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What type of girl do yall think the boys are into? (like personality wise and look-wise?)

Yong: Keeping asks gender neutral at all times.


If they’re not interested or willing to learn about volleyball, that’s definitely a damper on the potential of a relationship. He’s gotten dumped over it but seriously, if you can’t love and support your partner through the thing that they love the most, can you even be lovers? In terms of appearance though, he just isn’t that bothered.


Someone who has a sense of humour is so important to him. If they can’t take a joke, then they obviously won’t be able to take him. Out of all the guys, he’s most likely to accept someone who doesn’t fit the exact mould of the Japanese ideal; anyone with piercings, dyed hair or small tattoos are still on his radar. Though, he is turned off by people who are far too loud and obnoxious. 


Someone who’s calm and grounded and can give him somewhere to lean on would be nice, since he’s always shouldering everything by himself.


He doesn’t have a type. Someone who’s average in all areas is fine, as long as they’re a genuinely good person. He loves people who are always motivated to succeed in whatever they set their minds on; those who are fixated on their goals and never lose sight of them. Iwaizumi will always find love for the people who can inspire others.


“I’m not picky” he says as he really likes long legs and soft pretty hair and things that take too long to list. Maybe his standards are high from watching too much anime or something? He likes cutesy girls and guys that like hand holding and all the fluffy stuff. His ideal person is too perfect; it’ll be hard for him to find someone that fits his ungodly standards.


He’s not particularly picky, at least he says he is. His ‘specifications’ if you could call it that, would be “someone cute and shorter than me.” Personality wise, someone who’s bright and peppy is nice, eager to go to lots of places with him is someone he’d really like.


If you’re not an animal lover, you’ve gotta go. Kindaichi absolutely loves animals. If you don’t respect the fact that he definitely wants a dog in the future (and that you wouldn’t actually consider staying with him in the future) then he’s not gonna be into them. Terms of appearance? He doesn’t really care, he’s just glad that someone actually wants to date him.


Someone who’s just as laid back as he is would be great, but not someone who’s as lazy as him is necessary to get him on his feet. He likes guys/girls with plump cheeks so he can hold them in his hands; he doesn’t know why, but it’s oddly comforting. “And yeah, someone who’s warm is good too,” even if that doesn’t count towards personality or appearance.

I guess relationships are defined by thermodynamic equilibrium.


He just really wants someone who can put up with him, since he does know he’s a difficult person. They’d most likely be someone who’s thick skinned and can take him when he’s at his worst. While he does want someone who looks pretty cute and refined, he’s very conscious of how his own appearance will affect them as well.


I blame this entirely on the Didscord. This is YOUR FAULT. I hope you’re proud now.
So how long does Oikawa run around with that sign stuck to his back? :’D

Haikyuu!! was published in 2012 and the manga follows the 2012′s calendar for days and stuff. Which means that the third-years in the manga, are turning 18years old in 2012. So, now, in 2017, it means that Daichi, Suga, Asahi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Bokuto… all the third-years are turning 22 years old.