homeless resources for lgbt teens

okay a lot of this is going to be us centered so if you dont live in the us please let us know and we can try to find you some other resources!

so first off, if youre unsafe you need to leave if possible. you do have options here. you can stay with your parents if you really cant do anything else, you can move in with an (older?) friend, you can move to a group home with your parents permission (possibly not viable in this situation), you can stay at shelters / live on the streets / in your car.

this is the us national runaway website. you can call, chat, email, etc. i just looked and it doesnt say anything about lgbt situations so stay on the safe side and do NOT tell them you’re gay. lie your ass off and make up a story about why you were abused, maybe they found out about a boyfriend or something.

this is the national safe place, follow the instructions in the link for immediate help and the number and location of the nearest safe place. i took a look and they seem lgbt friendly but again, err on the safe side and LIE if possible.

the national child abuse hotline is 1-800-4-A-CHILD, call if you can and LIE again

here is the trevor project’s list of homeless resources near you. i also recommend calling them, as they have expertise in lgbt runaways / homelessness.

this site can help you find lgbt housing resources as well, im pretty sure they have resources worldwide. check out this one as well.

look at this post for lgb housing resources (sorry about the q slur in the post)

if youre trans check out transhousingnetwork for housing options.

look at this page as well, its on nonbinary-support but it has good tips. also look at this post they made

dont just leave without preparation, not a good idea. if possible, leave during early spring so you have the whole spring + summer to find somewhere and get situated. if you have time, steal money from your parents, really little amounts at a time so they dont notice, and store it somewhere they wont find. if possible, transfer all your money to a private bank account that only you can access. if not, withdraw all your money when you’re about to leave and take it as cash.

if you have a car and can legally drive use your best judgement on taking it or not. it can help a lot but it also can be tracked by your license plate.

refer here and refer here for what to pack your bag with.

my advice, if you end up completely homeless, is to spend the day at the library. 90% of the time there will be one near you thats open for hours.

let me emphasize again to not tell anybody youre gay esp if youre also trans or a woc.

please add on if you have anything else to add or any other resources (check the links before telling us about a resource, as its possible we already have it), especially if youve been homeless before. we are also currently setting up a homeless / runaway resource page for wlw, so please please tell us if you have anything! i really hope this helps.

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