Iris’ First Fight scene (LoliRock Behind the Scenes - S01E01)

Here’s a new behind the scene, with Iris’ first transformation and first fight against the twins. 

I remember it was a really important scene for us. When Iris sees herself for the first time in her magical dress, we all wanted her to be cute, and as react as natural as possible … or should I say, as WE would react in her position. :) 

A little technical point : some shots have a purple filter on them, while most other are just plain white. Here’s the explanation : when it’s purple, it’s considered as a “Reuse”, meaning it has already been created in another episode (or at least before this one) and doesn’t not need to be animated again by the studio. 

So, with no surprise, you’ll see this purple filter on the girls’s transformations scenes and on the Crystal-Luxtra spell… save for a few extra shots, specials for this episode : Instead of having the three girls cast perfectly their spell, as in the following episodes, here you’ll see Iris hesitating, observing Talia and Auriana, and having a little delay compared to them. This is subtil, we agree, but it was to show that it’s the first spell that Iris is casting, and she’s still lacking confidence in it. :)

Finally, when Iris is hesitating, hiding behind the car, you’ll see that we improved a lot this sequence in the final render compared to the animatic. Indeed, it’s rare we implement these kind of “flashback / inner thought” right at the animatic, except if it was very detailed in the script. Most of the time, we improve this right at the edit, when we have more material to do so. It’s also a way to force ourselves to be smart with the shots we reuse, and avoid creating too much new animation for a very short scene. 

Oh, and yes, the storyboard artist used some Sailor Moon’s sfx in his animatic. :) And we’re fine with it.

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I’m the type of person who’s scared of being rejected. I’m the type of person who’s weakness is being bashed or getting hate messages. I’m the type of person who’s scared of disappointing other people. I’m the type of person who’s scared of being judged. I’m the type of person who’s fucking scared of criticisms. And when I experience these, I panic. I can’t sleep. I overthink. So I’m sorry if I’m always scared to make decisions, scared to speak what I have in mind and fucking scared to BE MYSELF. 

So…i did a thing…because I felt really intimidated by my future fine arts blockmates because they are soo good so i tried to practice and this is the result. 3 hours of hard work (yes 3 hours huhu).