andrew has so many ‘I’m So Gay’ moments when it comes to neil but when they move in together and he gets to wake up next to this beautiful boy who is soft with sleep, who still has pillow creases on his face, who’s hair is a tangled mess, he is so weak. neil catches him staring and andrew has said ‘yes’ before neil even gets the question out 


okay but this is the best one i’ve heard so far

happy nyational cat day :3c

every time someone vehemently specifies “only in legoverse” when talking about batjokes my life expectancy is cut in half

honestly, i really want people to understand that intent is not isolated from effect. your intentions when you do a thing do not excuse the repercussions of doing a thing. for instance, if you accidentally hit somebody with your fucking car, just because you didn’t meant to does not magically mean you didn’t

your only two options then are two a) accept that you’ve fucked up and do everything you can to assist the damaged part, or b) argue that you didn’t mean to do it, so you should be free from consequences. 

guess which option is the asshole option. 

Oh yeah, because fanblogs just love posting news about negative stuff, I might have missed all the posts from Kit Harington’s or Alicia Vikander’s fanblogs titled “The Seventh Son Box Office Numbers Are Even Worse Than Expected“ in 2014 because I didn’t see any, how weird…?!!!

But really this is such a good question, why would I post about “weak” ratings when it has already been aknowledged months ago on this blog that The Good Wife was critically acclaimed but never really got amazing ratings, that spin-offs are usually less succesful than the show they’re based on, that it is a likely possibility that it won’t get a second season (even the Kings said it because they don’t know what to expect) ; when everywhere you look on social medias almost everyone is praising the show and it has got great reviews from critics ; and when I care about more about the quality of her projects/performances and reviews than ratings which is probably the case for most fans as well ? Really, I wonder ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Double Standards

I love Kara but it does need to be acknowledged that it’s ridiculous she talks about how Mon-El is an arrogant egoist but he is absolutely right in that she constantly overestimates what she can handle on her own. She was able to deal with the XYZPTLK without killing (by threatening indirect suicide which he couldn’t have) but how many times does Kara need to learn that she also has an ego because she assumes to always be able to do it on her own? There are many times when having a partner saved her butt because even Supergirl can get into trouble. Like teaming up with The Flash in S1, with her cousin against Metallo and the other one, having to be rescued by the Flash when she got mind controlled by the Dominators, multiple times on Slaver’s Moon Mon-El twice and her sister because she jumped without looking, Mon-El saving her with the two electrical beings (ironic Mon-El gets hate for that sigh)…needless to say she still hasn’t learned that she can’t do it alone and she isn’t always right! Yes girl power is awesome and she kicks butt. And in many cases she doesn’t necessarily need someone. And then there are cases she most certainly does and should rely on her friends and allies. People don’t often like the male hero lead doing this, it’s the same thing for females because ultimately no one does it on their own.

People jump on Mon-El for not listening to Kara when she said to contact her sister but you know what would have been smarter? If Kara had called for backup to arrive BEFORE jumping into the portal. Kara really does have bad judgment calls sometimes it is no wonder Mon-El is just a little wary of them. However when it comes to their interpersonal relationship he has always been respectful and attentive.  

And people point out that the show via Kara lists out all the reasons Mon-El is terrible for Kara but Kara herself also says he keeps proving her wrong which people ignore. She isn’t infallible and she still has to get over her own prejudice towards Daxamites and the others kind of follow her lead on that as well as people outside the show even though there is nothing to indicate he still acts like a partier on Earth. If anything if Mon-El and Kara weren’t so into each other I’d say Kara is the unfair one towards him. He also has very legitimate grievances His irritation that she’s hyper-critical towards him and unrealistic standards while ignoring and not seeming to see  that he is trying. And while he says she never doubted him if only he knew that she did and made stereotyped assumptions like when he got caught by Cadmus that he was just out being a manwhore. Then there is the foot in the mouth yikes conversation where she utterly stabs him with it wasn’t his profession she just could never be with someone like him. And then is giving very mixed signals because she rejected him hard and then for someone not interested is very interested in finding out how his date went. It is clear though that they do like each other and are good together for now although if/when it does fail (which I hope it doesn’t but…) it will be over irreconciable differences like these and other events.

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what happened on shadowhunters that it's getting hate?

idk why other people are hating on it but personally i think it’s super dumb that they’re baiting lgbt viewers (hinting at a romance between clary and izzy while we all know it’s not gonna happen, and selling it using malec who never get explicit scenes even though what they’re doing is very necessary and should be shown, whereas straight scenes in the show are more explicit for no reason at all), also they stereotyped latinx characters and added a drug side plot to them (i haven’t watched it so i’m not 100% sure what they did exactly), izzy, a known latinx character were one of them and emeraude, the actress, responded to the criticism implying that izzy isn’t in fact latinx even though emeraude has said several times before that she is latinx.