((Yep, it’s a bit different from canon! But we think of canon as what surface folk might have written about drow. Istaghavrae doesn’t understand surface morality being projected onto his gods, of course all drow recognize the whole pantheon.)) ((As a minor note, lady drow Thranduil there is Ilphyrr, or Dame Not Appearing In This Story, a priestess of Eilistraee whose twin sister is a priestess of Lloth in another side-story. I don’t think Istaghavrae knows her specifically, but we couldn’t resist the cameo!))


((There’s a lot of different takes on who becomes a drider and why in canon to choose from, but Istaghavrae neither passed nor failed Lloth’s test, since he wasn’t eligible to take it.)) ((We do have a bunch of asks, but don’t be afraid to send more! We answer them in random order, pretty much just whatever we felt most interested in that day.))