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Your top 5 blogs on tumblr?

ONLY FIVE?! Pff there are so many of them and for the sake of this ask I won’t be tagging my mutuals, if you browse a bit through my trash you’ll see who they are and they know I loooove their blogs.

@dirtylevi: just 11/10, shipping free, mainly about Levi but also all of the characters, great meta’s, do I need to say more?

@hajime-isayama-official: just for the sake of those answered asks, they bring me joy. Same with @assistent-official I love their headcanons about all the ships.

@dinklebert THE ART just holymotherfucking jesus I love it so much!!

@aurieackerman and their nsfw side blog @aurie-x, I don’t think I need to explain myself, if you don’t follow them you’re missing out!

aaaand @dreamxxdream for the sake of their reincarnation au that gives me life.

I wanna tag many more blogs but it only said five so :(

Send me a number and/or flower!


I haven’t watched the latest episode yet, and it took me way too long to realise that Reiner and Bertholdt were not, in fact, trying to dance


News: Febri Vol. 42

Original Release Date: June 12th, 2017
Retail Price: 1,080 Yen

Febri’s Volume 42 will feature a special one-on-one interview “Shingeki no Genten” (Origins of SnK), held between Isayama Hajime and his Kodansha editor, Kawakubo Shintaro! This will be an in-depth interview where they discuss everything from the story’s beginning stages to its current state.

“Hello, my name is Hajime Isayama and this is my manga. It’s about a world dominated by monstrous humanoid cannibals, and the last vestiges of mankind (Germanic Europeans) must fight to maintain their borders and slaughter those horrible creatures that have subhuman intelligence and weird-looking faces and no dicks whenever they intrude.“

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Is it true that Isayama said that Eren must follow Levi's shadow in order to grow/develop? In an interview?

Hello anon! Yup, this is true.

It happened on an interview about Levi, in the August 2014 FRaU magazine. I’m sure you guys have seen this cover around many times!:

This is the same magazine that gave us a lot of important info about Levi (he has insomnia and only sleeps 2-3 hours on his chair, he has good resistance to alcohol and doesn’t get drunk, he fears mold, he takes 3 minute showers, etc.) and about his relationship with other characters (this is the interview where he said Eren is the best at cleaning, too!). Honestly that magazine was so good, it even had character horoscopes, haha.

I am quoting you the translation for the part you asked for:

Isayama: I have also sensed Levi’s appeal, and he is a character that makes me happy whenever I get the chance to draw him. He truly plays a role that helps the main character(s) preserve stability. If Eren has to march forward in pursuit of Levi’s shadow…the entire series could also progress in a similar manner.

(Eren can become shaky whenever he is angry/emotional, but Levi wouldn’t budge in the least). Levi probably can’t express himself like this any longer… Convulsing means that your anger has reached some type of limit, but Levi has probably already evolved past that stage.
Levi is a character who existed since I was conceptualizing everything. His personality was settled upon way back then.

The source of this translation is this post by fuku-shuu. Since Isayama was a bit vague, she also clarified on this post what the meaning of his words could be:

1. How I’m interpreting this part from the Chinese is that Eren needs to continue chasing Levi’s shadow in order for the series (And himself) to evolve.

2. Yes, it’s definitely possible that Levi also used to have such emotions/react in such a way - but the nuance here is not that he simply “grew out of it” but has become rather desensitized. It’s meant to incite sympathy towards him, as far as I can tell from the language used.

I love this because it shows how important Eren and Levi’s relationship is for the story. I know that many times, when we get a lot of Eren and Levi official art, merchandise, etc., when they’re featured side by side in magazines, advertisements, and all that stuff, our first reaction is to think: “well this is because ereri is popular and they’re thinking on profit”. 

And yes, that might be correct, but it’s not the only reason. Their relationship is essential for the story. There’s always been paralels between them in the manga, which have been analyzed and discussed again and again, but this is great because this info is coming from Isayama himself, he’s saying it with his own words, and he’s showing us a little bit of his view on them.

He already knew when he was creating the concept of the story, that Levi was going to exist and was going to be a huge influence on the protagonist. And for the ones who read the manga, we have seen how Eren has evolved a lot already. I am really eager to see him after the timeskip!

I know many of you are sad and dissapointed because the lack of interaction between Eren and Levi lately. But Isayama’s story is huge, and has been expanded even more in the latest chapters. On top of that, this is a monthly manga, so things move really slow. But this here, is a real confirmation that Eren and Levi are very important to each other and to the whole story. This honestly makes me really happy and gives me hope that there still will be meaningful moments between them in the future.


News: Bessatsu Shonen May 2017 Issue

Original Release Date: April 8th, 2017
Retail Price: 620 Yen

Kodansha has released the Shingeki no Kyojin cover of May 2017′s Bessatsu Shonen, featuring Levi, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren in an homage to the Reaction Guys meme!

The issue will contain SnK Chapter 92, and it will also include a clear file featuring Reiner, Bertholt, Armin, and Eren playing chess.

Update (April 4th, 2017): Isayama’s editor, Kawakubo Shintaro, shares an additional image of both items!

Mmmmm let’s just skip the Opening haha
—  None, in the history of Shingeki no Kyojin opening’s ever.

News: Shingeki no Kyojin Collectible Manga Illustration Bookmarks (2017)

Original Release Date: March 2017
Retail Price: N/A (Reward)

To commemorate the upcoming SnK season 2 in April, various retailers and bookstores in Japan will be giving away bookmarks with purchase of the tankobon manga!

There will be a set of five different bookmarks featuring colored versions of Mikasa, Levi, Jean, Eren, Erwin, Armin, Annie, Hanji, Beast Titan, Bertholt, and Reiner drawn by Isayama Hajime. When collected, all five complete a single collage-type image.