Step in the Arena 2011


SNUS :D:D I found it in the hipstermekka, 5 min from my apartment. Much appreciated last Saturday when Elena and I were roaming around. Elena roamed around a bit too hard that night hehe… Anyway, the Americans love it, or try to love it, they think it is fascinating anyway.

Earlier that day I went to Brooklyn fleemarket - I am bringing you there mom! Could not buy anything of course but looking is almost satisfaction enough.

I just woke up after 11h of sleep. I am lacking iron in my body. So so tired all the time. I have been a vegetarian for 3 weeks or something and have not bought any supplements yet, but today is the day!

I met with a personal trainer yesterday who said that she is worried about my muscletissue - because I workout so much but I am eating too little protein. Therefore I am buying riceprotein today.

That was that now you know about my overall health ;)

Heading into town soon for different rehearsals, gym and fika and of course my Anton Chekov lesson.


Dang, Yea bitch, slick bit of time-lapse from an ironlack sponsored crew..!!