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*crawls into mamas and paps bed while they r making out and freaks them out* hello papa, mama, imma sleep w/ u tonight! *puppy eyes and extends arms for higs and kisses* love you both pwp @hajime-isayama-official

Okie dokie *hugs*

Isayama Hajime apparently said on Twitter (or his blog too?) that Koreans’ lifespans doubled and that their lives fucking improved ‘thanks’ to Japan’s colonization of it. That it’s different from the Holocaust since Korea didn’t undergo any ethnic cleansing like the Jews. It’s the classic Korea-was-modernized-through-colonization-so-they-should-be-thankful-and-shut-up stance of some of the Japanese.


Now I know he’s not the only one who believes in this, but from my perspective it’s such BS. It’s insulting to hear that Japan 'improved’ us by slaughtering us and attempting to wipe out our culture. And I don’t think he really has to say all this publicly? What exactly is the point? Was this in reply to someone or just him randomly talking about his beliefs?

SnK was pretty fun but I’m rapidly losing respect for Isayama. I let the Dot-Pixis-looks-like-a-real-life-general controversy slide because I thought that was stretching it a bit, but this? I normally don’t rant or hate but damn, I’m just really pissed. I knew something about watching the SnK military made me feel slightly uncomfortable… just soldiers speaking Japanese automatically brings up a lot of negative images but now that I think about it, maybe the mangaka’s underlying thoughts have a subtle hand in it…

I mean, I really want to try to separate the work from the creator - and if this wasn’t a manga/anime about the military, it might be a different story. But now it’ll be impossible for me to read or watch without associating it with the real Japanese army (even if it wasn’t Isayama’s intention… hm).

I’m not even a huge SnK fan and feel a bit betrayed. I really enjoyed the anime and was thinking about checking out the manga but I think I’ll put that off for a while now.


Isayama’s new blog post and comment on Hanji (’s gender role?)

Isayama just made a new post on his blog recommending a new album by Shinsei Kamattechan, a Japanese rock band from Chiba city. He also specifically recommended one of their songs “Jibun rashiku”, meaning “Just like oneself/ True to oneself.”

He later commented “もしハンジのキャラソンみたいなものがあったら、こちらの「自分らしく」なイメージですね、前にも言ったかもしれないけど”.
This sentence means “If there is something like a character song for Hanji, it will be this 「Jibun Rashiku」-ish image. I might also have said this before.” 

The English lyrics of “Jibun Rashiku” can be found here, translated by renai-junkie with translator’s notes. (I used Google to look for an Eng. translation of this song and found your post. Please let me know if you prefer me to take it down!) I will paste a short version below.

They all say to live life like a man, like a woman
But that’s not something I can do
They all say to live life like a man, like a woman
But that’s not something I can do

I could never be a man, a woman
So it’s tough having everyone’s stern eyes on me
I’m hated by men, by women
So I’ll live life as myself

They all say to live life like a man, like a woman
But that’s not something I can do
Some people wanna be effeminate
Some people wanna be brawny
But I,
But I,

I could never be a man, a woman
So I wanna rock out my hairstyle and lifestyle
I’m “boku”, and an “atashi” too
Even if they hate me for it, right now,
I wanna sing honestly, like a human being

Now I’m a boy, now I’m a girl
Now I’m a boy, now I’m a girl


I could never be a man, a woman
So I wanna rock out my way of life, my lifestyle
I’m hated by men, by women
So I can’t even lie about it
‘Cause I’m an idiot

I wanna keep on rockin’ out my way of life, my lifestyle
As myself, who could never be a man, a woman

I’m “boku”, and an “atashi” too, even if they hate me for it,
Right now, I wanna sing honestly, like a human being

So it may be confirmed that Hanji is gender-neutral!

Isayama Hajime’s Interview on Mikasa Ackerman

From Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 3

[Translation: @yusenki​; Editing: @fuku-shuu ; Image: @clevergirlraven]

After I first moved to Tokyo, there was a period when I worked part-time at an internet cafe in a shopping district, on the late-night shift. Because it was so late, there were lots of times when huge crowds of drunkards surged in. That fear I possessed from the unpleasant feeling of not being familiar with them ended up becoming a big influence in the SNK story. Also at that time, one of the clients I met [by chance] became the model of Mikasa. She covered her face with a muffler late at night, and I thought this look of hers was endearing [cute]. When she came to the store, I felt something and quickly started to sketch on the memo pad I had in my hand. The sketch from that time was the original drawing of Mikasa.

I am sure that the customer who became Mikasa’s model was Asian - or perhaps should I say she must be Japanese. However, as you may know, in SNK, Eren and the other characters’ races have yet to be revealed. Only Mikasa’s race as someone of Asian descent has been noted. Of course, there is further meaning involving the story’s plot, but that is to be revealed in future. But when you get to the core of it, her conception is because the lady who served as model for her was Japanese, and that’s why Mikasa is an Asian [laugh].

I got Mikasa’s name from the old Japanese navy’s battleship “Mikasa.“ I followed the legend that if you name the female character with one of the battleship names, your work will become famous. For example, Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Ayanami Rei & The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Yuki Nagato. There are some parts of Mikasa that are unrefined, yet on the other hand, she has a brave personality. I think these are influenced from the heroine of Berserk, Casca. At that time while drawing, I didn’t realize it - but after a while, I realized that Mikasa resembles Casca.

It is quite generic that a heroine is usually a woman who motivates a man. However, I don’t really like that way of thinking. There was a time when my head actually filled up with the idea of Mikasa turning that kind of character development around. That is the reason that she became a strong woman who excels in combat. In reality, there are differences between the skeletal structure and muscle count of men & women which cause the difference in their potential strengths. However, if that fact is just reflected in the manga normally, it wouldn’t be interesting anymore.

For Eren, rather than a lover, Mikasa’s presence is more like a mother to him. The love towards a mother is considered valuable [precious], however at the same time, there are annoying parts as well [laugh]. Just like towards one’s actual mother, Eren will start to grow up when he becomes independent [move away/not dependent on] from Mikasa, I might draw this scene one day.