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For the AU thing, 49, 34 and 7 for frostiron please :)

That’s an omegaverse/slavery/psychic connection AU.

First and foremost: I have never written an omerga verse AU before. 

Second: this toes the line into DUB-CON, as an alpha responds to an omega’s heat without consent being given before the heat. I’m working on an alternate one, as well, without the potential consent issues, so if this one’s not your flavor, hole up and wait a tick because the next one will be much more fluffy.


Warnings for dub-con, explicit.

Tony slammed his bedroom door with shaking hands, sweat drenching his fine suit. God, but he had barely made it back to the Tower in time - the eyes of those alphas, snarling and growling and already starting to fight amongst themselves, had followed him as he scurried out of the office. He knew what they saw; a fresh, wet omega, ready for the taking.

God, but his heat had hit him so unexpectedly - normally his cycles were like clockwork, striking exactly every 132 days, and normally he would down a series of suppressors the week leading up to the heat. Easy. No pheremones, no overwhelming urges, just a slight bump in arousal, nothing unmanageable.


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Lokes, I know you’re badass and all that - but if you only brought that one dagger, maybe you shou-

They are here for me, Stark. Even if I tried to weasel away they would only hunt me down again.

Phew, this one took so many hours to make. But I’ve wanted to put Loki and Tony back to back for some time now, so it had to be done.

Ok, this here is officially the last page of this comic!
Thanks to all of you for reading! It was really great working on this story!
Special thanks to my very talented friend frostironcruise, who wrote an amazin fic based on this comic!

And specially, to the amazing and incredible anon who made this page possible! I really can’t thank you enough my friend!!

And to each and every one of you who’ve stuck with me ´till the end!
In which Odin learns how to be a cool dad and treat both his sons EQUALLY. Loki, much like Thor in the past, is sent to Midgard to learn from his errors and atone his past mistakes.

He an Tony get a second chance at being together again, a whole new set of challenges ahead of them… And just as I promised, a happy ending at last!!!!


Tried a more realistic style with these pages. Tons of references where used for these /most of them came from movie stills/