So I know how much tumblr loves to use stock images as reaction images to various posts and whatnot, but something we love more than using them is trying to figure out exactly how or why someone would use such ridiculous images as drawing references.

This is where all the Artists of tumblr come in and the game begins!

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Your challenge is to go to our beloved stock image site
  • Click the photo’s tab
  • Search people in the bar at the top
  • Here, you will find various pictures of people doing different things. Above the images on the far right there is a bar with the number of pages, you will close your eyes and type in any random number into the bar and then go to that page.
  • Once at that page, select one image, with your eyes closed, and viola! You have your stock image.
  • When you have finished all that, you must use that image as a reference to make one drawing. It can be a sketch, full drawing, anything. It doesn’t matter so long as you incorporate your stock reference in your drawing.
  • Once done, reblog this post with the results.

Here is my example:

I sadly didn’t get a hilarious stock photo, but this was still lots of fun!

Now, Go forth tumblr! Go forth and have fun~!

Waves and rocks at Punta Coccodrillo at San Domino. Tremiti islands. Apulia. Italy. Canon 5D mktII EF L 24-105mm

In south Italy at north of Gargano penisula (Gargano national park) there are the Isole Tremiti archipelago.
The main island is San Domino with beach and hotels for tourists.
Most of population resides on San Nicola island.
Capraia island is not habitated. It has only an light house.
Cretaccio is a large block of clay and thus uninhabited.
Pianosa is the far island with only 15 metres of elevation and during storms the waves may cover it.
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