Dawn in Reine bay, by AlfredoCostanzo

You are very welcome to follow me and like in My Instagram page Page ✔ You are very welcome to follow me and like in My Facebook Page ✔ My Website ✔ My G+ ✔ I love this view from Reine bay . Shot in Hamnoy near Reine, onthe left, respect at the iconic Lofoten view from Reine bridge. And so I decided that I wanted to photograph here the only dawn, that weather decided to grant me in my trip in Reine


The Sands at Chale Island

Kenya’s only private island resort, The Sands at Chale Island offers elegant accommodation amidst lush mangrove forests and dazzling white beaches. 

Blending traditional Swahili architecture with Lamu furniture and African artwork, the rooms and suites are in perfect harmony with the local environment and are divided in 6 categories. Standard rooms are spacious semi-circular units with breezy verandas and daybeds; the penthouse suites have rooftop Jacuzzis and marvelous ocean views; and the unique Suite on the Rocks sits on a separate islet, offering the ultimate in privacy.

Additionally, there are 29 Bandas - traditional small houses with palm thatch roofs, as well as a one-of-a-kind overwater suite. The restaurant serves traditional Kenyan cuisine with both Italian and Oriental influences, and the 3 fabulous swimming pools provide endless hours of fun and relaxation.



Cousine Island - Seychelles

Part of the Seychelles archipelago, Cousine Island in the Indian Ocean is one of the most exclusive and ecologically important private islands in the world. Accommodation is available in 5 luxury villas, each individually designed and decorated with tasteful handcrafted furniture and state-of-the-art technology.

Overlooking the ocean, 4 of the holiday homes are built in a French colonial style and come with private infinity pools, while the new Presidential Villa is nestled in luxuriant endemic vegetation and has its own spa, gym, and outdoor bar. The cuisine is a colorful mix of Creole, Asian, and Western flavors, and the exotic spa treatments are a real treat after a day of exploring.


Greater Vasa (Coracopsis vasa)

…a species of vasa (Coracopsis spp.) that can bee encountered throughout the island of Madagascar and in the Comoros Islands. Greater vasa are typically seen in dry deciduous forest, which differs from the related C. nigra which occurs in the humid forests of eastern Madagascar. Greater vasa are sexually dimorphic, with females growing to be 25% larger than males. Greater vasa live in polygynandrous groups with dominant females and 3-8 males. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Psittaciformes-Psittacoidea-Psittrichasiidae-Coracopsinae-Coracopsis-C. vasa

Image: AEM


Reef Dive Resort at Mataking

A luxury island resort in the Celebes Sea, this lovely place is only a 40-minute boat ride from Semporna, Malaysia, and comprises 37 accommodation units, from comfortable garden view rooms and traditionally designed chalets to wonderful beach villas with private open-air Jacuzzis.

Ideal for divers, honeymooners and anyone in between, The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking offers over 30 dive sites, sensual spa treatments, and a plethora of activities to choose from. Their seafront restaurant serves both Malaysian specialties as well as delicious international cuisine.