Isaac x Reader

Requested By Anon

“Hey (Y/N), you going to the party tonight?” Stiles asked as you stopped hurrying through the corridors and stopped between Scott and Isaac.


“What party?” You frowned.

“We’ll take that as a no.” Isaac chuckled, tilting his head and smiling when you blushed and glanced away from him, your heartbeat giving you away.


“Well we can take you, we have to pick up Kira first.” Scott mumbled.

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Back In Your Arms


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Hello, could I request an imagine where the reader is kinda down and feeling alone a while after Isaac left for France and she can’t sleep well at night because she was so used to Isaac holding her while she slept and the pack call him and he feels he’s had enough of being away so he comes back and assures her he’s back for good. Thank you! x

You were miserable, ever since Isaac left you felt so empty. Sure you had the rest of the pack that occasionally came to visit, but it just wasn’t the same thing as having Isaac physically here. Sleep less nights that’s what it had come down too, tossing and turning to any position that felt comfortable, hugging the pillow that Isaac would always sleep on just to catch the scent of his aftershave that still lingered.

Staring up at the ceiling it was officially going to be one of those nights again, and the clock hadn’t even reached midnight yet. You grabbed the pillow next to you and screamed into it, throwing it beside you this was one of the worst feelings someone ever had to experience….missing someone and wishing, praying, hoping that you could hold them. Seeing no point in staying in bed, you got up and went downstairs.

Before you go to the kitchen the doorbell rang, thinking it was a mistake you took another step, the doorbell rang again. Who on earth would come visit someone this late at night? Turning on the porch light, you peeked through the window. Sure enough it was Stiles standing on the other side. Opening the door you gave him a strange look.

“Hey Y/N what’s going on?” he asked, suspiciously chippy for someone who’s awake so close to midnight.

“Stiles there better be a very good explanation as to why you’re standing on my porch at midnight?” you told the boy.

“I was in the neighborhood, thought I would just drop by” he explained.

Staring at him this was odd behaviour even for Stiles, “Well you dropped by so goodnight”. Attempting to close the door, Stiles jammed his foot before it had the chance to close.

“Okay fine I’ll tell you the real reason I came. Scott sent me to make sure that you were okay, he saw how down you were at school so Stiles is here to cheer you up!” He opened his arms wide, and you couldn’t help but be amused at his attempt to get you to smile.

“Well tell Scott hat his very sweet, but I’m fine and I appreciate you coming all the way over here but it really wasn’t necessary. Goodnight Stiles” you said one last time, before successfully closing the door.

Stiles POV

Reaching into my jean pocket I dialed Scott’s number, after the second ring I heard his voice on the other line.

“Dude, she isn’t fine. I think it’s time we go to plan B”


It was about a minute or so before you heard Stiles jeep being roared to life, and taking off down the driveway. Whatever you were heading to the kitchen for you completely forgot about, due to the unexpected visit from Stiles. So instead you headed on upstairs to see if sleep would be kind enough to take over.

Nothing, in the space of an hour sleep once again had not taken over. This was getting beyond ridiculous and it physically hurt to not be able to have Isaac here by your side. The sound of your ringtone filled your ears, groaning at how loud it sounded you covered your ears with the pillow before rolling over to see the caller ID.

“Great” you mumbled under your breath.

“Didn’t I already tell you I was fine Stiles?” you stated to the ever so persistent teenage, that was calling you at 1 in the morning.

“I know and I totally heard you, but I figured you lied so I knew you could do with some cheering up”. he explained.

“Alright Stilinski, what’s going on?”

“It will all make sense in about 5 minutes, you can thank me and the pack later. Oh and go downstairs and open the front door”. With that you heard him hang up.

Seeing as though you probably had no choice, you heeded Stiles instructions and opened the front door. Not sure what you were hoping to find on the other side, but it certainly wasn’t a single red rose laying on the welcome mat. Picking it up, you brought it to your nose and smiled at how good it smelled.

Walking back inside, you wanted to call Stiles and ask him what the hell was going on. But as soon as you walked back in your warm room, everything begun making sense.


The tall boy turned around and it was really him, he was here in the flesh. Wasting no time just in case this was some kind of messed up joke or hallucination from the lack of sleep, you ran up and hugged him.

“I see that you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you” he spoke.

He was real, he was standing in the middle of your room and you were physically able to touch him. “Aren’t you suppose to be in France?” you asked as you slowly let go. Isaac not wanting you to step back, he held onto your waist keeping you close to him.

“I got a call from the pack telling me that you haven’t been sleeping, and basically been miserable. And I can’t have my girl feeling down, so I rushed right back so I could see you” he explained.

“When is your flight back? I want to make sure I can spend as much time with you before you have to leave again”.

He smiled wide and it really did light up your mood, “What if I told you that you’re stuck with me? Because baby I’m not going anywhere”.

Grinning, you pulled him down and smashed your lips on his. It felt like the world had been lifted off your shoulders. You felt safe, content and beyond happy that the one person you needed to have right beside you was going to be right beside you.

“I’ve missed you so damn much” he added after the kiss.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you too” replying back.

He took off his jacket and you saw his bags were sitting nicely in the corner of the room. He gabbed both of your hands before saying, “There is going to be all the time in the world for us to catch up, but right now you need to get some sleep Y/N”.

Shaking your head furiously, you didn’t want to close your eyes in case this was all just a dream. “I don’t want too, I’m fine now that your here” you stated stubbornly.

He chuckled at your response and caressed your check, “I promise you that I’m going to be right beside you once you wake up. But love you look tired as hell, so rest and I’ll see you in the morning”.

Isaac made sure you got underneath the covers and when you were comfortable, he quickly changed his jeans to sweats before climbing in to join you. Isaac was playing with your hair and you were safely nested in his arms.

Everything was the way it should be, and the thought of that was enough for you to close your eyes and allow your exhausted body to finally get some rest.