the thing is, i don’t make a bunch of posts about the biphobia we face from straight people because that isn’t a debate. everyone within the community accepts that straight people can be biphobic. no one tries to argue that point or deny it or blame bi people–because we all have this in common, where cishet folks are the main oppressors. that is not questioned.

but as soon as we bring up the biphobia we face from within the community, which to me seems like a bigger issue since this is supposed to be a safe space bi folks can go away from the biphobia we face from straight people, suddenly its “discourse” and we’re being homophobic or we need to focus on wlw/mlm solidarity instead of our intercommunity issues–unless ofc those issues are the homophobia that lg people face from others in the community. like believe me i am aware that lgbta+ people are not the only or even the biggest source of biphobia out there. but it pisses me off twice as much as biphobic straight people, bc y'all should know better, and bc even as its happening its being denied or debated like its an opinion or something and not a literal fact.

Pidge and Her Lion

I really REALLY love that Pidge’s Lion was found in a forest, something COMPLETELY opposite to her character (cuz yknow she all techie technology) and despite that I think the symbol of a forest describes her perfectly

Forests adapt.

They keep growing despite being cut down no matter what building is in the way

Like if you’ve seen abandoned places like theme parks, grass, vines and all kinds of wildlife won’t even mind it. They’ll just grow all over it.

Pidge is a person who knows how to adapt to situations.

When the Iverson kicked her out, she adapted by sneaking in under a different name and identity.

Pidge probably has been underestimated a lot because of her stature but honestly because she’s the smallest, she has to adapt and make do. Just like a forest. Tiny patches of grass are small, but just wait and soon they’ll be a whole ecosystem, a whole forest growing.

Plus animals and plants use their instincts to survive. Pidge uses her intelligence to guide her a lot but when it counts, she relies on instinct.

When she was all by herself in the castle of lions, she was under a time constraint to stop the Galra from taking off with the ship. When she lost contact with Allura, instead of analyzing the Altean symbols logically inside the control panel she literally just said “whatever” and then stABBED IT WITH HER BAYARD LIKE ???? DOING THAT COULDVE BLOWN UP THE ENTIRE SHIP

What I am ultimately trying to say is…

Pidge is FRIKIN AWESOME and being her lion being like “guardian of the forest” is the best thing ever

People are making these “fuck Kate, Kristen and Melissa” posts villainising them for not making grand public statements supporting Leslie, but you know damn well the second they did people would be saying they were being insincere.

We know that the cast is in daily contact. There’s no way they’ve not been offering support and it’s utterly arrogant to believe that they owe you proof! What would you prefer if you were in a similar situation; someone saying “how terrible” on facebook, or someone taking the time to actually talk to you? 

Yes, white feminism is absolutely a problem and the awful awful abuse that Leslie Jones has suffered is intrinsically tied to her race. Take a step back from yourself and wonder why a tweet is going to make you feel better about this.

Leslie has had her privacy invaded in a way that any average person cannot possibly comprehend, and you should not be demanding anything from anyone in her life.