Irina V


V Magazine “Cruise to the Altar” winter editorial.

models: linn arvidsson, frida aasen, irene hiemstra, manuela frey, maria loks, elisabeth erm, irina kravchenko and soo joo

photographer: anthony maule  stylist: patti wilson  hair: tamara mcnaughton  make-up: frankie boyd  manicure: casey herman 

So a while ago I was talking to edwardslovelyelizabeth and scribblesincrayon about Richard III and the Princes. Some of you might know now that I’m not the biggest RIII fan there is and I do think it was very likely that he had his nephews killed (though I know there’s no conclusive evidence he did, just like there’s no conclusive evidence he didn’t and we’re gonna be fighting about this forever, knowing us). But this is what I thought: if, and notice that’s an IF, he did killed Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, I think the way he did it is kind of genius.

I mean, there’s no proof of it. But there’s no proof he didn’t either. We can’t say for sure he didn’t do it, but we can’t say for sure he did. And that’s kind of brilliant. It’s the ultimate crime. There’s always gonna be someone willing to defend you (as proven by the Richard III Society, God bless them, they are dedicated). If he said the boys died of a cold or something and showed people their bodies, everyone would be sure he killed them, just like everyone is sure Edward IV killed Henry VI. Instead, we spent over 500 years debating whether he had a hand in the disappearing of his nephews! And we could probably spend the next 500 years having the same discussion and we’re probably not gonna come to any conclusion. And we’re still gonna be talking about him. 

Of course if he’s innocent this entire theory will go to shit, but if he’s not, then he’s a smart motherfucker, I’ll give him that.

Seven Devils...


Kate didn’t know why the tracker had been following her for days, as she had left her sister and her ‘extended’ family behind in Alaska with the knowing that she would return. 

Swearing to Tanya that she would return and to not dare step foot in Italy, at all as she wanted vengeance. She had wanted it since the moment Caius gave the order for Irina to be ripped apart and burned. 

It made her furious deep down inside, as she was forever mourning the loss of not only her mother/her creator Sasha who was executed long ago but now her dear beautiful sister, Irina. All because of false information. 

So after going down a dark alley-way, late at night in Paris. The pale blonde haired dark eyed vampire stopped suddenly, and seemed to be glaring in one direction. 

“Keep following me, and you’ll soon know how powerful I am as I’ll bring you to your knees, tracker.”