Okay, so here’s how I feel

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@me being a threat?

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To everyone who was rooting for me!

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other than that I’m so happy I got to play this season it was a roller coaster of emotion and i never dreamed i could make it this far!

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5th place! I’m in good company

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Hello everyone!

Hmm I don’t know how to start…
Okay, as you have seen, these past few days I have been a little absent. What happens is that I will no longer be on the blog, I can’t update or anything. But I decided to leave (return) -in case some of you didn’t know the blog was hers, but she lent me indefinitely.- the blog in good hands, my best friend (Lu). Some of you don’t know but  she has made all gifs, edits, icons, etc… posted here but she asked me not to give her credit, so I respected that decision.
But now I have decided (for mental health and personal problems) leave my (her) blog and my sideblog… she will handle both, I hope all of you continue here with her. She loves Tom like me (even more than I)… She is super friendly, so feel free to talk. She is from Mexico (like me). Practically you will not notice that someone else is running the blog…
So, I say goodbye, it was a pleasure to have made friends here, and whatever you need you can ask her.

I really don’t want to say details about this decision but it is for better.

Oh and thanks for reading this far.

-Kathleen <3

I just wanted to say I’m sorry for not posting as much lately and being slow with the requests. I’m working 45± hours a week right now so I don’t have much time to make gifs and sometimes I’m just too tired to even go on Tumblr at the end of the day.  

I’m sure I’ll start posting more after a few weeks and of course I’ll have my trip to Paris in August which should give me loads of content to post (I’ll try to post as much on my Instagram if the wifi is good in the hotel, so you can follow me there if you want to).

I just wanted to say thank you all for following me, I’d never thought there would be so many of you when I started this blog. I hope you guys have a great summer! 

HELLO!!! seeing as it’s been a long time since we opened up sign ups (AND THE BLOG IS ABOUT A YEAR OLD!!! OMG!!!!!!) sO i thought it would be good to SHARE THE LOVE as we are solidifying more ideas for collabs in the network!!! OKAY BASICALLY this network is for people who create content in the phandom (gifs/edits,art, writing, etc!!) who want a place to PROMO and get feedback from other fellow creators!

  • must be following me <3
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What I am looking for
  • nice person!!!!! <333 
  • good urls are usually nicER but it’s not too big of a deal!!!
  • someone who makes any kind of original content for the phandom (gifs/edits/writing/videos/etc)
  • nice themes yeS!!!!!!!!
  • phan blogs! other youtubers ARE okay but you have to have a special place for dan/phil (so maYBe at least 50-60% ??)
  • people who are willing to help out others and be NICE!!! (also people who would be willing to join in on some collabs within the network)
  • COMMITTED PEOPLE!!! actually have a desire to be involved with the network (although i understand it’s nerve wracking, just have a desire!!) 
When you are accepted...
  • i will send u an ask asap and u shall give me an icon of ur choice and description! (u can submit it in my submit)!!!!!
  • follow (not required) or check out the other fellow networkers bc we all lOVE each other and it’s a great way to make friends and get to know everyone!!!
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  • people will be there to reblog ur original content and help u with all the things you need and vice versa if you’ve got the groove of it so u would help others!! (and reblog ur selfie if that’s what u like!!!)
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  • new friendships!!!!!!
  • put the CPN logo/link somewhere on ur blog! (if u want to logo just lmk when u are accepted so i can link u B)
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DISCLAIMER: YES there will be a lot of people who sign up who won’t get in but please keep in mind this network isn’t meant to undermine or hurt anyone! It’s not used to make people feel bad about themselves in any way it’s a network I just made for content creators in the phandom to share feedback and get their work out there.


AKB48 Lucky Girl Ranking 2015

150: Shibata Aya

translated by UKN48

Hey fun fact

Creators of gifs and edits and art can see every. Single. Thing. You comment on their post? And then some of us have an extension where we can see your tags too.

Another fun fact!

Most creators spend a frick ton of time on things before posting them because THEY love it, most of all. And they want to share that love with everyone else.

But if you don’t love it, then leave it be. It does no one any good to see hate or disrespect on their post.

People should stop pretend their own preferences are Daryl’s preferences too because they are constantly disproved by the show. I know the guy is kinda ambiguous (?) all the time, but if he wants to say or do something, he does.
So is funny when they say “He doesn’t like Carol because she is a *insert a random rude and totally useless offensive adjective*”. Do you ever wonder WHAT HE THINKS???
I guess you don’t (you are deliberately blind) because I do and the answer is this:

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he definitely cares:

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he smiles a lot around her:

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he gets angry when something bad happens to her:

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and I never seen him so lost as he was in this moment (after all he and Carol went through in Consumed and he lost her again):

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These gifs, these moments are real. So you can think what you want about Carol but this is what HE THINKS and what HE DOES around her. And you can’t change that ;D

