Is this just a thing adults do

fic: Train in Vain., 1/1. (news anchor AU; Captain Swan.)

“You’d probably have to report on it and everything — or no, that’d be a conflict of interest. I’d step up of course, leave the weather map, break the news to Storybrooke that their hometown hero turned trusted sports anchor is nothing but a cheater." 

6,841 words; adult.


a/n: My second-ever OUAT fic, written for CS AU Week (day 6, modern, but posted on day 7, free-for-all, but it counts, it counts). Title from another Clash song, which is maybe gonna be a thing I do in this fandom?

She’s never seen him wear green before.

It’s such a small, ridiculous thing — the color of his shirt — but it hammers home just how much she doesn’t really know him.

Office friends, work spouses, the sportscaster and the weatherman, bosom buddies right up until the moment they step out the door of Storybrooke’s finest newsroom and into the real world.

Which is where she’s somehow found him now — the real world.

An overcast, cool Sunday morning at the high school track, and Killian Jones running laps in a green t-shirt.

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When we are growing up, adults often tell us we have to things we don’t like then force us to do them. There is rarely an adequate explanation for why we have to do them. We have to do it just because that is the way it is. You don’t get to examine why it is the way it is. You have to make yourself do what your inner self is solidly against doing. You rarely get asked why you don’t want to do it and even more rarely does anyone listen to your answer.

This damages our sense of personal boundaries, and confuses the line between what we should do and we should not do. This is why we often overexert ourselves with sick. We have learned not to listen to the signals our bodies are sending us. We ignore symptoms, treating them as false warnings and push through them the way we imagine anyone else would do. We push on until we break down, then we get mad at ourselves for not getting further than we did before we fell apart. Often this gets reinforced as what we should do.

And what’s the reasoning behind all of this? Often it is “If I had/have to, so do you. It’s only fair.”

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i was just wondering if you think that matty has ever been with fans sexually? and also what your thoughts are on that subject, and like groupies? like do you think its a bad thing? what kind of girl do you think matty would go for, if he were to go for someone?

Matty actually does that a lot usually after gigs and such. It’s perfectly fine if you’re both consenting adults and if you are respectful. When the girls are underage or when people take advantage of him when he’s on drugs (or vice versa) that is a huge problem.
In Australia people I knew took Matty to their hotel and got him super wrecked like they used speed and marijuana and took advantage of him idk it was so so bad don’t do that. Also some people exploiting Matty and the band afterwards posting about it and that’s pretty disrespectful.
As for who he would go for, probably not 12 year old screaming girl who knows more about him than he does. “Either you’re fit or you’re not” so that’s unfortunate. He also meets people at bars and after parties and through conversations and connections, in a much more relaxed environment than outside the venue.

Daily SPD with Miriam: Sleep

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a few days since I last wrote something. It’s been over a 100 degrees Fahrenheit here in Oregon, which is crazy hot for Oregon, and I have not gotten very good sleep: hence today’s topic.

As a person with SPD sleep is one of the most important things that keeps me regulated. If I don’t get enough sleep I am very prone to having autistic rage meltdowns and just feeling overall like crap. There is not much I can do to help myself sleep when it’s warm out, but when I am a stressed or anious there are a few things I do to promote sleep.

1. I take seriphos which is a natural non-addictive sleep aid, plus my prescription meds which make me drowsy and help with my anxiety, and if I need a little extra help I take melatonin which I have found to be super helpful. My partner also takes melatonin, as he is autistic too, and it has been one of the few things that helps him sleep.

2. A weighted blanket is now essential in helping me to sleep. I seriously do not get deep sleep without it. Before I had it I often woke up feeling disregulated and now I wake up feeling regulated and well rested. I cannot praise weighted blankets enough!!!

3. Exercise is super important in helping me feel regulated and allowing me to get a good night’s sleep. I now practice yoga and deep breathing and this has improved my sleep as well as my threshold for sensory overload. I highly recommend deep breathing exercises before bed as they help put the body in a state of calm and relaxation which helps to promote sleep.

4. Rocking in a rocking chair helps me to feel relaxed and regulated and helps me feel calmer so I can sleep. I highly recommend rocking chairs as a way to combat sensory overload as well.

So that’s how I help myself get enough sleep so I can stay regulated. How about you guys what helps you sleep?

Miriam, Mod.

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Hellooo! Relatively new little here (is dat a thing? To be new to this? Idk) Buuut, I'm just curious to here the opinion of another little. Do you ever think there is an age too young to be a cg/l? I mean obviously some ages are just young young in general, but I mean like teen/young adult littles or caregivers? Tank yew in advanced!

