Top Interviews Voted by You #2

The interview from The Hunger Games première by Kendal and Kylie Jenner got six votes.

lol imagine if The Hunger Games was a bitchy teen movie about a High School like Mean Girls and the Careers were the popular kids.

“That’s Glimmer. She’s hot but she thinks she’s totally awesome at archery but she isn’t, all of the guys just tell her she is because she puts out. For some reason she has this fear of wasps.”

“That’s Clove and she’s the scariest bitch you’ll ever meet, I heared she brings knives to school. Stay out of her way if you don’t want to get Chelsea Smiled.”

“That’s Cato. Everyone thinks he has a thing for Clove but no ones sure. He may seem like your typical prettyboy career man slut but in reality, HE’S SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT”

“Oh and that’s Marvel. He doesn’t really do much.”


All The Wilderness (2015)

Sorry but some of you ‘Alexbelle’ shippers really need to get a life. I’m not saying don’t ship it or don’t think they’re cute together, but sending Alex and his girlfriend hate because he’s not dating Isabelle? Guys, that is ridiculous. Just because they played alongside each other in a movie doesn’t mean they’re dating. They are friends. She is technically still a child and he is pretty much a grown man. Didn’t he say she was like his little sister? They never have dated and they probably never will, not while she’s still this young, anyway. Seriously, guys. And I’m not tagging this with alexbelle but I’m tagging this with their names because I have to go in to their tags and see alexbelle shit so…