This panel is a masterpiece

I’m too tired and a little bit overworked right now, as you can propably see from how often this blog is updated but this panel is a masterpiece. For me Comics are a lot about finding the right moment to show. This is it. I mean the whole sequence is a piece of beautiful perfect moments.


five sentence reaction to issue 31(spoilery)

1. I never liked Amaterasu so I’m not very sad but it was a very shocking scene with a very emotional effect

2. We all know what a fucking tool Woden is, and I was still blind-sided! wtf?!

3. Kieron Gillen has targeted my favorites. (I’m so worried for Cass and Dio.) 

4. Is it just me or is Persephone looking less like Persephone and more like Laura? (too hopeful?)

5.asdfghjkl I need next issue, NOW!

Truffula Tribune

~Issue #31~

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It’s Going Down (We’re Yelling Timber)

-Monsterler has been showing off some snazzy new duds.

-As a fandom without much new source material content, it’s always a joy to find new concept art circulating!

Mutual Weirdness

-Grey And Once, true to form are having a very sappy Valentines Gay.

A Mod Is A Person No Matter What Blog

-Lot’s of commissions being opened and updated. Edwin, Cappy, and Clara all have new posts up.

The Brains In Their Heads

-Next issue we’ll be interviewing Halloweenler! In the spirit of the holiday! (so it might not be the same holiday but y’know, what can ya do.

Sprouting Seedlings

-This issue gives a warm welcome to Beast-ler.. not that he’s given one to anyone else.

Thinkings And Wonderings


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And of course in the most important last minute addition!!

I can’t thank y’all enough for your support, this project means the world to me and the fact that so many of you enjoy it makes me happier than I can put into words <3



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WicDiv Hardcover, Vol 2

So of course I immediately went out and bought it along with today’s issue. What’s most interesting is this updated icon page right before the start of issue 12. Here we get lots of interesting tidbits:

-Maybe I’m alone here, but for me it’s kind of been ambiguous re: Laura/Persephone and what actually happened there. This page is telling us straight up that Ananke murdered Laura, and in no uncertain terms. We’re told this twice.

-Later in the notes in this hardcover we get this: “she’s been through hell, both literally and metaphorically”. I know those extras aren’t necessarily canon, but it invites lots of interesting speculation. I don’t think we’re done understanding what happened that night she became a god, or what’s still going on with Persephone currently.

-For Woden, “doesn’t get to perform” is not exactly saying “can’t” perform. That seems super intentional, and I will cling to my wildly speculative tinfoil-hat theory that the Woden we see is actually Professor Blake until I get proof otherwise. #iwanttobelieve #ivebeenwrongbefore #meh

-Sakhmet does love her laser pointers. No spoilers for issue 31 here, but also, 🤣😏🤣

-Distinction for Baal between Inanna and Laura in terms of serious and casual lovers.

-And then Tara, damn. I miss her, and wish we would’ve gotten to know her better. But then that’s the point too, fandoms are often cruel and terrible and we didn’t deserve her.