Monster High Comic Issue #0

Hey ghouls! I uploaded the scans I made of the MH Comic from Free Comic Book Day! You can view the entire comic on the imgur album HERE!! I’ll also hopefully be uploading the later issues to the same account ( once they’re published. Have a furrific time reading! <3

OK i thought i was good just rbing angry posts but i am angry too so!!

DICK GRAYSON named his adult superhero identity in honour of Superman, whom he canonically thinks of as family.

DICK GRAYSON was engaged to be married to Koriand’r, an alien AND a meta besides

DICK GRAYSON led a team comprised almost ENTIRELY OF METAS all of whom are his closest friends

DICK GRAYSON is canonically a MULtiVERSAL CONSTANT as a good man and a hero 

he’s a hero and he would never EVER do this, there is no breaking point in his soul that would make him round up and murder ALL METAS

in conclusion: dc can suck it and i hope this run sells zero (0) issues 

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How did ur asexual survey go?

Hey! I got a huge response to the survey, so thanks to everyone that participated. No thanks to the girl who submitted the exact same answers five (5) times in a row and thought I wouldn’t notice.

First of all, the big question: Is asexuality an LGBT identity? 39% said yes, 61% said no.

Interestingly, whether or not someone thought asexuality was LGBT didn’t depend on whether or not they were asexual. I found no correlation between being asexual and choosing one way or the other. But I did find another interesting fact.

100% of people who did NOT identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans, non-binary or agender (ie cis straight people) think that asexual IS an LGBT identity. Either that or they were unsure (about 3 people).

On the other hand, if you are LGBT you’re much less likely to view asexual as an LGBT+ identity.

33% of gay men, bi and trans people (not including trans lesbians) thought asexuality is LGBT. 67% did not. 6 were unsure. Only 13% of cis lesbians think asexuality is LGBT. 86% don’t. 1 person was unsure. And, overwhelmingly, 100% of trans lesbians think that asexuality is NOT and LGBT identity. 0 were unsure.

So from the first part of the survey, we can see that if you are a lesbian, gay, bi, or trans you are much less likely to think that asexual people are LGBT, with cis & trans lesbians being the least likely. The conclusion: the overwhelming majority of LGBT people don’t think asexuals are LGBT. Cis straight people do.

18% of asexual people reported that they felt their asexuality puts them in danger of being physically or sexually assaulted. However, only 2 people said they had been assaulted (less than 1% of responses).

I included the following questions in response to a common thing I’ve heard: that asexual people are LGBT+ because they face many of the same issues. I also got A LOT of people saying this on the survey. So, I decided to include some common issues that threaten LGBT people to see whether the issues are comparable.

0 people were aware of any laws that discriminate against asexual people.

2 people (less than 1%) said they were less likely to be hired due to their asexual identity. 0 people reported losing their job or being denied a job due to their asexual identity.

3 people said they’ve been to conversion therapy in order to change (or “cure”) their asexuality. 2 people said this was because they didn’t want to be asexual. The third person didn’t specify why.

0 people reported being denied shelter/kicked out because they are ace.

If I’ve missed something, or you want more details on a specific question, please let me know!


So, I was planning to compare sales numbers and see how well sales for Secret Empire were….. but somebody on 4chan’s /co/ beat me to it. I don’t know who you are, anon, but thank you for this, you did a much better job than I’d do.

The first picture is a comparison for sales for each issue of Secret Empire, Civil War II, Secret Wars, AXIS, Original Sin, Infinity, Age of Ultron, AVX and Fear Itself. The second picture is the same only after removing the first issue since Secret Wars #1 outsold everything by so far it made the chart hard to read.

