Have good character with all of creation. Give them, help them, serve them, don’t try to use them, don’t try to abuse them, don’t look down on them, don’t think you’re better than a single one of them. You didn’t create them. The gifts you have, what did you do to deserve them? A person who has lineage—what did you do to deserve that? So it’s very important to give yourself to God.

Boasting and Pretending to Have Sinned

It is reported that Al-ʿAwwām b. Ḥawshab – Allāh have mercy on him – said:

“Boasting that you did a sin (when you did not) is worse than committing the sin.”

— Al-Daynūrī, Al-Mujālasah wa Jawāhir Al-ʿIlm (3073)

Ibn Qutaybah, explaining what is meant by boasting here, said:

“It is when a person says, ‘I fornicated’ when he did not, or to say, ‘I killed a man’, when he did not, boasting and showing off. This is worse upon a man than committing the sin because he did not avoid the sin except that he would have done it if able. He is therefore like the one who does it, by intention. He goes even further by removing the cover (of reputation) from himself, and by the depravity of his audacity to commit sin and his lack of concern.”

‏ما دام الله معك لا يهمك شخصاً آذاك.
As long as Allah is with you, don’t worry about those who hurt you.

ما دام الله يحفظك لا تحزن على أحد أهملك
As long as Allah is protecting you, don’t become sad over someone who dominates you.

وما دام الله يريد لك شيئاً فلن يقف في وجهك شيء أبداً.
As long as Allah wants something for you, nothing will ever stand in your way.

No matter how big or small your dream is, never lose hope. You got this! 

Salah is like a mirror,
reflecting the state of your heart
as you speak to your Lord.
Are you distracted?
Are your words pure?
Be honest with yourself, 
what do you

A husband is supposed to be the one who cures the heart of his wife. He is her friend, her companion, her support and the one she confides in and he covers her faults. He drys her tears of pain. He makes her smile. He brings joy to her life. He trusts her and his love for her is eternal. He honours her during hardship and ease. He respects her and misses her when she is not around. He plays and jokes with her to show his affection and he prays with her to show their sacrifice. He supplicates for their love and blessings to increase, and he asks Allah to gather them together in the palaces of paradise.

This is what the Messenger of Allah ﷺ taught us throughout his blessed life. This rule can be applied for both genders.

—  Shaykh Mohammad Aslam

You had sex before marriage? You had relationship after relationship? You were addicted to drugs? You drank? you smoked? you clubbed? you had boyfriends? you chilled? The world has shattered you?

Your mistakes are not greater then His mercy. Your sin is not greater than Allah’s forgiveness. Your shortcomings are not more encompassing than His gentleness. Your falling is not greater than His raising. An entire life of bad can be completelty wiped away through a sincere heart, a humble soul and a teary eye.

—  Shaykh Mohammed Aslam