! An original idea is always (if not usually) appreciated.

5. Rewatch your favorite show (like an episode or a clip).

You’ll get plenty of ideas you’d wanna draw from this. I like rewatching certain episodes because it fuels my drive!!!

6. Acceptance.

Sometimes we get depressed because we can’t achieve what we want. Thus, the lack of motivation. Let’s just accept how we are today. But never give up! Keep arting. If you give up now, you’ll never be able to show them how awesome you are and awesome-r you could have been! :3

WOW gosh. This turned out so long and I feel like I just ranted. Sorry about that, I have lots of feelings. The quest to improvement as an artist is a long, taxing and neverending journey! I don’t know if this would actually help but I hope it does. It helps me~ except when my depression is deep deep deep down in the gutters lol Goodluck with your drawing endeavors!

OH. There is also something called Peak Hour. This is the hour where our body, brain and motivation is at its peak! Try to find out yours and start working around those hours. Mine is around 2am-4am lol

Edit: I remembered another advice (it’s an advice my friend gave actually). For linearting, try holding your breath when you draw your lines. It works. For real.  (・ω・)bグッ

Another edit: Try going back to the basics. Never think that going back to basics is a waste of time. I sometimes figure out new things like positioning whenever I do this. That’s why I regularly go back to it.


[…] To be accepted like this, it feels like if I can do it anyone can, you know? You just have to believe in what you do and be good at it. So, thank you for confirming my belief in my talent because I really thought my hair was more popular than me in Quantico.

 - Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra at the People Choice Awards

labie  asked:

Oh man your work is really gorgeous, I'm an ink and watercolor type of gal myself but I can never get my work to look good once I scan it in and photoshop it! Would you mind sharing your digitizing tips? Thanks so much!

Thank you so much!  I actually made two posts about my scanning process a long time ago, so this is a good opportunity for me to re-show everyone!  Here’s how I clean up sketches and how I clean up watercolor scans!  I feel like the most time-consuming part is having to erase some of the white sections because the paper texture will show through (less of an issue if you don’t have lots of negative space like I do).  

But I hope this helps somewhat and thanks again for the question!

anonymous asked:

so get this, my friend says that she thinks misha collins is ugly and that he only looks good on pics that are srsly photoshopped, and my heart is breaking do you feel my pain?!

OH GOD! I do feel your pain, lol! Then again, we can’t all be attracted to the same people… Imagine like millions of people all going after one single human being, that would be a very big problem. :p

But anyway, jokes aside; especially when it comes to pictures (talking about the ones without photo shop), we all have flattering and not-so flattering angles and facial expressions. Like, sometimes I see a picture of myself and I’m like ‘hey, not bad’, while other times I see a pic of me and I’ll be like ‘holy crap, I will put a paper bag over my head and hide in a cave forever’. 

Talking about Misha though, if you’re gonna look at gifs (purposely taking gifs as an example because outside of the lighting/color they rarely have specific features photo shopped or adjusted, unlike most pictures)

(Taking three different settings at random; An actual photoshoot where he’s supposed to look ‘pretty’, a random gif of him laughing at a con, a gif of him while he’s acting on a show.)

I think the guy is very attractive, obviously, but again, it will always be a matter of taste. On the other hand, even if he’s not your type, I’d have a hard time calling him ‘ugly’ by ‘regular’ beauty standards. 


Recently I hit over 2.5k followers and I want to thank you guys for following me by holding a little giveaway for all of you! It’s not much since I have limited funds and I wanted to have more than one winner, but they are all things I either made or picked out just for you guys. ♥♥ :)

Dates: Starts September 6th, 2015 and runs through October 7th, 2015 

Prize Details:

  • There will be 10 winners.
  • I will ship internationally.
  • Each prize pack includes: 
    • 1 Arctic Monkeys bracelet (you can tell me if you want yours with a heart or not ) 
    • 2 postcard-sized watercolor paintings featuring one of each AM logos shown 
    • 1 friendship bracelet (again, you can tell me your favorite colors and I will try my best to accommodate) 
    • Custom adhesive labels! You can stick these on pretty much on any flat surface. Just tell me any name or phrase or even a song lyric (but keep it short! Under ~40 characters). The tape also comes in a ton of different colors and with special characters. I’ll communicate with you to hopefully get you exactly what you want. :)
    • an assortment of different stickers, temporary tattoos, and any other small odds and ends I can find between now and when the giveaway ends. 


