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Ghost Ship, 1999
Dorothy Cross

In homage to the lightships that once marked dangerous reefs around the Irish coast, Ghost Ship was an decommissioned lightship painted with luminous paint and illuminated to glow and fade in cycles for a period of 3 weeks in Scotman’s Bay, Dun Laoghaire.
The original red, engineless lightships were moored to the bottom of the sea and and were crewed by men for weeks on end. Each had large white letters naming the rocks they marked - Daunt, South Roak, Conigebeg, Kish, Lucifer, Barrels, Codling. Manned until 1974, they have now been decommissioned and replaced by automated, electric buoys.
Read more on the Irish Museum of Modern Art website. Read more about Dorothy Cross on the Tate website.
Main image courtesy of Frith Street Gallery
Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other

This major mid-career survey of the work of the internationally admired Brazilian artist Rivane Neuenschwander covers a decade of her work. A Day Like Any Other highlights her unique contribution to the narrative of Brazilian Conceptualism and reveals her wide ranging, interdisciplinary practice that merges painting, photography, film, sculpture, installation, collaborative actions and participatory events. Three installations in the exhibition involve direct visitor participation. 

I went to Dublin to see Blur at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It was a very different experience from seeing them at Hammerstein ten years ago – a lot more people, a lot more insanity, and Graham Coxon is playing with the band again. Oddly enough, I was still surrounded by Americans who had also made the trip over. It was a good night.

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