Sunbeam A-4 Ironmaster
Flat soleplate, no steam holes
1000 watts
The box is for an S-2, so I guess the owner upgraded to a steam iron and stuck the old iron in its box.
I love the 40’s styling.
My fancy modern Bosch iron died again, so it was time to upgrade.


IronMaster (1983) O Senhor do Ferro

Filme italiano, La guerra del ferro, realizado por Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox, Comidos Vivos!).

Lançado no dia 10 de Março de 1983, e apesar da capa sugerir um mundo pós-apocaliptico, a acção decorria nos tempos do homem primitivo, quando uma tribo descobre como construir armas em ferro, e todos os conflitos que dai emergem.

“The emotion of primitive man erupt wildly in this stunning allegory of peace and war set at the dawn of time. vuud is a brutal tribesman who is exiled for murder by his leader, Ala. The exile wanders towards the mountains witnessing a volcanic eruption followed by a violent rainstorm and discovers a mighty staff of iron forged from the maelstrom. He uses the staff to fend off an attacking lion and realises that he now possesses the greatest weapon known to man.

Vuud returns to his tribe triumphantly and declares himself supreme leader after defeating Ala in a fierce and bloody battle. Ala makes a discovery wich could lead him to triumph over the evil Vuud. Hand-to-hand combat ensues with war or peace resting on the final outcome”

O Trailer:

Computer thingies

I’ve not been busy writing over the Yule period and one of my sisters laptop’s had gone all ‘unworking’ and our kids want a gaming PC that can play Minecraft (run mods, connect to servers,  not display a ‘your graphics card is too old’ message) –  those sort of things…

So I have spent the last few days refurbishing an old laptop,  repairing another (upto a motherboard fault made the endeavor…

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IronMaster dumbbells! I’m going to be buying these as a present to myself once I’ve finished working up here in the middle of frigging nowhere! They range from 5lb to 75lb for each dumbbell and come with the stand. I’m going to be doing P90X when I get back home! I had such great results last time that I’m stoked to be starting P90X Round 2. Just the small matter of getting home first and who knows when that’ll be?

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