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North Harris Hills by The Unexplored

Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)  Chapter 5

Authors notes: Oops. lol. I got a little carried away and wrote almost 2K words in this part. This chapter should be called Steamed Up bc there is absolutely no chill to this part haha… enjoy. ;)

Also. for anyone who is expecting it… I do not write smut. Not gonna happen. So, for any of you waiting on that to happen (although it may be implied later) I wont be writing it. Sorry not sorry.

Notes/Warnings: Fluff, steamy make out sesh with Stevo, drinking but not really. There is a part at the end the may be a trigger?? Idk how to describe it but, threats? but not really? 

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The rehearsal went off without a hitch. Your sister had chosen for the ceremony to be in the same barn where her husband to be, Franklin, had proposed. It was decorated with tiny white lights and white tulle. It was the kind of wedding decor you’d find in Southern Living Magazine. Anything for baby Tessa.

 You played your part as a bridesmaid and walked when you were supposed to and stood where the coordinator told you. All while stealing glances at Steve, who watched from the back of the barn with that half grin that makes you melt. You smiled with the other girls at your sister as the pastor gave a quick run down of the ceremony, but lets be real, you weren’t paying much attention.

 Steve was posed like the cover of a romance novel. He was leaning against the old wood of the barn wall with one foot propped up against the wall. If he’d been wearing a cowboy hat down over his eyes and an open flannel with nothing underneath you’d have thrown yourself at him.

 “(Y/N),” One of Tessa’s friends whispered. “Your turn.” She nudged and you realized it was your turn to walk back up the isle with Frank’s groomsman, Harry? You didn’t remember his name. You should probably know that, though.

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