Okay first of all lets talk about how amazing your icon is.
And secondly (lol) yes! I was 16(?) when I first became interested in being a little, but I didn’t actually involve myself with Dd’s because I was so young, so I waited till I was a consenting adult. I’m still relatively young, but a young adult. And Jordan is a young adult too. He’s only 20 but he’s a perfect Daddy. You don’t have to be older to be a Daddy or little. Just make sure you’re a legal adult before engaging in any type of sexual activity for safety and legality reasons. 💕🌺

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do you think its possible to develop (c-)ptsd bc of bullying? (stuff like other kids filming you while changin clothes, trying to strip you in front of whole class, not letting you go to the toilet and punching you if you talk/make noise) im a csa victim as well, but i feel like this might also play a role when it comes to developing ptsd? im just not sure if bullying "counts", since adults usually just brushed it off, like it shouldnt be a big deal. sorry if this a wrong place to ask this

Adults have a habit of brushing off everything. Plus they just sort of group everything together like ‘oh! everyone got named called as a child.’

plus it used to be the common belief that children were more resilent, that you could do just about anything to them and that they would heal.

and we’re learning more and more that there are life long effects to things if they’re not taken seriously and they’re not treated.

(also, personally, I’d count being forced to strip in front of the class as sexually abusive)

things I don’t like about posts addressing callout culture

– tone policing ie “if you would just politely educate people who could literally google things before giving an uninformed opinion on them”

– acting like malicious intent and knowing exactly the damage you’re doing is exclusive to adults. bigotry isn’t a switch that turns on when you’re 18

– thinking that if there’s no malicious intent, then a callout isn’t deserved. it doesn’t necessarily need to be public, but even if something is unintentional it should be addressed. there’s a lot of internalized behaviors ingrained in us through our culture and upbringing that need to be unlearned

– acting like kids can’t handle associating the proper emotions with bigotry. a 15 year old can handle a person that’s mad about blackface. they should know how it makes people feel. they should learn to associate marginalized people with emotion; continuing to sugarcoat it creates a disconnect from that reality

– treating racism / misogyny / ableism / transphobia / etc as a mistake and not as learned behaviors. it’s not “oops I did a racist thing one time”. it bleeds over into other aspects of their life and y’all are too busy trying to coddle people to tell them that they need to do more than apologize, they need to self-analyze

– seriously stop using the word “mistake” for racism

I’ve been reading a lot about self-pubbing books and I’m starting to feel better about it. If I accept that I won’t be making a ton of money – maybe just enough to help pay off some student loans – then I might be able to go ahead with this. It’s the kind of hobby you can take at your own pace, so long as you keep going. I’ve got to wrangle up my thoughts and see if I can’t get a book or two e-pubbed. 

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That anon does have a point though.... Some of your photos just aren't good. You have gotten a lot better but you're just so arogant. I followed you on instagram but after like a week I had to unfollow you because you were just so annoying. You're constantly seeking the attention and aprroval of other people.

look, if you have a personal problem with me, why don’t you actually talk to me about it in person, like an adult? And constantly seeking attention? And other people’s approval? What do I have to prove? I am happy you unfollowed me because I annoyed you so much, that’s probably the smartest thing to do, but I don’t get the point of attacking me. If you don’t like what I post or how much I post then forget that I exist and move on. I happen to like what I do and I happen to like what I post pictures of. If you don’t appreciate it then kindly just leave it there and move along. There’s no reason to be rude, I am posting pictures I am not hurting anyone by doing this. I don’t even feel the need to defend myself further. This is seriously extraordinarily low. 


Salmon cooked with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme. Sticky rice with a seasoned wild rice mix added in. Frozen peas. Juice.





i really don’t understand ship hate (unless it’s directed at adult/child ships of course in that case it’s necessary bc ew)
like let people ship what they want to ship who cares how stupid and non-canon it may be/seem to you oh my god
for example i’m the most passionate drarry shipper you’ll ever meet and dramione is my ultimate brotp but do i give shit to dramione shippers? hell no
the thing with fictional characters is that there’s enough of each for everybody
you don’t need to get all defensive and angry
ship and let ship

i’m getting vibes that such a post pissed you off in some way. so i shall. ONE! they both deny the shows are for children, which is false. both steven universe and mlp are for kids. TWO! such a belief lets them create things not appropriate for kids, thus rolling the “adults/teens” bulldozer over a kid’s show with an abundance of porn and other crude material that is not for the intended audience. THREE! says that kids need to get over it and that rule 34 will always exist, aka victim blaming (not holding themselves back from doing the wrong thing and instead just telling people to get over it when they do it). FOUR! both lauren and rebecca do not give a shit about these people or correct their behavior, which is wrong on so many levels. basically they both invaded a kid’s show and made it all about them with very crude things not for kids. they’re both disgusting fandoms that would rather be selfish than think about who the show was really for. cheers!

