Iron Spider-Man


What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War Bloopers

  • Person:*insults me*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my family*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my integrity*
  • Me:meh
  • Person:*insults my favorite character*
  • Me:Okay, first of all...

Do you remember about your origins? 

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Captain America: Civil War Featurette

“Jesus, Peter! How many shots did you have?” You ask. When Texted you saying he needed help, you didn’t expect this. He was a goodie goodie, and would never do something like this.

“I don’t know. Like, 200?” He stumbles into your house, falling into the nearest chair.

He looks up at you, narrowing his eyes. “You’re super pretty.”

“I-I, What? Peter I knew you were drunk but i didn’t think you were this drunk.” You stutter, uncomfortably shifting side to side.  

“But I mean it! You’re like… Stunning! And I like like you.” He slurs. You could feel a blush creepy up your face. You definitely never thought this was how he was going to admit he likes you.

“Okay, I’m going to get you into bed so you don’t say more things you don’t mean.”

“But… I really do like you!” He whines.

“Bed. Now. We’ll talk about this tomorrow if you remember anything.”