Island in Space


I just found these weird black spots in google map (doing nerd stuff), it’s huge. I didn’t know it was there and it freaked me out. There are those polemical manmade island that China has been building in the South China Sea. They are old news but I wonder why they look blurred from far. Apparently google labelled them as China territory and people complained about that so it has no label now! nothing! what makes it creepier. I guess it is irrelevant but looks like some conspiracy shit. It is definitely military. What else are they trying to hide from us? @sixpenceee

Milky Way Core - Tenerife

Possibly my best picture to date, this was taken 2 weeks ago in May 2017 in Tenerife, Spain. The image is a stack of 3 images which has been processed to extract the detail in the dust lanes. I took this at about 2 am at 2138m on the side of a Volcano. Canon 6D, Samyang 24mm, F5.6 ISO 800 X 3 



The Muppet Movie (1979)
The Great Muppet Caper (1981)
The Muppets Take Manhattan
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Muppet Treasure Island
Muppets From Space
The Muppets
Muppets Most Wanted 

Space Ship Wrecked(Part One)

Keith and Lance are lost on a planet similar to Earth, no lions, no communication with the others. Two things they do have though is a concussed Lance and a pissy Keith.

Keith had no idea what was happening, all he knew was that he was waking up with sand in his mouth, the sun hot above him…and Lance sprawled on top of him. “Ugh, get off,” he said, shoving at the larger body, not getting much of a response. “Lance!” he said, starting to get frustrated, shaking the boy who was unconscious. He’d fallen pretty far and pretty hard, his helmet was cracked and there was some blood smeared on his forehead and splattered on his helmet. He opened his eyes groggily; they were foggy and showed confusion.“Lance?” Keith asked, concern starting to seep into his voice. He gingerly reached to take the helmet off, looking at the blood. “Can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up?” he asked, putting three up, noticing the back of his suit gloves were ripped and his hands were bloody. Lance squinted at the six, blurry fingers. 

“Seven?” His voice was cracked like the glass stuck into his cheeks and mouth. He coughed as if he was hacking away at his lungs.His face contorted in pain as he tried to still his racking body, unsuccessful in his attempts. Keith watched in horror, wondering what lead up to all of this. 

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