She finds out that they attacked junior oni hunters and IMMEDIATELY YELLS AT THEM FOR THEIR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. 


This answers all of my questions about their behaviour. They’re only supposed to attack expert oni hunters who know what they’re doing - and I mean, this is Kurogane, so you can see why they assumed he was an expert (ie, because he is). I’m just so glad there were repercussions for even the potential for attacking people who couldn’t handle it. (I was seriously worried about the Outo mail deliverers for a while there)

But back on track, how adorable is it that Syaoran feels obliged to give their legal names and not, you know, their actual names in this situation. Much to Kurogane’s complete and utter shame.

He is never going to live this down. 

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damn sounds like a divorce needs to happen


“all you need is love”

~ The Beatles

Today, America legalized same sex marriage. even though we are no where near to winning this, we just took a HUGE step in the right direction. this day will go down in history, but most importantly, so many people get to love who they wish, not matter their sexuality. <3 i love you all so much and im so proud of the whole LGBTQA+ community!

in celebration a drew may same-sex alien couple because they are perfect and adorable

(yes nix is wearing a bisexuality shirt. yes he is bisexual) 

1 Week Later,Not over Delphine

-Yeah.Still here.
-It’s about time.
-For what,Mum?
-For you and Delphine!Didn’t you hear it?Same sex marriage is legalized,everywhere!We’re celebrating right now.
-Yeah,full of rainbow,everywhere,can’t miss that.(Turn away and sigh.)
-She’s so pretty and adorable,and caring,and she gets you,you and your rock science stuff.How wonderful it is,to find someone like that in your life.
-I ScreenCap-ed you two last time we were on skype,and I showed it to everyone.Everybody loves her,even Floris(Cos’s brother)thinks you two made a cute couple.
-Oh my…..Gonna miss the days when he’s still an EMO.
-He’s all grown up,and so do you.You love her,and She loves you too,very dearly.
-How do you know that,mum?
-The way she looked at you,even when you turned away.You can’t fake that.
- (Tears Droping)Oh,woman,you’re so damn sharp!
-Don’t tell me you didn’t know.C for Silly?
-That’s what you named me right?C for Silly,cuz sometimes I really am.
-Bring her here if you got time.She’s so far away from France,she needs a home.And we’re her family okey?Be good to her.And one day,make her my daughter-in-law.
-……Yeah,I’d love that.
-We gonna go watch fireworks,bye bye,my baby genius.Love you.Mua.
-Bye.Love you too.

Cosima hang up the phone,sigh,made her way back to the ward.

“Hey,I’m back,sleepy head.Miss me much?”
Delphine just lying there,in complete silence.

7 days ago,it took doctors nearly 8 hours to finish the surgery,and saved her life.3 days ago,another surgery,due to infection.

She’s safe,for now. That’s what the doctor said.

“I was talking to my mum.She missed you,and,”she holds Delphine’s hand.It’s so cold,reminds her again the blond is barely alive,“Someday.I’ll take you to SanFran, to see all my relatives,they can be super annoying ,but you have to say yes.Because you owe me!Because you said you’ll never leave me, I don’t care if that’s my illution or dream or what ever ,you said so!And,so far,you’ve tried to escape from my life twice,no,3 times.I’m so pissed off right now,you know that,Delphine?How… could you?Walking to the death without saying a word.How could you,think it’s okey to give me away?It’s my decision so give me the fucking time!I thought you don’t want me anymore.I thought you gave up on me,and I don’t deserve another chance.I thought,I thought…..Just,don’t leave me,Delphine.Please.I need you.All the shits are not over yet,you can’t quit.I love you!I love you.I love you……I love you.I love you.I love you.I love you……We’re in this together ,we’re in this life together,okey!”
Suddenly,Delphine’s index fingers twitched.
“Holly watershed,Delphine!You’re back.Can you see me,baby?”
“Co si ma……you……ok?I……I heard…y…… crying……and…..Skittles?”
“I’m more than ok right now.Oh my,I really gonna cry for God.”
“Oh,……I’m……alive?Oh……no,things are……so complicated.Cos,you need to”Her words are cutted short by Cosima’s hand over her lips.
“Shhh,I already know.You left me that card,the clue.right?324b21?”
Delphine nods.
“From now on,you don’t get to say NO to me,ok?What ever happends,we deal with it,together.You are not allowed to be alone,and suffering.I don’t need a hero,I need you!Hear that?”
Delphine nods again.
“And I love you too.Never changed,never stop.”

Delphine’s eyes are shining with tears and happiness.The look her mother mentioned,Cosima finally understands.