The chart doesn’t include #0 issues, but somebody in the thread had the numbers:

AVX #0: 134,509
Original Sin #0: 73,024
Secret Wars #0: Unknown because this was an FCBD book and so they didn’t chart it
Civil War II #0: 177,283
Secret Empire #0: 162,718

Generally what this tells us is that Secret Empire is Marvel’s second worst selling the major big event, beating only AXIS. At first it was also beating Original Sin, but then that book started picking up and SE kept losing readers. I wonder if these two events weren’t published back to back in one year, they wouldn’t have numbers surpassing Secret Empire as well. Out of events that lasted so long (10 issues being unusual for an event book), Secret Empire was the worst selling

Next two pictures give the same treatment to each issue of these events on a Batman Index - that is how well they sold compared to respective month’s issue of Batman. If the graph goes up, it outsold Batman, if it goes down, it lost to him..If you’re wondering about Fear Itself, it was outselling Batman….and then New 52 happened. As for Secret Empire it only barely managed to surpass Batman sales in the first month. Because apparently, they counted the average of sales for two issues for Batman and if compared to Batman #22 alone, it would be in negatives as well.

So how is that whole “controversy sells” thing going for you, Marvel?

- Admin


Extremely Rare Gold Coin of the Pharaoh Nektanebo II: One of Few Examples of the Only Truly Egyptian Coin

This is a gold daric or stater from Egypt under the rule of Nectanebo II, struck circa 395-340 BC. It has the image of a prancing horse on the obverse. The reverse bears two hieroglyphs: a collar with six beads (nub = gold) and a heart and windpipe (nefer = good). Extremely rare, among the finest of few specimens known. A fascinating issue of great interest and about extremely fine/extremely fine. It sold at auction in 2009 for 120,810 USD.

Perhaps the most advanced of all ancient civilizations, Egypt, was among the most resistant to the use of coinage. The first indications of its use do not occur until late in Egyptian history, roughly the latter part of the 26th Dynasty (672-525 BC).

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#0 - Welcome To The Beginner’s Guide, We Hope You Survive The Experience

Hello! I see you’ve found the Beginner’s Guide to Comics. Whether you sought this out or stumbled upon it accidentally during your scrolling, welcome!

Comics are a daunting medium to get into. Western comics are ruled by two big companies (Marvel Comics and DC Comics), both of which have 70+ years of history and comics. The comics industry itself is also rather unique and, at times, confusing. I’m here to help you on your road to understanding comics and hopefully enjoying them.

I must confess, I am in no means an encyclopedia on comics. There are many comics, character and in fact publishers I haven’t read or heard of. Comics have been a big part of my life for over half of it though and I personally want to share my passion for them.

I think that’s enough talking from me for now. Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide and welcome to comics!

P.S. You will survive the Beginner’s Guide, the title is a reference to #139 of Uncanny X-Men (a comic released by Marvel Comics in November of 1980)


Disney’s DuckTales and Tangled: The Series Comic Books Coming This Summer

IDW Publishing Will Launch Comic Stories Based on the Animated Series

San Diego, CA (April 18, 2017) – Disney fans rejoice! DuckTales and Tangled: The Series are Disney’s latest animated TV series to make the leap from the small screen to the printed page with brand-new comics from IDW Publishing, in collaboration with Disney Licensed Publishing, an imprint of Disney Book Group, LLC.

First, DuckTales (woo-oo) returns! Featuring familiar favorite characters like Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, plus Huey, Dewey and Louie, this comic series will be modeled after the highly anticipated new animated series coming this summer, which has already been picked up for a second season in advance of its premiere. Their comic book tales will kick-off in a #0 issue this July for $3.99, providing the perfect jumping on point for both longtime fans and newcomers. Chances are, you’re already humming along to the catchy theme song as you read this!

This August, Tangled: The Series debuts as an original graphic novel collection titled ‘Adventure is Calling.’ In the novel, Rapunzel will embark on exciting new adventures with Eugene (FKA Flynn Rider), Pascal, Maximus, and her new friend Cassandra in a special adaptation of the series. The collection will feature 72 pages for $9.99, available everywhere comics are sold.

IDW Group Editor Sarah Gaydos said “We’re extremely excited to expand IDW’s relationship with Disney. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding both of these new animated series and we aim to live up to, and exceed, fan expectations.”

IDW’s history of publishing quality Disney Comics has been well established with such core titles as Walt Disney’s Comics & Stories, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, and more, paving the way for DuckTales and Tangled: The Series to become your next favorite Disney Comic. This summer, Disney begins a new chapter in comics with IDW Publishing!