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My hands… most importantly, my RIGHT hand… is just plain tired and just aching enough to keep me from comfortably drawing. I’ve overused the muscles at the base of both thumbs due to keeping tight gripping tension in both hands for a couple hours on Monday.

I am determined to keep hacking away at eagle color studies in Photoshop now that I FINALLY HAVE IT WORKING but, despite my really light hold on the pen, my hand just goes “please leave me alone I’m tired oh I’m sore oh I can’t hold this pen it’s just oh so much to ask of me waaaaaaaaah.” And I’m just disproportionately frustrated that this is the result of the day job. I mean, come on!

I’m not worried about my hand, all it needs is to rest and not grip/do any repetitive motion for more than 12 hours? Maybe? It will be just fine once it’s had time to fully rest.

Why are my muscles so tired lately. What did I do. This is stupid I just want to make progress on things. 

*looks at mountain of pressing things that need doing*

Sooooo…. Aequis watercolors tomorrow? It’s the best I can do. (Honestly aside from this achey hand business I’m in an unusually good mood. YAY)



anonymous asked:

I have written 'fictional anime boyfriend>sleep' on my white board in my loungeroom because I believe this is an important thing for me to remember. Thank you for reminding me!

No!! Don’t listen to me! I once passed out from lack of sleep, food, and water. I’m literally the worst person to listen to. GO TO SLEEP KIDDOS

Sleep is important! your anime boyfriend can wait until tomorrow!! Go to bed!!

Hey people I need some new blogs to follow so like or reblog this and I’ll follow your blog if you post any:

  • Green Day
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I support @elentori-art just like I would support anyone who’s made a mistake and owned up to it, learned from it, and has since stopped. I support anyone who tries to come back from things they did wrong and has to do it while surviving tumblr witch hunts. If she were still posting/reblogging harmful content then I would understand, but she isn’t, and you’re all too desperate for someone to burn. 


selfie taaaaaagggg

I was tagged by the beautiful @dubuchaeng and @etherealtwice thank you for your selfies they are a blessing.

Anyways this was from like a week or two ago when I went to Disneyland with my friends. Other than that I have no other selfies I can share.

Anyways for those who I tag you don’t Needa do it but please do so you can bless us with your amazingness.
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  • Listen

This would be for the anon-chan who asked to hear my singing voice (although I have no idea why you would wanna hear it >~<). To give you background, this was an older recording of 2 years agoish where I sung a particular poem for a project (a cookie if you can guess who it is written by/which poem it is~ AND NO USING GOOGLE, otherwise no fair, yah? XD). 

black lives matter

doesn’t make sense to me. because if we need black lives matter to fight issues that affect black people then we would also need asian lives matter, latino lives matter etc etc. which would deflate the whole lives matter part and turn it into some sort of joke. because all of a sudden you need a [enter group] lives matter just to talk about [enter group] which is absurd and segregating in nature. Because then it would to diffrent groups feeling attacked or belittled by other groups because not enough coverage is on their  [enter group] lives matter.

Which is why all lives matter is so muc better in my opinion because it’s inclusive and it doesn’t pervent people from talking about issues various groups face. it highlights co-operation and inclusivness aswell as the importance of human life no matter their features.