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I think is cute how emotions take over and they don't realize we notice. Like Mama Mallet saying that Tro can get married, if the love of his life is not in America then she would not say something like that. Cute, adorable, emotional, etc.

I was kind of thinking about it in the sense of either:

1. Troye might move to LA so marriage equality in the U.S. would affect him even more if he did that.


2. The U.S. legalizing marriage equality maybe might inspire other countries into doing starting the process to do the same (such as Australia).

Idk I didn’t really think of it in a shipping point of view and more as a personal (and political in the second case) point of view. <3

Today I finally reached page 730 of my copy of Gravity’s Rainbow (the end of part three), which means I only have about 170 pages left of this fantastic, absurd, almost indescribable headfuck of a novel, and I also impulse bought the new Haruki Murakami novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his Years of Pilgrimage because, hey, he was my favourite writer as a teenager and I re-read Kafka on the Shore last year and fucking adored it so I can’t have shed all of the wonder I once possessed and, well, I’m still really a teenager, right, I mean there’s now a 2 as the first digit of my age and in just over a month it’ll be followed by a thin ‘1’ and I’ll be able to legally in that large land across the pond even though I sit with a murder of empty bottles underneath my desk, and sure I’ll have a degree, I’ll have letters I could - in my more self-absorbed days - place after my name, with upper second-class honours that I will forever quietly chastise myself for not being quite the fully realised potential, but even with all the money spent and time wasted there’ll still be an opportunity for me to say: yes, I have read both Infinite Jest and Gravity’s Rainbow, and yes, Ulysses is on the list, perched, mantis-like and nestled in the shelves - but really, the ability to say with both conviction and honest reference to the truth that you have read those 'difficult’, 'complicated’, 'profound’ works of literature shouldn’t be what matters, should not be some high-minded, empty status symbol amongst those of us who think literature is fantastic and would in a more finely-shaped world be prescribed and extolled at any and all opportunities - no, what should really matter is the extent to which these works moved you, changed you, left their imprint upon you in some way, whether in the great Archimedean moments that come once all synapses fire and connections, whether concoctions of the paranoiac or not, are made, erupt in that mental 'Aha!’, or whether in the bittersweet sigh of relief upon reading the final word and closing the book, placing it down on your lap or on the seat beside you, perhaps an armrest, and thinking 'I just experienced something unique’ and being changed, in even the smallest increments, forever, and, well, shouldn’t that be the thing to live for?

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tbh when they legalized gay marriage you were one of the very few people I rooted for, even though we are not that close I'm still super happy for you and your gf, you guys are freaking adorable! <3

that means a lot to me!!! it makes me happy that even though we hardly know each other, you took the time & thought to think of me, of us. & how you’re rooting for us, that means so much. Thank you❤️ you are so sweet & don’t be a stranger, you lovely soul.

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chris colfer

Best: Anytime I play against puckurtrps or kuinnsrps. Rayne and I go way back to “that was an awkward sentence my apologies.” We always had great Puckurt roleplays, even if they were short lived, and her Kurt is one of the few I’ll play against. Sam and I currently have a switched at birth as well as a cisgirl!Puckurt where she’s Kurt and I adore both of them so far. Kristen Hummel is a bitch but amazing. And our short lived Humrose friendship in our friends RP was beautiful.

Worst: I haven’t played against too many Kurts or Chris FCs. The worst was probably in that first group I played Marley in. He was just awkward. I don’t want to talk about a stupid Hummel twin backstory I saw once because it’s so mind blowingly dumb.

Also can we talk about how I have the same gifset three times in my humrose tag? Love it but I wish we had more canon moments to gif and not just comparison gifsets of my blue eyed babes.


ok guys,

i haven’t shared my opinion on the gay marriage legalization with you and i feel like i should. It’s so fucking great that we are one step closer to our society being a better place. Like think about it, after our generation, since it’s legalized, it wont be considered strange anymore. It’ll be normal just like straight marriage is. Because they’ve entered the world and grew up knowing it’s legal. It shouldn’t be wrong or illegal to be with the person you adore most. i can’t even begin to say that i’m proud to be a gay rights activist because gay people are people and there shouldn’t even be a “coming out” it should just be normal. People should be able to assume people are gay just like people assume people are straight. Just like when someone asks a boy, “Isn’t that girl cute?” it should be normal to ask a boy, “isn’t that boy cute?” there shouldn’t be any hesitation to tell people you’re gay or bi or trans or lesbian.

