If you ever feel like crying, watch this. 😂

anonymous asked:

Is it cool to ask to see what you look like? I'm just curious. If you are uncomfortable I totally understand so you may ignore this ask completely :)

ah! I would love to share how I look–Unfortunately I don’t have any good selfies because I don’t think I’m particularly photogenic “””

Here’s a rough approximation for your convenience!

1. Your eyes drop into the depths
where a child is hiding.

2. Herons stand over those waters,
waves rippling out and in.

3. Your words like jellyfish,
blue and tendriled.

4. Your eyes like stones.

5. Hinges for stillness.

6. Child afraid of the moon,
afraid of God stamping
across the floor of heaven.

7. God and his constellations.

8. You and your nebulae.

—  Pablo Medina, Eight Ablutions