Is it too late for done jokes

SHINee as teachers
  • Onew:The biology teacher that's super serious in class but secretly laughs behind his desk when he notices his students cringing at the birth video. He gives a bunch of extra credit and curves all of the tests because he feels bad when he notices a student isn't doing well.
  • Jonghyun:The history teacher that lowkey avoids actually teaching by showing a bunch of old history movies and playing History Channel episodes while he catches up on the grading he was too lazy to do before. He always stays late at school to do work but ends up on browsing Twitter.
  • Key:The art teacher that always gives super difficult assignments but you still love him because he's the only teacher that plays music while you work and doesn't mind you playing on your phone so long as you get the work done by the end of class. He's the chill teacher everyone loves and prays they get when they sign up for art.
  • Minho:The algebra teacher that's a total nerd about math and laughs at math jokes and gets lowkey excited about the problems in the book. Every Friday he wears a shirt with a math pun on it but you forgive him because he's super nice. He's also the center of gossip among students because of his looks.
  • Taemin:The language teacher that loves putting up decorations around the classroom of the country they're learning the language of. The type of teacher that will make you repeat something five times until he deems you've gotten it right but he's also the teacher that gives prizes to whoever scores the highest on his tests.

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Well if the Powerpuff girls reboot can be a hot mess, then I could be a little lenient to this… lol. Because honestly the mystreet universe is steering into the ppg reboot territory with how I feel towards it


i feel like as of late mystreet has also been showered with memes(which i dont mind a joke here and there but now its like damn), like how many dabbing jokes have they done so far, minigames included

it’s such a joy to see louis so encouraging to this 14 year old girl, he’s so supportive and excited for her, i am crying because i keep being reminded how kind and amazing his soul is??? even when she’s shaking nervously he tries to joke around and smiles so bright at her and he appreciates her mother’s support too i’m so done this is Too Much and i am Very Emotional.

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he should know but he isn’t explaining it to Seliph. Who is he going to believe? FLewyn “Julius was evil since say 1” or Julia “my/our brother used to be a nice guy but then Manfroy happened”?

Of course not. It’s Flewyn. He’s not explaining squat. Why should Julius being possessed by Lopt be any different?

Seliph figures out Lewyn being Holsety by the end of the epilogue, so he’s 1/ not a total moron 2/ aware of the possibility. And he’s fond of his sister (not incest joke implied). I think he might believe Julia at some point.

I mean, too late to help out Julius, but I’m not sure anything could ever be done to help out Julius, so.