Even if you aren’t gay, people still accuse you of being gay because you’re a boy and you listen to one direction or you have a femiine side. It shouldn’t be an insult to call someone gay. What if it was an insult to call people straight? It’s so crazy how people can get their feathers ruffled just because of their feelings toward someone. Don’t they know feelings are uncontrollable? I just hope sometime in the future, there wont be a need to come out, and that there’ll be way more acceptance than now. Because that’s what the world needs, Acceptance, Love. That’s why the world is such a place. Because people are fighting because someones black or gay. If everyone in the world were all the same, the world would be a boring place.

From a proud bisexual, thank those who accept and love anyone and everyone❤️🌸

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Send me ✔ and I will bold my preferences for your muse!

My muse(s): I adore Edgeworth and Ema’s dynamic! I think that because he holds so much respect for Lana – or at least, he did, until he learned of the evidence forgery scandal, but even then, understands why – he was always willing to look after her in his office while her older sister had legal work to do. That said, in addition to our tutoring thread we have going on, I think it would be very interesting to play out the first time that they meet each other, maybe set back when Lana first is promoted to Chief Prosecutor. I’d love to see Edgeworth on babysitting duty for a little while, hahah!

Do I know your muse(s): yes | no | a little | tell me about your muse

Setting: our verse | my verse | your verse | modern | alternate universe | other

Pre-established relationships? yes | no | depends on the relationship

Possible relationships: friends | classmate | co-worker | roommate | family, real or adopted | dating or blind date | married | friends with benefits | unrequited love (and by this I mean Ema’s cute little schoolgirl crush on Edgeworth, hahah) | lending a hand  | teacher - student (already happening in our tutoring thread!) | rivals | allies | partner-in-crime | enemies | protecter - guarded | business partners | spy - infiltrated | manipulator - manipulated | star-crossed | first meeting | other

I’m in the mood for: fluff | angst | horror | romance | humor | crime (science investigation with Ema whoop whoop) | hurt / comfort | action | supernatural | slice of life | crack | dark threads | light threads | any genre | multi-para | shorter para | one-line | any length | plotted threads | unplotted threads | other

Feel free to: message me ooc | message me ic | tell me your ideas | write a starter | answer one of my opens | send a meme | reblog this with your preferences - let’s find common interests!

Figured I’d just make a lil entry about my week to help me remember it bc I throughly enjoyed it.

Monday: Went up with the train, almost went to the wrong platform for my connecting train but sorted it out, had lunch at The Elephant House, which was real cool. Met Laura outside the building unsure of where to go, and she helped which was appreciated. The first session was real chill, and I wont forget the “ooh” that went around the room when the question “Do you think there will be any negative effects of gay marrige being legal in the USA?” (Lawrence your question was brilliant), and then the less deep but equally amusing question of how often do you eat breakfast - and what exactly is breakfast? Beth you were so adorable even after having forgotten your scarf. Went for a lovely walk outside the Parliament and around a hill, talking to Thuva who is a pretty decent guy. We went to the common room and I cracked out the Uno and Chocolate buttons. They were gone by the end of the first game. Uno turned out to be very popular.

Tuesday: Walked to building where we had several lectures/were introduced to R, etc. Rather uneventful tbh. Went back to halls and had dinner. Then, the Ghost tour. (I was fucking scared.) Sachin from Eton and Finna were who I went round with most of the time, bar me being cuddled by Saskia after one of the guys had tapped me on the back before we went into the grave. ALSO FUCK NO FOR THE GUY WITH THE MASK JUMPING OUT?! LIKE NO. But also it was okay as then I wasn’t freaked out. We went to halls. We played Uno ofc. Saskia and I lso then had a cute talk in the corridor late at night while waiting for something. It was cute.

Wednesday: Had a few more lectures etc, a cutie did a talk on a year in industry. He was good. Then we did some stuff for our presentations (I worked out how to do correlations), then back to halls, where a game of uno happened then off to Maths and Magic, where Finna and I were the only girls. This was okay, and the guys on my table were chill about me being amazed at the tricks even though its just maths and also were chill with me even though I don’t do further maths. We got back and played uno. It was great fun. Scottish Graeme received several stares from me when he made me pick up cards but he’s actually so lovely I didn’t mind.

Thursday: Worked on presentations. Matthew came and sat next to me to make graphs work. His instagram is actually aesthetic goals like I cant even. He followed me during a game of uno and I was like dying at it. We had a quiz in the evening. We came second out of five, which wasn’t too shabby. We then played uno as per tradition. Saskia came and rested her head on my shoulder and became a good luck charm as I won the game. Then everyone was going upstairs to one of the guys rooms and i felt sick so wasn’t going but then I felt sick bc I felt like I was missing out but I felt too sick to go you see where this is going yeah? So moments from a breakdown Saskia replies to my whatsapp and is like come look at my dress and we end up lying on her floor talking for like 2 hours. tIt was fucking wonderful and got deep fast. Then went to shower and packed. In bed at 2am.

