Islamic Quote

Salah is like a mirror,
reflecting the state of your heart
as you speak to your Lord.
Are you distracted?
Are your words pure?
Be honest with yourself, 
what do you

الإيمان صبر في البلاء وشكر في الرخاء

Faith is: patience during difficulty, and thankfulness during prosperity.

• Patience: (ṣabr - صَبْرٌ)

• Thankfulness: (shukr - شكر)

both are highly esteemed virtues in Islam

When despair
takes root in your chest,
when you feel the weight of your sins
in every step,
when your life seems like a mess
and you reflect on this test
feeling far behind the rest,
so low in spirit– 
what a better moment
to turn to Allah Azza Wajjal, the All-Hearing,
speaking sincerely from the soul, God-fearing,
allowing your tears to clean your intentions,
to purify your heart with attention to your Rabb,
as though washing in Wudhu,
for He knows the pain you go through…
He knows your quiet moments,
your deepest emotions,
wanting to stay firm on your devotion
as well as the obstacles
that make you feel broken, but only
are a part of growing, part of His plan
set in motion despite feeling so frozen..
—  Belikeatraveler, from “Turn To Allah (SWT)”