day 3: lime

30 days, 300 word drabbles. frostiron set.


So maybe Tony doesn’t have the best impulse control.

To be fair, not even a saint would be able to resist the man currently smirking a challenge at Tony.

“You talk a big game, Stark,” he says. Just Stark – not mister, and Tony’s willing to bet that ‘sir’ costs extra. He might be in love. Or maybe that was his dick. “Can you follow through?”

“Always,” Tony promises.

The bar is buzzing with the low rumble of people chatting, punctuated by a loud laugh every now and then. Drinks clink on the counter, but Tony hasn’t touched his since this guy walked in with his leather fucking pants and his 'casual’ white tee, black hair tousled like someone had been holding it while they pushed into his mouth—

“Got a name?”

The guy smiles, twines his long fingers around the base of his shot glass. “Loki.”

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Tony Stark Headcanon:

What if Tony has trigger words like Bucky does, but instead of it being programmed into him, they’re a result of Howard’s abuse. There’s research out there that links trigger words and childhood trauma.

So, what if Tony has a list, it could be small it could be big, that no one knows about. Not Pepper. Not Rhodey. Not the team. Not even J.A.R.V.I.S. knows about the list. 

I don’t think he’d get hostile like Bucky does, though, he’d just shut down emotionaly and mentally. He retreats to a “happy place” in his head that not even Charles Xavier himself could get into if he tried.

The list would probably be more of phrases than words, most likely a mixture of both. 

Phrases like “You’re worthless/not good enough”, “Get out before I (enter bad thing here)!”, and “You’re just like you father/You look just like your father.” probably would be the kinds you’d find on the trigger list.

I feel like the words would be easier for Tony to process. He’d just hide behind attitude and sunglasses until he was alone and could let it all out, finally cope. Words that would show up on the list are probably “Worthless”, “Pathetic”, and maybe even “Liar”.

On top of everything, if someone were to yell/shout/scream the word/phrase at or around Tony, he would close off ten times faster. 

FrostIron #1

Since Loki’s a shapeshifter I am not saying he would talk with animals but be able to understand their body language really well so can you imagine Loki just looking at some snake and going ‘Oh my, poor thing’s exhausted’ and Tony just freaking out like whAT THE FUCK Loki you fucking PARSLETONGUE what is this straight up salazar bullshit fUcKING SLYTHERINS DAMMIT