‘Friendly Reminder About Dallas Winston’

In most imagines that I see Dallas can just not keep it in his pants and was whoring around town while he has a girlfriend. Dallas wasn’t some whore-y cheater. He HAD a girlfriend,Sylvia. And he WAS pissed when she cheated on him. Even if there is girls throwing themselves at him, he would most likely stay faithful. Most boys then, were. Yeah they messed around and embarrassed other girls but at they end of the day they had their girl. Just like Soda, for example. He really loved Sandy and yeah, he embarrassed other girls but he wanted to MARRY her. Yeah, Dallas was a dick, but he wouldn’t cheat on his girl. Back then, even the worst greasers wouldn’t/couldn’t cheat on their girl.  They were faithful. It wasn’t like nowadays, how some guys wont even date girls if they cant get any and ‘side hoes’ are things that are normal to have. Dallas Winston is not a cheater, the boys dint even like cheaters. Like the way they told Johnny to stay away from girls because the way they are. It was more common then, for the girl to cheat on the guy. 

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a book that you could literally throw at anyone’s face and it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as the story

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Could you do a preference for how they gang sleep with their s/o and could it plz be with a visual? The gif visual preference make me so giddy and happy because they are adorable

of course I can! i love to make people happy!



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Darry’s thing was to make you feel loved and protected. When you all were in bed nearing sleep, he would always pull you close and kiss you before you finally went to sleep.


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Sodapop was very loving, as we all know. His goal was to make you feel loved and cared for when you were with him. He would always kiss you good morning and good night. He hugged you close and you all fell asleep in each other’s embrace.


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Ponyboy wanted to make you feel something when you were with him. He always had you near him and he always had an arm around you. Pony wanted to make you feel loved.


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Dally isn’t really into cuddling but he would always, at the least, have a hand on your hip. You knew that he wouldn’t cuddle while he was awake, but when he fell asleep you grabbed his hand and put it around you.


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Steve honestly just wants you to be there with him. Your presence makes him happier. He always hugs you closer and smiles because this is where he wanted to be.


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Two-Bit always made you smile before you went to sleep. He thought that if he made you happy and made you smile, your dreams would be nice and sweet instead of nightmares. However, if you did have a nightmare he would apologize for not making you happy enough before you slept.


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Johnny needed you to be there with him. When you were by his side he felt safe and protected. He would always hug you tight and pull you close. He breathed in your scent because if he was on edge, it would calm him down. He would always watch you sleep because you looked so peaceful. When he saw you like this, it made him feel special because he felt like he was protecting someone he loved. In the mornings when the sun would rise, you would try to get up but he would gently tug on your shirt and whisper, “Stay.”

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peasant: oh ya i love The Outsiders its a very good movie i love the part when johnny, is that his name? whatever, anyway when he’s like “stay golden horseman” dude im like a total fangirl over that movie but dude robin lowe is such a good actor, he’s so cute, he’s literally the reason pepsiman is my favorite characte-


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headcannons of ponyboy being a senior in high school? thanks fam!

well sure, babydoll!


-okay so since he is a senior, he is around 17 (he’s been 17 for a month)

-he is done with high school tbh

-the beginning of the year was pretty chill like there really wasn’t anything different

-but the middle of the year was like kind of hectic because graduation plans were becoming more known by the seniors

-like all of the teachers always said stuff about graduating

-“oh how exciting”

-or “I can’t believe you all are going to college”

-and the most popular one “you all are growing up”

-he got so tired of all that

-but beyond that the year was honestly pretty good

-there was just a lot going on

-and he still had homework

-at home, darry and soda were getting emotional

-“he’s not a kid brother anymore” says darry

-“he’s a man brother” says soda

-dally is just  ya know, dally. he is just really shocked that he has watched this kid grow up

-johnny is around the same age (like 19 or 20) so he’s like “you’ll enjoy it, trust me. it’s not that bad.” (speaking of adulthood)

-steve is just constantly teasing pony on how he’ll soon get a girlfriend and stuff like that

-two-bit is getting ready to give pony his first beer

-but around the time graduation comes around, he is on edge

-that’s like his almost quarter life crisis

-he realizes that rly soon he will be going away from the gang and go to college

-kinda nervous but oh well

-he bought his graduation gown

-he graduated

-he got a good scholarship to the college of his choice

-he would miss being a high schooler though, not gonna lie

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