Isaac Hempstead Wright


Isaac Hempstead Wright needs more love and attention. All those pictures with all those fans…He is like the most charismatic and lovely kid in the show. How can Isaac be so underrated? His tag on tumblr is extremely lacking, the notes on his posts barely reachs 10, and is always the same people posting on his tag and noticing his posts. Nobody follow his tag here, nobody notice his posts here or follow him on twitter. How can he have only 117.000 followers on twitter? His Instagram is the only one Ok…He got 20.100 in two months of Instagram (he created an account in June/2015). This is just so sad…! Please people, give this beautiful cinnamon some love. He deserve it!


My mum, Hilary (Maisie’s mum) and Helen (Isaac’s mum) all get on brilliantly. They constantly text and email each other, as do Maisie, Isaac and myself! After a long day of shooting the first thing that we would do is ring up the Williams and the Hempstead-Wrights to meet up at the hotel bar and the mums would all enjoy a Hendrix gin and tonic whilst Maisie, Isaac and myself would be playing card games. They get on fantastically! Sorry there won’t be Real Housewives of Westeros cat fights anytime soon!