My favorite lines from Spiderman Homecoming

I’m sure somebody has already made a collection but I just wanted to make my own faves list. Feel free to add!

  • “So… why do they call you Happy?” *window slowly rolls up in silence*
  • “Okay Spider-Man- Do a flip!” *peter does a flip* “Yeahhhh!!”
  • “And can you smoosh it down real flat? Thanks.”
  • “Alright Happy.. have fun trackin’ this laMP" 
  •  "Yeah Spiderman!” *iron man fixes everything* Same guy: *claps hands* “YeAh Iron man!”
  • “I’m not a girl.. i’m a boy! I MEAN I’M A MAN!”
  • “yoink!”
  • “I think he larbs you..” *waiter gives the look™ to Aunt May*
  • “That’ll dissolve in about two hours.” “Two hou- maN, I got Ice cream in here!” “You deserve that! You’re a criminal! Bye Mr. Criminal!”
  • “What are you doing..?” “Nothing.. you?” “Chess.”
  • Peter specifying his last name when calling Happy- “It’s peter… parker.”
  • “Why is their secret lair in a gas station that’s so lame…”
  • “We have thin walls.”
  • “The hat’s not working!”
  • Captain America gym video: “..with my friend, your gym teacher.” *gestures to wrong side of television screen* *gym teacher waves*
  • “I’m pretty sure he’s a war criminal now but…”
  • “This time on peter screws the pooch”

There’s so many more but these were the ones I could think of off the top of my head… now I want to see the movie again lmao.