We were, as they say, like ships in the night… so close yet so far and all of that. And so, there was nothing I could do but watch helplessly as you drifted away from me, powerless to change the tides…
And now I am an empty vessel, aimlessly drifting with no will to weather the storms. I am a ghostly ship, battered and damaged, doomed to sail the seas alone forever…. For you were my guiding light, my north star, my compass and all my maps… Without you I am directionless, lost…
and fearful I am going in circles…

Taylor fans: I dont understand why people hate her. She’s the sweetest human to have ever lived on the face of earth,never did wrong to anyone. She’s forgiving and has a big beautiful heart.

Taylor fans too: Yassss, thats my shady and petty as fuck queen. Drag them baby. Take revenge for that grudge you’ve been holding for months now. Picture them as the most horrible people on earth.

One question though, if you as Taylor fans cant make up your mind about what kind of person your idol is, how can you pretend the rest of the world to know?,

If you cannot afford vet care for an animal, don’t get it.

If the first thing out of your mouth when someone says you need to take your pet to the vet is “I can’t afford it,” then sorry, but, you should have thought about that before purchasing that animal.

also plz read the tags before making wild assumptions.

[The K2 Episode 9]

I might be out. So much of what I don’t like is battling against what I do like. It’s very weird, but Anna and Je-Ha have become a NOTP for me. 

It isn’t based on anything real. I actively dislike Je-Ha whenever he is with her. They did not spend enough time building the relationship on anything real and so every time they do a cutesy scene, like at the beach, or whatever they tried to pull with the walkie talkies at the end, I’m just uncomfortable.

And I don’t understand why Je-Ha would jump ship. He knew what Yoo-Jin was before he got on board with her. For him to question that now, and to throw it in her face, just makes me dislike him more than I already do. And I know, if I take my shipper goggles off, that Je-Ha hasn’t shown a single iota of interest in Yoo-Jin as a woman, but that doesn’t change that their chemistry is off the charts and I want it so badly.

That scene, about wolves and sheep, and how wolves come from wolves, and sheep from sheep, was amazing. It was why I’m watching this show. I asked for a nuanced female villain and I got her.

I just don’t like the price I’m being asked to pay. I want her to win. At this point, I shouldn’t want a different story than the one I’ve been given.

I would be much more interested in this main pairing and their story if they had the same relationship Je-Ha has with Yoo-Jin, as equals and friends, with Anna.

I like Anna. I want her to get her revenge on Yoo-Jin and her father. I cannot blame her for picking Yoo-Jin’s brother has a safe haven after seeing how angry that made Yoo-Jin. She just wants to be safe and free. I just wish she wasn’t trading one prison for another. She is incredibly vulnerable and that makes me very uncomfortable when she was around her fake!uncle and Je-Ha. 

I want to watch Anna become the wolf. I want Anna to eat Yoo-Jin. I want her to destroy her father’s candidacy. But I can’t do it this way. Depending on what I see pop up tomorrow, I’m probably going to drop it.

I can’t believe I am doing this but, I actually disagree with @mittensmorgul on her post here. O_o

I didn’t add this commentary to her thing because I didn’t want to bog down her post by adding it in a reblogg. I’ll post her original post directly after this and I invite you to read it in full (and form your own opinion).

Okay so, endverse.

My opinion of it is this: It’s an excellent piece of horror storytelling. It’s disturbing as heck and it should be.

It shows future Dean as a Dean at his most desperate, so destroyed he’s not much more than anger and retribution on bowlegs, willing to use other people as disposable tools to reach his goals. To keep it’s horrific impact, I put forth that it wasn’t just all in Dean’s head. It happened angelically: Dean was physically deposited in a future alternate time line as a seriously dick move by angels. (There is an interpretation of quantum mechanics from physicist Hugh Everett that discusses this. Basically using this idea, Dean could have been lifted from his own timeline reality and dropped into a different one.)

Gabriel showed several times that he had the power to alter reality and time (Mystery Spot, Changing Channels). Balthazar did it as well (The French Mistake). And just because (if I am remembering correctly) we don’t see Michael or Raphael use this particular maneuver, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t do it too. Zachariah was top level management for the apocalypse project for Michael and Raphael, so it’s within the realm of possibility that he was granted this ability in order to get the job done. It’s possible Zachariah did it in “It’s A Terrible Life”, and it’s totally possible he did it with Dean for endverse.

Why would Dean put that photo into the journal? Why not? It’s physical proof of what angels can be capable of, not just a reminder of how awful things could get.

As for that photo in Mary’s hands and it being in John’s journal where Sam or Cas could see it?

Truthfully, I think if Sam or Cas came across the photo in the journal and asked Dean about it, Dean could simply cover by saying, “It’s just some of Zachariah’s left over angel bullshit”.

- I can see Cas accepting that and moving on because by the time Cas would have seen it (season 8) he had his own issues (Naomi) or if it were even later they were all hip deep in the Trials/Tablet/Mark of Cain hoopla with no reason (or time) to talk up old business like the endverse thing.

- Sam might give Dean a questioning look about the photo, but then let it go. Like Cas, I can see Sam allowing it to get shoved on the back burner, temporarily accepting Dean’s minimal explanation because they had bigger things going on. Or (more likely) Sam saw it when he was soulless and just didn’t give a shit.

Or like so many other things in the show previously, It Just Never Gets Discussed Like It Should Have On Supernatural™

Fanfic I wrote a few months ago for a headcanon based on this headcanon. I figured with Halloween coming up, you guys deserved to finally see this thing.

Creature mentioned about midway through the story was an early version of Phantom’s character, No Face.

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Do you ever watch a popular show and like it just fine, but feel like you’d be able to love it more if everyone else wasn’t screaming hysterically about it?