The best thing about Tony Stark is not his huge brain that lets him design a suit of armour that, among other capabilities, can withstand cannon fire and more Gs than a hundred of astronauts combined. The best thing about Tony Stark is his heart, still so open (even though he’d deny it), so eager to give love and friendship to anyone who wants it.

Tony and Rhodey with their Metagross!

The Metagross were caught during Tony and Rhodey’s time at MIT. They had gone out on campus one night for Rhodey’s birthday and ran into some wild Beldum. There was a normal one and a shiny one! Tony caught the shiny one and Rhodey caught the normal one, but Tony wanted to trade so Rhodey could have it. They’ve been best friends ever since!

Forever: 5

You settle into Steve’s embrace and then begin your story.
“I was working at one of Stark’s factories. I started right after we called off the engagement.”
“Woah woah. You guys were engaged?” Tony interrupts as he spins around in the driver’s seat to face you.
“Yea, shouldn’t you be flying this thing so we don’t die?” You ask gripping Steve’s arm in anticipation of the plane doing a nosedive.
“It’s on auto pilot so it’ll fly itself.” He explains with a kind smile. He’s much less intimidating without his armor on.
“Go ahead and continue sweetheart.” Steve says softly into your ear.
“Oh, right.” You say before thinking back. “There was a bad chemical reaction, we had to evacuate and I got caught when I went back to help one of the other women. She died in the explosion, I lost the ability to die.”
“So you’ll never die?” The girl that looks familiar asks.
“As far as I know.” You tell her with a shrug. “I hid out for a few years. I was given your flag by Ms. Carter, she thought I should have it. She was so wonderful, I don’t think I would have been able to pull myself out of my grief without her. Hydra came in the summer of 1962. Said that they had found you, that you were alive even though you’d been in the ice for almost 20 years. I didn’t even hesitate. God Steve, I missed you so much that I just believed them.”
“I’m so sorry sweetheart.” Steve mutters pressing a soft kiss to your temple. His mannerisms are the same, just like the last time he’d been to see you. After he’d been changed, but his physical form is so much different. You’re used to a Steve that you’d curl around to keep warm. This Steve practically radiates heat, which is fine with you. Sometimes it seems like you can’t shake the chill, too long in a Hydra cell.
“It’s alright. I just can’t believe that you’re alive, that you’re here.” You say softly. His team seems to understand that the two of you need some time alone. To talk and catch up. It’s been seventy some years since you’ve seen him and he doesn’t look a day over 27.
“Bucky is alive too. He’s just, sleeping. Hydra too over his mind and made him into The Winter Solider.” Steve explains, his voice humming through you, you’re pulled so perfectly against him.
“I saw him once. I just didn’t know it was him until now.” You still remember the way those ice blue eyes widened then the brow furrowed when the two of you had locked gazes. You’d been thrown out the second that one of the higher ups realized you were there, you’d been punished for it too. Several stab wounds that had hurt, but healed. “His eyes looked so familiar to me but they kept a mask on his face. I couldn’t figure out why those eyes had haunted my dreams for so long.” You admit to him, “I could have helped him.”
“And gotten yourself hurt or killed in the process? He wouldn’t have wanted that.” Steve counters and you know he’s right but it doesn’t ease the guilt. You sit in silence for the rest of the trip, you doze off a few times your head pressed to where Steve’s heart thumps loudly against his chest. It practically sings “he’s here. He’s alive.” With every thump. As the jet makes its slow dive toward the ground you bite the inside of your cheek. A nervous habit.
“You’re going to be okay doll.” Steve says, catching the nervous tick.
“I’ve got nothing.”
“You’ve got me.”
“I don’t have a place to live, a job, clothes. Any idea what the world is like now.” You’re starting to panic and Steve gently shushes you and strokes your hair.
“Sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere. You can stay with me at the tower, we’ll learn things together and I’ll help you with what I can. I’ve got good people around me, people that will help you too.”
“Steve. I’m scared.”
“You’re the most brave person I know. You’ll face this like everything else, head on.”
Damn him and his motivational speeches.