Friday: did the presentations but my slide was missed (kinda irritated at that but like eh what can you doo). We won the fucking presentation like wtf. It was due to Jai. Who only seemed to think of uni stuff. Attempted to go to Nandos which was closed then to pizza express with Shona and some of the guys. Unsure if i should have gone to the field instead but oh well I enjoyed myself. Also several people complimented me on my dress. I felt good. Then when that lot went I went back to the park where I was just about to sit on my own in the middle of the field someone taps me on my back and it’s Charlie (WHO ALSO LISTENS TO WATSKY!!) is like do you wanna come sit with us we were calling your name but headphones? And ofc I do, why wouldn’t I. I sat with them for like a hour and we listen to the guitar thats jamming and he’s impressed I can identify “I’ll follow you into the dark.” They then later go and I’m just sat listening to the guitar before Thuva and Nathan join me. They initially didn’t think it wa sme bc I looked like I was smoking like wtf no. We sit for a bit then we all go to the station. The boys are kind and drag my case while I roll up my sleeves/ wait for me while I take photos/ keep asking if I am alright with my case (I am okay, I am capable of carrying it, I just don’t wanna fall over my fucking laces.) They accept this eventually. And then I’m on the train again. Since I was in first I didn’t sit with Thuva, but I did go join him for like half an hour and then waved from the platform once I got off. I’m sad the week is over.

Thanks to Laura who was the first person I met when I felt like a lost puppy, your hair is pretty rad. You also really reminded me of Ellie. It was nice, and i felt at home hearing the clever American accent.

Finna was adorable and had a wonderful Scottish accent that just made me happy. Also you liked One Direction which meant we jammed.

Saskia oh hun you cuddles me while on the ghost tour and many times after. you also had a nice long chat with me when I was moment away from sobbing and made me feel alright again. thanks for that, really appreciate it. Also you said you loved me on like the second day you bae.

I really enjoyed the week. Uno was played more often with the guys which was fine by me.

I realised just how much I miss hanging with guys, they are so chill. I was lucy everyone was sooo nice. They were all so lovely it felt so good. It was nice to meet new people who had the same priorities as myself. Thanks guys. It was sweet as. (This week was in Edinburgh btw.)

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Pfft- if anything, talking to you is making my night! Finally my quiet admiration/adoration can be displayed! I actually found your blog & followed you a looooong time ago, but my blog had gotten deleted. It took me forever and a day to find your blog again, but I'm grateful I did! Oh, and Happy 4th of July!!! (if you celebrate the fourth!)

Oh my goodness I had no idea that I had an admirer! I am so flattered, words cannot even begin to express. Oh and thank you for wishing me a happy 4th :) with gay marriage being legalized nationwide, I finally have a reason to be proud of the U.S.

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Kya, did you ever have children? Or are planning to have some in the future?

I personally never birthed any offspring, but I did officially adopt my first wife’s kids. Look at my handsome sons!

I pretty much raised them from when they were 10 and 8 respectively, so they call me “ma”.

Nikkun on the left there is my oldest, and he’s followed in his grandfather’s footsteps in becoming a Northern Water Tribe politician. He’s actually become a huge advocate for marriage equality up North there, where it’s STILL not legalized. I’m very proud of him. He also has a wonderful family and blessed me with the most adorable granddaughter anyone could ask for. <3

Noakun, on the other hand, is my wild child. Annka always said he took more after me, even before he even met me! I may or may not had… “helped” him get into some age-restricted, uh, “social places” in his teenage years. I also allegedly bought him some cactus juice-related drinks during those years as well. Allegedly. REGARDLESS he’s actually making a good living as a professional hunter in the North. Since the portals were open though, he’s also had a ton of jobs down South here, so I get to see him a lot. 

In general, I guess, with the portals open i’ve been able to see both of them a lot. It’s really nice.

With Love,

-Gay Queen Kya <3

i walked into the kitchen and my dad saw me wiping my tears and he asked what? and i said i was really happy because now its legal to get married to the same sex in every state and he stared blankly at me then asked what again so i explained to him what happened then he asked; even in arizona? and i told him yes and he said its about time, this is america for gods sake. I love that my dad at least supports me and the lgbt+ community