Not because I’m selfish but because I want to be the one that makes you happy, that puts the biggest smile on your face, that picks you up when your feeling down, go through everything with you so when you need me I’m right there. To make you feel the way you make me feel because its the greatest feeling in the world. I miss you so much it’s unreal, if only you knew how much you meant to me. I tried to keep you but I wasn’t good enough and you weren’t interested. I hope you find someone who makes you feel on top of the world and treats you how you deserve to be treated. xx

If you’re callin bout my heart it’s still yours, I shoulda listened to it a little more, then it wouldn’t have taken me so long to know where I belong and by the way boy, this is no machine you’re talkin to, can’t ya tell this is Austin, and I still love you
—  Blake Shelton