Cool Cosplay: Plastic Man, Elektra, And More!

Cool Cosplay: Plastic Man, Elektra, And More!

Baron Zemo By Red Skull Alliance Cosplay

Spider-Man By Brandon Gilbert

Plastic Man By Taylor Brandon Cosplay

Skeletor By Lance Jaze

She-Ra By Aimee Jaze

Elektra By Crystal Cosplay

Wonder Woman By Yugana Senshi Uon

Jean Grey From X-Factor By Kearstin

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Want to show your support for the Crystal Gems? This pendant is the perfect way to show your love for Steven Universe off proudly!

Inside of the little bottle are real Amethyst, Garnet and Rose Quartz crystals, along with a few tiny, plastic pearls. The bottle itself is about an inch and a half long and the chain it comes on is roughly 22 inches long.

Each bottle is filled with love and can be purchased on our Etsy Store.

Want to know about the healing properties of the crystals inside?

Amethyst: Popular as a purifying crystal, helping to ward off negative influences and protect from environmental stress. It calms the nervous system and the brain, easing headaches and migraines. It opens the third-eye and crown chakras, enhancing personal spiritual awareness. Wear or carry amethyst to help calm mental stress. Place under your pillow to improve the quality of your sleep.

Garnet: Pyrope garnets bring vitality and warmth to the system, improving circulation and promoting positive feelings of love. Almandine garnets are more grounding, energizing the root chakra. Wearing garnets as jewelry is the easiest way to experience their effects.

Rose Quartz: Supports the heart in all ways, easing emotional stress or regulating the physical effects of stress, such as panic attacks. It eases anxiety and fear, bringing the warmth of compassion and unconditional love to the system. It bathes the whole body with the healing ray of love. It encourages and awakens the appreciation of beauty. Wear over your heart to attract love into your life of place in your home to create peace and harmony.

Information from the crystals comes from my favorite crystal dictionary: Crystals, by Jennie Harding

As a great fan of Chibiusa, I wanted something like this so badly :3

I plan to make several versions of this pendant - some of them miniature (as this one), some of them life-size props, plus versions with the key alone. I wanna play with both design and colours, now that SMC is introducing alternative silver versions of… well, almost everything ^^;

Since my ability to craft at such a little scale is limited and the resulting keys might have been too delicate to be worn with no worries, I took one of the little golden keys I bought (12 per 0.80€ ;P) and glued some plastic gems on it. This time I didn’t try to copy the original Time Key, just made something close enough to remind of it, yet more simple and personal. As you can see, both sides of the key were decorated.

The Silver Crystal is a little tinted Feng Shui plastic ‘crystal’ just like the one I used alone for Usagi’s pendant. It is supposed to be the same Crystal, after all ^_^ With the appropiate angle, it ‘lights up’ with blue and violet shades - this way, the pendant has only three colours (red, golden and blue; the pink from the original key would have been too much).

I think this pendant has a good balance between ‘SM gaudy’ and ‘can be worn in public places by an adult’, plus being a sort-of-cryptic reference. What do you think?



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♥ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ♥

♥ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ♥ by kawaii-neko-chan featuring a paper pen ❤ liked on Polyvore
Yellow shoes / Proenza Schouler yellow purse / Lipsy colorblock handbag, $26 / Chunky bridal jewelry / Accessorize flower jewelry / Avalaya crystal stone jewelry, $23 / Gemma Simone cuff bangle / Plastic flower ring / Mint earrings / Irene Neuwirth pave band ring / H m hair accessory, $4.52 / Forever 21 snap hair clip / Aspinal of London Jotter Refill, $20 / Paper pen / Free Scrapbooking Software Templates Embellishments Backgrounds / Stuffed Pink Bears : Twinkle Pink Bear : Bears : All Plush : Stuffed… / Rilakkuma Plush EX Large / Wooden Ruler Triangle for HAY, $26

Petitti’s Purchases (04/26/15)

Now that’s it steadily getting warmer, Petitti’s had even more plants out and available for sale. I ended picking up stuff for the other half of the window boxes, as well as for the short pots I got at Target last year. I ended up getting:

• 4 each of Cherry Star, Dreamsicle, Frostfire, Lemon Slice, and Pomegranate Punch
Flat of Dianthus (Diamond Mix)
Regal Geraniums:
• Elegance Crystal Rose and Elegance Sunrise
• 4 each of Montego Orange Bicolor, Montego Rose Bicolor, and Montego Yellow
4 polka-dotted plastic pinwheels (pink, purple, and 2 green)

Support Your Local Girl Gang by patisseriedoll featuring skull home decor

Alexander Wang white crop shirt / Pink top, £19 / Kill Star black singlet / Juicy Couture embellished jacket / Finders Keepers black short shorts, £50 / Highwaist shorts, £26 / Aerie, £13 / Black and white socks, £5.18 / K. Bell black cotton socks, £3.89 / Ankle booties, £69 / Dr. Martens silver booties, £55 / MCM miniature backpack, £1,355 / Rucksack bag, £32 / Rucksack bag, £19 / AMBUSH black leather jewelry / Charm chain necklace, £40 / Gemma Lister gold tone jewelry, £37 / Plastic jewelry, £17 / Clear crystal jewelry, £6.48 / Asos ring, £6.47 / Bracelet jewelry, £3.56 / Hello kitty jewellery, £2.59 / Skull jewellery, £1.96 / Baseball cap hat, £22 / Green hair accessory, £8.42 / Black lips makeup, £12 / Aéropostale nail polish, £1.30 / Zippo Spectrum Lighter Slimline Edition / Skull home decor, £4.53 / Office accessory, £2.33 / I’m Not Your Baby Sticker, £0.65 / Dimepiece Women’s Ain’t No Wifey 6 Panel Cap - Black
strange and unusual by thatssomuke featuring leather knuckle gloves ❤ liked on Polyvore

Tie front top / Boohoo circle skirt / Sheer thigh high socks, $18 / Black low heel shoes / Tarina Tarantino swarovski crystal jewelry / Topshop plastic tattoo choker / SSUR beanie hat / Leather knuckle glove / Lip gloss makeup / Lips makeup / LORAC smudge proof mascara / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics black eye makeup, $32 / Nars cosmetic / Lighter / Apple iPhone 5, Black 16GB (Unlocked)

I hate how my spirituality and love of the earth is being mass marketed through fashion so people are wearing plastic crystals and acting like they’re so different. Like at least have the respect of looking up what the crystals do before wearing a fake one. #pagan #wiccan #crystals #dumb