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How dare you draw beautiful pictures of happy Sheiths?! You clearly don't understand the nature of their relationship! You should draw dead Shiro on bed of black roses and Keith crying over his body, his tears falling on single red rose which Shiro is holding in his dead cold hands. Just an example to teach you how tragic Sheiths are!1

omg i am so sorry.. i hope everyone can forgive me.. thanks to this really specific ask i hope i can fix my mistakes

pls let me know what you think… it was difficult to draw this through my tears :(

Twenty one is standing in a line, he’s astonished that the person in front of him is the same guy behind him. He asks what their names are.

The person in front of him says, “ My name is Twenty.” The person behind him says, “ I’m Twenty, too.”


“The gulf between them closes like a wave receding from the shore.

Hanzo moves. Three steps take him into Jesse’s room. He slides the door shut, where it locks.”

Hang the Fool by @arcanebarrage