Name: Faoladh, Conroicht

Area of Origin: Ireland

The Faoladh is a non-hostile werewolf found in ancient Irish folklore, believed to protect children and stand guard over wounded men. Prior to the late 1700s when they were eradicated from the country, wolves were widely seen in Ireland, and were prominently featured in their mythology and folklore. Tales were told of saints having the power to curse men and women, turning them into wolves for certain periods of time as punishment for unjust deeds or showing signs of what they perceived as disrespect. The Faoladh are particularly prevalent in the folklore of Ossory, a medieval Irish kingdom; now present day County Kilkenny.

irish gothic 3
  • Barry’s or Lyons? Barry’s or Lyons? Deep down, you know it doesn't matter. Barry and Lyon are both cold, indifferent gods. No matter who’s altar you kneel on, the Tea always wins.
  • There’s an indie band playing in front of Stephen’s Green. Every day, the band changes, but the voices stay the same. You wish you could forget those dark, whispering songs.
  • Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh’ ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai Eamon De Valera ahornah ah'mglw'nafh
  • You blink. You’re on a shadowy moor in the depths of Connacht. Your chest feels hollow. Why are you so cold? As you turn, and hear her laughter echo in the darkness, you understand, and curse your own hubris. You lost your heart to the Galway Girl.
  • You open up another packet of Tayto, trying to ignore the buzzing in your ears. With every packet opened, His grip on our reality grows stronger. You’ve seen Him in your dreams, and you know that Tayto Park is where He will manifest himself.
  • Something irreplaceable left you in sixth year, never to return. That was why they called it the Leaving.