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wht did Manson do?

A girl posted this photo: 

and manson answered it calling her a bad girl and just generally flirting. Then later she posted this photo: 

Now yes, the girl is 18, but also she is still a teenager. Not to mention Manson is almost 50 and should fucking know better. Most of us are saying that he needs to stop and not be flirting with her or anything like that, and then others are defending him saying they’re both adults and he’s always been known to “push the boundaries of things.” 

The way I see it is this girl is still in high school (or just graduated) and is only a little bit older than me. She’s calling him daddy when literally HE COULD BE HER DAD. He’s the older one here and should KNOW BETTER. And yes he has always gone after younger girls and shit like that, but that doesn’t excuse it at all. And with his past with how he has treated girls he’s been with he could potentially ruin her life. 

He’s the adult. He should know better. There’s no excuse for it. 

(original pictures can be found here)

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When I was like 12 I went into gamestop (ugh) just to buy one thing, with a "geek" shirt on. And this 30ish yr old man behind the counter asked "do you even KNOW who's on your shirt?!" and I said no hoping he'd leave me alone, but then he proceeded

To openly mock me in front of all the other adults behind the counter. I had already given him the money and he had my game I bought out of reach behind the counter. So I had to stand there and listen to this douche I was almost in tears. Never went Back in there v again.

Wow, what an ass. I had a similar experience years ago when I went to a comic book store and there were two guys working there and one of them was really rude when I was trying to explain i never read comics before and was trying to find a good place to start, because I was really overwhelmed and nervous. Anyway, he kept sort of laughing at me and telling me there was a Disney section (they also sold toys and stuff) around the side, the other guy just laughed. It was really embarrassing. 

In your case it is even worse, you were a little kid and an adult was making fun of you. Like, wow what a fucking hero. He really saved the fucking world that day.


if i were to start a lifestyle blog where i discuss general life things and anxiety/other mental illnesses and gave tips and talked about sexuality and gender and feminism but also a bit of beauty stuff and maybe me attempting baking recipes you want to see done or me basically just attempting to be an adult and deal with things i’ve gotta do now all mixed together…. would people be interested? it’s something i’ve wanted to do for the longest time to be honest. and now i’m 21 and i’ve got through teenage years and have my little pearls of wisdom and am still learning on a daily basis and still struggle with above things mentioned, it’d be like a journey and not just a blog.

let me know :-)

adult ball pit

so i found like the coolest thing ever! but i haven’t seen it on this website just yet so i thought i’d enlighten all of you 

a adult ball pit aka #thebeachdc

so it’s basically a room filled with plastic clear balls, step out of the way McDonalds, you just got beat 

do you know how big this is? its 10,000 square ft 

and look theres beach chairs that you can sit in it’s like sitting at the beach but all the good parts like no sunburns, no sand in places-that-there-should-not-be-sand, so soggy hair, or water 

   Nicki Minaj voice: 
Let’s go to the beach, each
Let’s go get away
They say, what they gonna say?

ok now bc im jealous that i live on the other side of the country and not in the right washington here’s tons of people enjoying the huge ball pit

look at all these kids playing 

honestly these photos are all so pretty i love it 

aww so sweet – but it’s not just kids 

it’s adults too – thats right you can jump in 

i mean look how fun 

honestly im so jealous rn 

like wow is this art or just fun? 

so long story short if you have a chance to go to washington dc dont miss out on the adult ball pit 

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Wanted to say thank you for the adult PSA. I'm the oldest person in my friend group and I'm turning 30 next year and only just now kind of getting shit together. I see a lot of folks younger than me that are really talented or doing things I want to do and sometimes it feels discouraging. (I was raised with the whole "gotta be a child prodigy or it's not worth it" mentality. Like there's an expiration date on skills and talent???) So that was a really nice thing to read. <3

YES!! there is NO expiration date on talent and skills! don’t let TV fool you. you don’t have to be young and hot to be relevant or cool, or to keep reaching for your prime with your abilities. Like holy shit, fuck that entire idea. you likely ain’t gonna reach the peak of your success before you’re out of your 20s. let go of that idea and you’ll be a lot LOT happier.