  • You must be following me as these are little tokens of appreciation to my followers! ᵔᴥᵔ 
  • Likes and reblogs count as entries. You can reblog as often as you like I guess, but please don’t spam. 
  • No giveaway blogs please, I will check. 
  • I will be contacting the winners via ask so you must have that turned on. 
  • Once I’ve contacted you, you will have 3 days to respond or else I’ll have to redraw.  

Again, thanks to all of you so, so much. You guys don’t know what a great outlet this blog has been for me. I love doing it and you guys are a HUGE part of that because you all share my love for this dumb amazing band and it makes me so happy to connect with anyone that way, let alone 2,500+ of you. It’s a beautiful feeling and I can only hope it keeps going. :)

 Love you all and good luck! 

anonymous asked:

In your bunny girl piece , how did you isolate your graphite and ink lines in order to color it? I've tried looking up a number of tutorials and can't find anything, and I'd love to mix graphite line work with digital coloring in the future. I absolutely love your work, it's been a huge inspiration for a long time!! Thank you in advance!!

ooh yeah this is a really great trick thanks for asking me, i’ll be happy to share!

(for other people reading this: this is how to get your scanned/traditional line art onto a transparent layer that you can COLOR!!! this is really versatile and also works if you accidentally drew your digital lines on a non-transparent layer and need to separate them, and also for making textures and brushes and stuff, ITS COOL! this is for PHOTOSHOP ONLY btw, i dont know about other art programs. this should work in every version of photoshop as far as i know.)


1. turn the picture to grayscale (image > mode > grayscale)

2. mess around in levels and curves until it’s as “clean” as you want, AND HERES THE BEST PART, it doesn’t have to be pure black and white, you can keep ALL the texture of your original lines. but i think there has to be at least one area of pure black and one area of pure white for it to work? i don’t know, i’ve never tried it without. if you are doing something really light you can probably just paint a little dot of black in the corner and erase it when you’re done. 


go to channels (in the layer panel) and click on the little dotted circle at the bottom. this selects all the white.

5.  make a new layer, inverse the selection (select > inverse) and fill with black (edit > fill). deselect.

now go back to image>mode and change your picture back to color (be sure to not flatten the layers!)

now you have a transparent layer of your traditional linework that you can color!!


for the bunny girl piece specifically, i drew all the lineart and textures on the same paper so the image you see on the screen is exactly what i scanned in all in one but it’s also really easy to draw them on separate pages and combine them.

like in this pic for example:

-lineart in ink

-layer of shading in ink wash

-another ink wash layer

-and another!

-color them and stick them all together, hooray!

so those are all done on separate pieces of paper (i use transparent layout bond or a light box to be able to match up my textures and shading with the original drawing) scanned in separately, using the same method of isolating the black and making it a transparent layer, and compiled in photoshop. 

this works for all mediums, just as long as you stick to b+w traditionally, i know some people who draw in like colored pencil and scan it in and then keep coloring digitally over top of it on a multiply layer and it looks great but my attempts with this have never been very good, so i really like this method. i’ve used it with paint, ink wash, markers, ballpoint pen, ink, and pencil … you can also just make textures to use again and again with this, i tend to make textures specific to the piece im working on because im bad at manipulating textures in photoshop but there are all sorts of things you can do with this, it doesn’t have to be just lineart.

i hope this helps!! thank you so much, im glad you like my art! :‘3

It’s almost the end of the year again so, I thought  it would be nice to do my first Follow Forever!  (I apologise for the crappy graphic, it was my first time using Photoshop with my new tablet and really my first time using Photoshop in general.)

I probably missed a couple of people since I follow over 1000 blogs. I don’t really unfollow anyone anyway. I feel really bad when I do. You guys are all awesome and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! I hope 2015 will be a good year for you all!! 

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