I think everyone needs to see the Tap vs. Irish Dance Off from Riverdance at least once in their lifetime so here you go.

This is for the people who sit in the crowd cheering us on.

Whether it’s your:
- Teachers or Coaches
- Parents
- Grandparents
- Siblings
- Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiancé or Spouse
- Kids

While we spend hundreds of hours training, they are doing it right alongside us. They spend hundreds of hours sitting at dance classes, extra practices, supplementary gym training sessions, competitions, dress fittings, and more.

Thank you for all of your support over the years.


A dancer with an amazing support system


I opened youtube for a song for you guys but this was in my recommended vids.

I promise you will thoroughly enjoy it

23rd in the world ! 🌍🏆 not the exact placement i was looking for after the last few years, but i am beyond proud to say that i am again a world medal holder for the fourth year in a row. there were a couple mishaps yesterday, but overall i tried my hardest to leave it all up on stage. there is no better feeling than having dan armstrong call your name out on the board 😂 this journey so far in my dance career has been amazing and this week in dublin has been one of the best yet. six years ago was my first worlds here and it was great to be back. i have so many people behind me helping me get to where i am so far and i couldn’t be more grateful for all the experiences i’ve been able to have. i feel so lucky to have found something that i am so passionate about regardless of the disappointments it sometimes brings. excited to get back in the studio and work on nationals training 💪🏻 bring on new orleans 🍾


A very talented dancer from my dance school made this incredible video of our US world qualifiers. Hopefully it’s gives a little Sunday morning inspiration 🌎
Featured dancers:
Emily Wheeler ladies 20-21
Scarlett Preibe girls 13-14
Michaela Cosgrove girls 16-17
Brianne Clery ladies 19-20
Melanie Mark ladies 20-21
Kimberly Bell senior ladies

Hello again! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive as of late, but I’ve got some cool things cooking!

I’m designing a series of irish dance solo dresses based on my favorite characters from all types of media. I used to be a competitive irish dancer myself, and although I don’t dance these days; I still love the sport.

I’m starting the series off with a Ms. Marvel inspired solo dress!

More to come soon!