I reached 500+ followers and it really means a lot to me because at the beginning of the year I had like 0 notes on my personal posts and now sometimes I get 1 notes and other times I get 3 notes and it’s all you guys :’) even though 85% of my followers were from my narry gif set and my unfortunate nouis au gif set lmao but I’m thankful and also sorry bc everyone had to see my angry tagging and my narry af posts and my angry harry tagging and then my personal posts of hating harry but also loving harry’s thighs. basically my blog is a trainwreck but you guys still followed lmao love u

my lovebugs, buttercups, sugarplums, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls too good for this world too pure

elisas1x1 - you weren’t my first 1x1 partner but you were the first to make me comfortable with anything. you always told me to take my time and you were the first to let me use my naeun fc :’) and you even waited until i came back from overseas for 2 months and you’re so understanding and you care sos os sos much and i just love u and you’re my best friend ever even if we don’t talk much now :((

tiarps - i remember when you appeared after i posted that 4x4 ziam/narry and i remember i loved you straight away and we were still a bit awkward and then i mentioned in a post that i lowkey love you and you exploded my aim saying that you loved me too and now everything has fallen into place and ur my favorite person ever ever and not just bc you answered my ziam/narry prayers or bc you made me honorary member of the kwolnation but just bc you always make me happy and u make me feel better when im sad and i’m always here to give you koala cuddles when you need them

veespirit / avierps​ -  the devil queen, the life ruiner u came into my life after u sent that anon (back when i was thirsting for narry plots lmao) and you even told me you were from sydney and i was so excited bC TIMEZONES and then you appeared and we had our cute little plot and everything was still awkward and fresh and thEN BAM HEADCANONS CAME IN and we HAD ANOTHER PLOT AND ANOTHER AND NOW WE HAVE 12 smh but all of my babies, each and every one of them, i love them to death and i love u esp for cheering me up when im sad and motivating me to do well in uni hahaha but i blame u now that im extra harry af and narry af (seriously i was never this bad before u came along)

peraltawrites -  my sweet buttercup dana, my bestest friend, i love u so so sosm even though we don’t talk often but idk i just love u like i just care abt u so much and i want to u to be happy always but also u just talk to me and i feel so happy and my heart just explodes seriously and we can plot and headcanon and u are literally an angst machine that makes everything better but u also make me hurt and i miss u pls come off semi hiatus so i can give u a big big cuddle

special mentions aka my faves and my precious cupcakes, my mains and pains and my 1x1 partners (and some people i lowkey love so im gonna @ u cos its free lmao)

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i can’t tag everyone but if i’ve said i love u to you and you’re not in this pls msg me i have the worst memory

so i just hit 1k, so i figured it was a good time for a tumblr awards


  • mbf me
  • reblog this (sorry, likes don’t count)
  • must reach more than 30 notes
  • you have to be in my fandoms (or mainly spn)
  • 1 winner, 1-2 runner ups (depending on notes)
  • and i’ll start picking winners when this gets enough notes


  • best url
  • best icon
  • best mobile theme
  • best sidebar/header
  • best updates tab
  • best theme
  • best posts
  • best rising blogger *
  • best original content **
  • overall favorite

* submit me a screenshot of your follower count (must be under 300)

 ** send me a link to your art, writing, graphics, etc


  • follow from me bc i am a prize
  • a spot in my updates tab for a month
  • unlimited promos for winners (upon request), three throughout the month for runner-ups
  • i’ll write you something if you want but why would you do that to yourself
  • my eternal love and gratitude  

send me a message if you have any questions, and godspeed


anders stares despondently, trying not to let his emotions show as mitchell rips into him.

“you have the ability to do pretty much anything you want! why are you wasting it out here, anders?”

“well, what about you? when was the last time you even had a shower or ate a meal?”

“it’s different for me. you know that,” mitchell sounds both chastising and self-deprecating at the same time, in the way only he knows how to do.  

“and you know when the last time i had a meal was,” he adds in a quiet voice, his eyes shutting for a minute. anders feels a bit bad at his choice of wording. his fingers move subconsciously to trace over the tiny, white scars on the inside of his arm.

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From: June 25th to August 21st

PSA: Queue will be running 5 times a day and new gifs will be appearing every day.

Yup it’s that time of year again, it’s summer hiatus time. I will be spending 2 months as an AIDE at camp. An AIDE is basically like a counselor but not really. I will be working with 27 other girls my age around the camp and it’s going to be the summer of a lifetime.

If anyone wants to contact me while I’m away, I’ll actually have my phone, but I won’t be able to acess tumblr because DATA. However if we’re mutuals you can ask for my Skype, Kik, or really anything else (except for my phone number, that’s for REALLY REALLY close friends).

I hope that I don’t miss anything too important, and that you guys will remember who I am while i come back… hopefully? maybe? possibly? (and i doubt anyone will really miss me…)

skairuqueen will be babysitting this blog while I’m gone (and apparently she’s going to make you guys do stuff? please report back to me what she’s going to do! If she only reblog 100 stuff on to this i will kill her…) and that’s pretty much it!

Have a wonderful summer!