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out of everybody, who do you think would be most/least okay with their partner being one of those huggly-cuddly kinda friends? like who would get jealous vs who would be cool with it

Ignis, Arenea, and Gladio would be the most okay with it. 

Luna, Noctis, and Cindy would get a little jealous, but they know that their relationship is strong.

Iris and Prompto don’t care for their partner being so handsy with others. Its a major blow to their self esteem, even if they know that nothing would come of it.


Language of Flowers
All of these were posted separately throughout this year before summer, but I kind of wanted to have them altogether in one post, sorry to those who already seen them! :) These illustrations were part of my bachelor’s project. In place of my signature was the project’s logo, typography was slightly different in spacing in presented pieces.

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2 | 11 | 2017 // 8:58 p.m.
yo i’m fucking proud. i started and finished this before their birthday ended. happy birthday vel, hope you had a good one.
i’m also testing out a new method of painting so hope none of y'all got confused.
to commemorate the day of your birth i dedicate these words in your honor//
・she is beauty
・she is grace
・the entirety of all the CTC cast’s well being is in her hands
・god be kind
model // @velocesmells